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  • 11 months Menzgold and Matters Arising: A culture in need of a fix [Article] CNR -Opinion
    When I was growing up two things were symbolic of who I was, ‘too-known’ and ‘stubborn’, traits that needn’t be glorious but ones I pride in. I reminisce my childhood always with nostalgia; a feeling of joy that I was never broken irrespective of how hard it got but I get sad knowing how the culture robs us of the best. Permit me to digress to tell a long tale, one that will aid our understanding of our culture. This story sets the stage for an important inquiry. Once upon a time, time-time. A man by name Philip Zimbardo decided ... more
  • 11 months A psychological explanation to the MenzGold saga [Article] CNR -Opinion
    You would be wondering what really attracted people to invest in MENZGOLD and may end up concluding that, those who as at now are trapped in the said saga may have acted on GREED, hence there is no need for people to empathize with them. However, scientifically before we conclude on any behavior, it would be more prudent we understand the Psychological underpinnings to avoid misjudgment. Dr. Wiafe-Akenten, a social Psychologist (University of Ghana), below presents a psychological analysis of the said saga, this is to help you appreciate the whole saga from the social Psychology perspective. According to Dr. ... more
  • 11 months Men, Gold and Stories untold – Thoughts on the Menzgold saga CNR -Opinion
    Today, the plan is to tell! Yes, tell all of a great story untold for many years. A lot of people will probably look at me differently from now on, I know, people generally don’t like ‘snitches’ (people who tell on others), except that I am actually not going to tell on anyone in particular. Identities will be concealed and probably mythical almost, but there is no uncertainty that I will tell it all. A long time ago, there lived a man in a certain society. A closely-knit society it was, where everyone knew everyone, but everyone did not really ... more
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