• 7 months Pornography leading influence on sexual behaviour among youth MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Pornography has been found to be the most popular influence on  sexual behavior among the youth.   ... more
  • 7 months Counterfeit pharmaceuticals stifling Africa’s development – Report MyJoyOnline -Ent
    A new policy brief titled “The Rise of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals in Africa”, has been launched in Accra with a focus on its implications for Ghana and West Africa. ... more
  • 7 months Is it possible to be friends with an ex? MyJoyOnline -Ent
    It happens to us all. You date someone for a few hot months before getting brave enough to admit that it's not working out. ... more
  • 7 months Legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi dies StarrFM -Ent

    Zimbabwean music legend Oliver Mtukudzi has died. He passed away this afternoon at the Avenues Hospital in Harare. He was 66.

    Mtukudzi has been battling ill health for quite some time and had to cancel a number of musical bookings around the world as a result.

    His afro-jazz music crossed continents creating a huge base of fans around the world.

    The prolific artist made more than 60 albums and one of his most famous songs – Todii – describes in both Shona and English how the HIV/Aids epidemic has devastated communities.

    He came to prominence ... more

  • 7 months Dangerous chemicals found in baby nappies MyJoyOnline -Ent
    France's national health agency Anses says it has found chemicals in babies' nappies that exceed safety levels. ... more
  • 7 months Chris Brown: US singer released in Paris rape inquiry StarrFM -Ent
    US singer Chris Brown has been released without charge in Paris after being questioned on suspicion of rape, French police say. An investigation into the alleged incident is continuing, the Paris prosecutor’s office said. The star and two other men were arrested on Monday after a 24-year-old woman alleged she was assaulted in a hotel in the city earlier this month. After his release, Brown took to social media to deny any wrongdoing. “I want to make it perfectly clear, this is false,” he wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture that said: “This bitch lyin’.” He added in all-capitals: “I ... more
  • 7 months FDA warns against purchase cosmetic products containing mercury hydroquinone MyJoyOnline -Ent
    The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), as part of its routine market surveillance, is investigating the possible adulteration of mercury, hydroquinone and steroids in cosmetic products on the Ghanaian market. ... more
  • 7 months For women: 7 important things men wish you knew about relationships MyJoyOnline -Ent
    If you could teach women only one lesson about men and relationships, what would it be? ... more
  • 7 months WACCBIP visits Yumba Special School, organises medical screening for pupils MyJoyOnline -Ent
    The West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens has organised a medical screening and counselling event at the Yumba Special School with special needs. ... more
  • 7 months Men, are you guilty of a Football Romance Crime? MyJoyOnline -Ent
    It is a crime to religiously post about your love for the football club you support on Facebook yet find it hard to post how much you love your lover/spouse. ... more
  • 7 months Chris Brown is arrested in Paris for ‘rape’ StarrFM -Ent
    R&B singer Chris Brown has been arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape. A 24-year-old woman is said to have accused Brown of raping her on the evening of January 15 at a hotel in the French capital. Two police officials said Brown and two other people are in custody in Paris today after a woman filed a rape complaint. Brown was detained on Monday and is still in custody Tuesday while police study the complaint, they said. One of the others detained is said to be Brown’s bodyguard, according to one of the police officials. The French edition of Closer ... more
  • 7 months A sex expert breaks down the most common questions she gets asked MyJoyOnline -Ent
    For most people, sex isn't a crazy taboo topic, but it's also not exactly prime dinner-table conversation either. ... more
  • 7 months China turns on ‘gene editing’ scientist MyJoyOnline -Ent
    China says the scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically edited babies last year acted illegally and in pursuit of fame and fortune, state media report. ... more
  • 7 months Churches put me under pressure – Falz StarrFM -Ent
    Versatile Nigerian rapper Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz has disclosed that he hardly goes to church lately because pastors exert undue pressure on him when he attends church services. This comes on the back of a statement made by his mum about his church going attitude at the launch of his newly released album “Moral Instruction”. During his album listening party where his parents, Femi and Funmi Falana, were present, Mrs Falana said: “Folarin, you don’t go to church and I am bothered. I hope you would start going to church this year.” Responding to the comment, the “softwork” ... more
  • 7 months Time to cut almost all meat from your diet, scientists say MyJoyOnline -Ent
    An international team of scientists has developed a diet it says can improve health while ensuring sustainable food production to reduce further damage to the planet. ... more
  • 7 months Hollywood stars get a taste of Ghana at Royal Senchi  StarrFM -Ent
    Ghana recently received a bevy of first-rate world entertainers of African descent, who visited the country for the ‘Full Circle Festival’ organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture under the auspices of the office of the President. The festival was held to mark four centuries since the beginning of the Transatlantic slave trade through which millions of Africans got shipped to the Occident to labour. The Hollywood stars’ visit to the motherland was of significance to the Ghanaian Government’s ‘The Year Of Return’ drive, which is aimed at encouraging Africans in the Diaspora to visit the continent, especially ... more
  • 7 months R Kelly and Sony end ties StarrFM -Ent
    US singer R Kelly and the Sony-owned RCA record label have ended their working relationship, US media report. Variety website quoted a source as saying no official announcement of the decision was planned. The reported split follows decades of sexual abuse allegations brought against the 52-year-old Grammy-winning artist, all of which he denies. The allegations were the subject of a documentary, Surviving R Kelly, released earlier this month. The six-part documentary focuses on the women who have accused the singer of sexual misconduct over the years. It also details the relationship in 1994 between the late singer Aaliyah and R ... more
  • 7 months Jai White: US actor writes about negative reaction to Ghana visit StarrFM -Ent
    With the recent pilgrimage to Ghana, I shared with friends a new title given to me by the King of Akwamu, there have been some interesting negative responses from the black community. Though the positives far outweigh the negatives, I choose today to focus on those negative ones because I believe there is great power in studying this mindset to provide teachable moments. We American born blacks were bred to hate our own people and ourselves. Self-deprivation is buried deep within our subconscious. We’ve found comfort in calling ourselves derogatory names and sabotage our own progress because we’ve been convinced ... more
  • 7 months Ghana launches guideline for cancer management MyJoyOnline -Ent
    The Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service (GHS), in collaboration with Roche Ghana Limited, a Pharmaceutical Company, at the weekend launched the first National Guideline for Cancer Management in the country. ... more
  • 7 months How to talk to your kids about sexual abuse MyJoyOnline -Ent
    ... more
  • 7 months 5 things women secretly want in relationships  MyJoyOnline -Ent
    You might be surprised to find that you want the same things! Do you know what women want in a man? ... more
  • 7 months Men, women with these 7 personality traits make the very best parents MyJoyOnline -Ent
    While there is no comprehensive list of personality traits that mean someone will be a great parent, there are some key personal attributes all good moms and dads have in common. ... more
  • 7 months The 3 plastics every parent should avoid MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Plastic has infiltrated pretty much every aspect of our children’s lives. They wear it, eat and drink from it, and teethe and sleep on it. During the early years, even their butts are wrapped in and wiped with, it. ... more
  • 7 months Kasapreko, Tetra Pak commemorate partnership with automated carton aseptic juice line NETWORKOFNEWS
    Kasapreko, Ghana’s indigenous manufacturer and producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and Tetra Pak, world’s leading food processing and packaging company, are proudly celebrating their partnership by inaugurating Kasapreko’s first automated carton aseptic juice line. Over the past 2 years, the two companies have been working closely to make this project a reality. Commenting on the occasion, Richard Adjei, Managing Director, Kasapreko says, “We are always keen to cater for the growing needs of the Ghanaian consumers and that is why we constantly innovate high quality and affordable products to meet all needs. We are launching our juice brands today ... more
  • 7 months Jiggy Waz out with ‘sexy mama’ StarrFM -Ent
    Emerging new artist Jiggy Waz has released a new song. The TSK Records and Multimedia signee in the song titled ‘Sexy Mama’, praises his lover’s beautiful curves and waistline. Sexy mama is an afrobeat song produced by Tubhani Music and TSK Records. Jiggy Waz in his usual energetic style of rap delivery, laces his rap verses on the song with catchy lyrics. The baddests hip-hop rapper is known for songs likes, ‘Faded’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Camera’, ‘Sky Trip among others. Jiggy Waz will be hitting many event stages this year where he hopes to entertain people and win more fans as well as extend ... more
  • 7 months A bit of meat, a lot of veg – the flexitarian diet to feed the planet MyJoyOnline -Ent
    A diet has been developed that promises to save lives, feed 10 billion people and all without causing catastrophic damage to the planet ... more
  • 7 months 5 behaviours that seem ‘normal’ but could be signs of emotional abuse MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse can be subtle and can often go undetected by victims, as well as their friends and family. ... more
  • 7 months Cardi B wants ‘action’ taken against Trump over shutdown StarrFM -Ent

    The US rapper is the latest pop star to attack the US President after his administration called thousands of civil servants back to work without pay due to the government shutdown.

    Cardi voiced her sympathy for federal workers in a strongly-worded Instagram post, which we can’t bring you here due to the language.

    She told fans it was time “to take action” but admitted she wasn’t entirely sure what that would entail as that’s “not what I do.”

    “We really need to take this serious,” said Cardi.

    “I feel like we need to take some ... more

  • 7 months NEW MUSIC: Joe Mettle publishes “Ga Praise” NETWORKOFNEWS
    Watch a video of Joe Mettle performing a medley of some of the best-known praise songs rendered in Ga. The clip is taken from his 2016 live album recording,”God of Miracles,” and arrives as a welcome addition to a season of “Mettle Medleys.” Months ago, the “Bo Noo Ni” minister partnered Bethel Revival Choir for “Vovome,” which serves an Ewe assortment. The singer, recipient of multiple awards (including the topmost spot of the 2016 Ghana Music Awards) is also promoting “My Everything,” (released in August 2018). He’s authored four albums so far, and has been associated with top Ghanaian names ... more
  • 7 months ‘Upskirting’ to be criminalised in England, Wales MyJoyOnline -Ent
    "Upskirting" -- the practice of filming up someone's clothing without their permission -- is on its way to becoming a crime in England and Wales. ... more
  • 7 months Gender Ministry, Breast Care launch cancer quiz MyJoyOnline -Ent
    The Ministry of Children, Gender and Social Protection has announced a national inter-school cancer quiz competition. ... more
  • 7 months OK, Annica mark 10 years as married pair NETWORKOFNEWS
    Here’s another batch of alluring images chronicling the colourful adventure that is the union of rapper Okyeame Kwame (Kwame Nsiah-Apau), and wife Annica. Now in their 10th year as a wedded pair, Kwame and his wife, parents to a son and daughter continue to serve as a model couple for many Ghanaian youths. Taking to social media to celebrate the new milestone (as has become the norm in their household), the pair flaunted the result of a brilliant kitchen-set anniversary photo shoot which you can find at the end of this story. Meanwhile, Okyeame Kwame, a bona fide hiplife veteran, ... more
  • 7 months Trigmatic’s “My Life” concert to honour African greats NETWORKOFNEWS
    Trigmatic’s “My Life” concert will be homage to African music greats JA Adofo, Aka Blay & Hugh Masekela. According to an official statement by the musician/ media personality, “the tributes will take the form of performances” and will feature a number of surprise guests. It is slated for January 26 at Alliance Française. Trigmatic is often listed among the most versatile and socially conscious voices of his generation. His live performances have also proven a beloved feature about his craft, catapulting him to the first rank of live band practitioners in the country. Trigmatic has been active since 2007, and ... more
  • 7 months Researchers design long-acting contraceptive administered by microneedle MyJoyOnline -Ent
    A new long-acting contraceptive designed to be self-administered by women may provide a new family planning option, particularly in developing nations where access to healthcare can be limited, a recent study suggests. ... more
  • 7 months 8 relationship experts define cheating MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Cheating is one of those things that we all think we know the definition of, but all it takes is asking two or more people what their definition of cheating is to figure out that it's not so cut-and-dry as we thought. While most of us can agree that "having sex" with someone outside your monogamous agreement is cheating, that's about where our mutual understanding ends. ... more
  • 7 months Accra: MultiChoice Talent Factory kicks off 2019 with Sound Engineers Masterclass NETWORKOFNEWS
    MultiChoice Africa announces that its flagship the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) programme will roll out the highly-anticipated MTF Masterclasses powered by various industry partners as part of the shared value initiative’s three touchpoints alongside the MTF Academy and the soon-to-be launched industry networking portal. The MTF Masterclasses will present the industry with “BEST IN CLASS” workshops to increase MTF’s upskilling outreach to established film and TV industry professionals. The Masterclasses are aimed at developing technical skills of established creatives in cinematography, audio and storytelling to improve the quality of local productions and will be rolled out this from this January ... more
  • 7 months Bel-Aqua educates customers on transporting, storing water MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Management of Bel-Aqua Mineral Water wishes to educate members of the general public on healthy ways to transport and store bottled water in order to avoid contamination ... more
  • 7 months Rihanna takes father to court in trademark dispute StarrFM -Ent
    Singer Rihanna has taken her father to court in the US, accusing him of exploiting her name to further his entertainment business. She claims her father, Ronald Fenty, and his business partner have falsely suggested that she is connected to their firm, Fenty Entertainment. Their conduct has misled the public and hurt her Fenty brand, the name of her beauty business, the lawsuit says. Fenty Entertainment did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Rihanna has asked the court to bar the firm from using the Fenty name for business. The lawsuit says Rihanna owns trademarks in the US ... more
  • 7 months Third of UN workers ‘sexually harassed’ MyJoyOnline -Ent
    One in three UN workers has been sexually harassed in the past two years, a UN report has revealed. ... more
  • 7 months Alicia Keys to Host 2019 Grammy Awards StarrFM -Ent
    Sensational American singer, Alicia Keys has announced that she will be the official host for the 2019 edition of the Grammy Awards. The singer who has been off the music scene for some time will mount the big stage on February 10 to steer the occasion. The “Try sleeping with a broken heart” singer made the announcement Tuesday via her YouTube channel and social media pages. The caption read “I’m soooo EXCITED to announce that I’ll be hosting the 61st Annual Grammy Awards ?!! There’s so much in store and I CAN’T WAIT for y’all to see it ALL come ... more
  • 7 months BRA! Hear an Afriyie-assisted single off Okyeame Kwame’s new album NETWORKOFNEWS
    Hiplife veteran, Okyeame Kwame (Kwame Nsiah-Apau), ahead of the release of his new album, “Made in Ghana,” has issued a second single. Titled “Bra,” the joint features a guest appearance from “Wutah” band mate, Afriyie, and discusses amorous regret, also arriving as the second single off the forthcoming album. Its predecessor, the title track of the project, featured singer KiDi, on an Ebo Taylor-arranged, Dan Grahl-produced highlife number. The “Made in Ghana” album features 10 songs, catering to the unique sounds of the country’s 10 reasons currently. Aside KiDi, Ebo Taylor, and Afriyie, Ghanaian musicians who also landed guest spots ... more
  • 7 months 3 anti-ageing tips for your hands, neck & chest MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Our bodies may be covered most of the time, but some areas can age as quickly as your face. Here’s what to look for: ... more
  • 7 months What is the right age to lose your virginity? MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Having sex too soon is the biggest regret of young people losing their virginity, a survey of British sexual behaviour suggests. ... more
  • 7 months PAWA! Worlasi explores spirituality on new record NETWORKOFNEWS
    Worlasi, the the Ghanaian musician famed for landmark projects including “Nuse,” “Uncut,” and the “Outerlane EP,” announces new music for 2019. The moving number, titled “Pawa” explores spirituality and religion, was produced by Lexyz. “Pawa” follows records like “Skinny Dude” (published in August 2018 under Worlasi’s independent imprint, CM Rekords). The singer is rumored to be finalizing a joint album with fellow rapper and regular collaborator, M.anifest. Since his entry into mainstream music, Worlasi has been associated with esteemed colleagues as Sarkodie, M.anifest,  Da’Hammer, Sena Dagadu among others. The post PAWA! Worlasi explores spirituality on new record appeared first ... more
  • 7 months Wiyaala returns to Funsi for Djimba World Festival NETWORKOFNEWS
    Wiyaala has made another interesting move by taking her annual Djimba World Festival back to Funsi, where as a child she use to organise the village children to entertain the Chief. It’s counter-intuitive initiatives like these which are contributing to Wiyaala’s ever growing world wide popularity. It was no surprise when the BBC named Wiyaala as one of their “Celebrated African Women” of 2018. It’s by taking the Djimba World Festival to her far away village, that Wiyaala can offer the wider world a window through which to look at a truly authentic African event. In making such moves, the ... more
  • 7 months First Lady leads campaign to break stigma of infertility MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Merck Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Merck Germany, in partnership with Ghana’s First Lady, Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo, has launched a campaign to overcome the stigma associated with infertility among women. ... more
  • 7 months 20 biggest regrets of people who married young MyJoyOnline -Ent
    People change. It’s just a fact of life. By the time you’re 40, you discover that, over time, you’ve evolved into a completely different person that when you were at the ripe age of 27. ... more
  • 7 months Shenen Cosmetics names social media influencers as brand ambassadors MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Shenen Cosmetics has signed on four major social media influential personalities from Ghana as its brand influencers in Ghana. ... more
  • 7 months Emelia Brobbey becomes ambassador for Dear Cupid Baby Diaper Ameyawdebrah
    Award-winning Ghanaian actress and TV presenter, Emelia Brobbey has been named the brand ambassador of Dear Cupid baby diaper. This deal will see the face of the beautiful actress embossed on all the comfortable diaper you buy for your babies from the company. The Start Media boss was appointed as the brand ambassador on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. The Dear Cupid baby diapers are produced by Noki company limited. It is not clear the exact number of years Emelia Brobbey has been signed on as the brand ambassador but a close source to the actress tells us it is for a couple ... more
  • 7 months Yvonne Okoro reveals she’s had a sex tape, but not with Adebayor Ameyawdebrah
    Yvonne Okoro has some skeletons in her closet, and one of them is filming a sex tape with her then boyfriend. Speaking on Hitz FM, the actress/tv host touched on an alleged sex tape involving her and Emmanuel Adebayor. She denied the allegation, however, she revealed that yes indeed, she’s ever recorded herself having sex. According to her, she’d been together with the said guy for so long and things got kinda boring so they decided to “spice” it up. “I’ve done that once when I was young listen it was my ex ex ex-ex-boyfriend and I regret it because ... more
  • 7 months Sit less and move more to reduce risk of early death, study says MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Are you sitting comfortably? ... more
  • 7 months Things that are making it hard for you to move on after a breakup MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Getting over a breakup can be hard, especially when there are added factors making it more difficult to move on. ... more
  • 7 months Hosting the Ultimate Wedding Party Like The Celebrities Ameyawdebrah
    2018 was the big year for celebrity weddings. We watched actress Bibi Bright walk down the aisle with her sweetheart Akwasi Boateng. Guests included Toosweet Annan, James Gardiner and Princess Shyngle. Then of course there was the traditional ceremony of Sarkodie and his bride Tracey in Tema. These wedding parties were well documented in the press and already influencing the styles and fashions throughout Ghana. So how else can you take inspiration from these weddings and make sure that your party is one to remember? A Casino Themed Party A casino themed party means that your guests are fully involved, ... more
  • 7 months #10yearchallenge: top 10 throwbacks of your favorite Ghanaian celebs Ameyawdebrah
    There’s a new challenge on Instagram, the #10yearchallenge, and it has gotten all of social media buzzing as celebrities around the world, share their throwback pictures from 10 years ago. Ghanaian celebs also joined in the fun and here are some of our favorites: 1. Moesha Boduong, the only thing that has changed is probably the “ass” 2. Princess Shyngle, oh well, the waist got much more tinier. 3. Juliet Ibrahim, the hips got wider for sho 4. Sammy Forson, now that’s a transformation. 5. D Black sure blossomed as the bank account got thicker ... more
  • 7 months Celine Dion reportedly pulling down R.Kelly Collabo ‘I’m Your Angel’ from streaming services Ameyawdebrah
    Celine Dion Legendary Canadian singer, Celine Dion will reportedly be pulling her collaboration with R. Kelly from streaming services following the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentaries where several women accused him of sexual assaults.  This comes just days after singer, Lady Gaga apologized for collaborating with him and also announced her decision to pull their joint song from streaming services. According to TMZ, Celine Dion will be pulling down “I’m Your Angel.” The song which was recorded in 1998 appeared on her holiday album and even reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, where it stayed there for 6 weeks. It also went certified platinum and sold more ... more
  • 7 months Ebony Reign’s one year anniversary slated for March 31, here’s why. Ameyawdebrah
    Ebony Reign’s one year anniversary slated for March 31 Mr. Opoku Kwarteng, father of the late dancehall dive, Ebony Reigns, has revealed that the one year anniversary for his late beloved daughter which was originally supposed to come off on February 8 has been shifted to March 31, 2019. In an interview with B Ice on Kumasi-based Agyenkwa FM, Starboy Kwarteng disclosed that he came to this decision after he consulted members of his extended family since he cannot take absolute control of this matter. He also stated that unlike other ethnic groups, the Akan ethnic group has ... more
  • 7 months Up-close with Nigeria’s foremost Tech YouTube Vlogger, Eric Okafor (Knewkeed) Ameyawdebrah
    Eric Okafor Eric Okafor (also known as Knewkeed) is a 29-year-old technology vlogger and YouTuber based in Nigeria. Android App reviews. He was born in Lagos Nigeria and hails for South-East, Nigeria. He has a background in Business Administration from the University of Lagos. He starting his YouTube channel in 2015, making consumer technology videos with a niche in smartphones and App reviews. Eric Okafor’s tech YouTube channel is becoming a community for gadget enthusiasts in his country with nearly 5 million views and over 30K subscribers. AMEYAW: How did you transition from your course of study into making technology ... more
  • 7 months “It’s SremmLife Forever”: Rae Sremmurd clears air on break Up rumors Ameyawdebrah
    Rae Sremmurd This week, Slim Jxmmi, sparked up rumors of a potential breakup of Rae Sremmurd when he delivered on now-deleted tweets in which he revealed he was “not Rae Sremmurd,” telling users, “Y’all won.” Soon enough, he would announce the arrival of his own solo project, only adding fuel to the fire. But, it looks like the literal band of brothers isn’t quite done with one another yet and they took to social media to collectively dispel any thought of a potential breakup by simply tweeting out, “Brothers gonna be brothers, it’s SREMMLIFE forever,” on Saturday (January 12th). Brothers gonna be brothers, it’s SREMMLIFE ... more
  • 7 months Ligue 1 at 777score Ameyawdebrah
    Ligue 1 at 777score Today, it became much easier to follow information about Ligue 1 thanks to the site of sports statistics. It offers the results of matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming events, which will allow you to learn more news about your favorite championship. The current season in France will definitely go down in history. On the one hand, speaking of the championship itself, nothing really happened, since PSG already confidently topped the standings from the start. On the other hand, the failures of Monaco and Toulouse, which were determined to compete in European competition. As ... more
  • 7 months Shenen Cosmetics announces influencers and product launch Ameyawdebrah
    Shenen Cosmetics, a melanin skin care line made in the USA, designed to suit the melanin skin to glow in its tone signed on, four major social media influential personalities from Ghana as its brand influencers in Ghana on Tuesday 9th January 2018. The influencers includes, Belinda Dzattah a plus -size award-winning actress in Ghana who is loved by many due to her body type and comic-roles she plays in her movies. Chantelle Dapaah, an international model from Ghana, known for many awards won both in and outside Ghana. Jessica Williams, an award winning actress featured in numerous movies known ... more
  • 7 months I KNOW! Sarkodie taps Reekado Banks for new song NETWORKOFNEWS
    Listen to yet another  Ghana – Naija partnership by rapper Sarkodie and former Mavin act, Reekado Banks. Produced by MOG Beatz, the joint, released under Sarkodie’s SarkCess Music discusses love, patience, and resilience. The number arrives as Sarkodie’s first release for 2019, which sees him continue his run as arguably Ghana’s foremost artist today. His many December 2018 appearances (including Rapperholic, his flagship Christmas Day concert), as well as his current radio favourite “Cat Let You Go” featuring King Promise have served as adequate momentum for the musician known to his mother as Michael Owusu Addo for this year. ... more
  • 7 months The lifesaving food 90% aren’t eating enough of MyJoyOnline -Ent
    If I offered you a superfood that would make you live longer, would you be interested? ... more
  • 7 months Misbehave: NanaYaa talks new collab with Shaker NETWORKOFNEWS
    Singer NanaYaa has released a new single off her “Manye1” album. The record, titled “Misbehave” features BBNZ rapper/ producer Shaker. According to the chanteuse, the love song is “an expression of understanding between lovebirds,’ which “shows you how understanding should feels like in every love relationship.” “You know you are with the right one when he/ she makes you happy and you feel free to misbehave” explains NanaYaa about the idea for the song. On his part, Shaker divulged that the creative process for the joint was thoroughly thrilling: “I enjoyed every bit of the writing and production process of ... more
  • 7 months Menzgold Saga: Opanka laments losing 100k in new video StarrFM -Ent
    Popular Ghanaian rapper Dadie Opanka has waded into the ongoing Menzgold saga in a new video he released on social media. The video shows Opanka having a conversation with a double of himself, where one part is an aggrieved Menzgold customer while the other is a law enforcement officer. The rapper being with an apt delivery described the predicament of a Menzgold customer who lost “100k” and at the same time acting as a law enforcer reprimanding the customer. Watch the video below. ... more
  • 7 months 5 Signs That You’ve Landed in the Wrong Relationship MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Whether a relationship is “meant to be” is often determined by how much work each partner decides to put into it. ... more
  • 7 months 5 lessons from people who lost 80 pounds or more — and kept it off MyJoyOnline -Ent
    Wellness Wins is a Yahoo Lifestyle weekly series profiling people who have lost a significant amount of weight to improve their health. ... more
  • 7 months Jeshurun Okyere out with ‘Yahweh’ StarrFM -Ent
    Gospel music dynamo, Jeshurun Okyere has released his first single for the year titled, Yahweh (Victory Chant). The song which featured Kingsley Ampoful was written and composed by Jeshurun Okyere and Nadia Kofi. According to Jeshurun, “the song was inspired by the fact that in spite of the unique challenges we all go through God has already assured us of victory.” He encouraged all believers not to give up in times of adversaries because God has already won the battle for them. The single which was produced by Dave The Music Box is off his #NewThings album to be released later in the ... more
  • 7 months 7 unattractive things women do that chase men away MyJoyOnline -Ent
    You don't need to be perfect to have a relationship, but you do need to steer clear of these. ... more
  • 7 months 4 surprising ways apple cider vinegar can benefit your skin MyJoyOnline -Ent
    When used correctly, it also can do wonders for your skin. ... more
  • 7 months Gay rapper, 24, shot dead in Puerto Rico StarrFM -Ent
    The rapper and outspoken advocate for the LGBT community Kevin Fret has been shot dead in Puerto Rico aged 24. The musician, described as Latin Trap music’s first openly gay artist, was killed in the capital San Juan on Thursday morning, police said. Fret was shot at eight times while riding a motorbike in the street, and he was hit in the head and hip. His death brings the number of murders in Puerto Rico this year to 22, police added. Confirming his death, Fret’s manager Eduardo Rodriguez said: “There are no words that describe the feeling we have and ... more
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