• 4 hours UN says G5 Sahel force needs more support in anti-jihadist fight ModernGhana -Africa
    The five-nation G5 military task force in the Sahel faces persistent training and equipment shortfalls at a time of spiralling violence in the war against armed Islamist groups in the region, according to a UN report out Tuesday. The force was set up in 2014 to tackle the jihadist threat in the Sahel region of Africa, and is made up of troops from Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad. Supported by France, the G5 Sahel could eventually replace soldiers from France's 4,500-strong B ... more
  • 4 hours WHO prequalifies first Ebola vaccine ModernGhana -Africa
    The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday said it had prequalified an Ebola vaccine for the first time, hailing a critical step towards its licensing, access and roll-out in countries most at risk of outbreaks. This is the fastest vaccine prequalification process ever conducted by WHO, it said in a statement, explaining that prequalification means that the vaccine meets WHO standards for quality, safety and efficacy. The announcement comes hot on the heels of a decision last Mon ... more
  • 4 hours Sudan’s Bashir, aides to face charges for ‘plotting’ 1989 coup ModernGhana -Africa
    Sudanese authorities on Tuesday filed new charges against ousted leader Omar al-Bashir and some of his aides for plotting the 1989 coup that brought him to power, the country's protest movement said. Bashir, who was a brigadier at the time, seized power in an Islamist-backed coup that toppled the then elected government of prime minister Sadiq al-Mahdi. But Bashir himself was ousted by the army in April after months of nationwide protests against his iron-fisted rule of three decades. ... more
  • 4 hours Macron pledges French help conflict-riven Africa ModernGhana -Africa
    French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday pledged French support to African leaders whose countries are riven by conflict, saying Paris' commitment would not waver. Macron told DR Congo counterpart Felix Tshisekedi France would support its fight against armed groups in the vast central African country's volatile east. The Democratic Republic of Congo has been wracked by conflict near its eastern border, after numerous militias evolved from the two Congo wars (1996-1997 and 1998-2003). ... more
  • 4 hours French student’s self-immolation provokes anti-poverty rallies ModernGhana -World
    University students demonstrated against precarious living conditions in cities around France on Tuesday, four days after a 22-year-old student set himself on fire in apparent protest of policies of President Emmanuel Macron and his own financial troubles. Demonstrations of several hundred students took place in cities around France including Paris, Lyon and Lille, where protesters forced the cancellation of a conference by former president François Hollande. The rallies were called after ... more
  • 8 hours Paris court sentences Pete Doherty for drunken fight after second arrest in a week ModernGhana -World
    A French court handed British singer Pete Doherty a three-month suspended jail sentence and 5,000-euro fine on Tuesday, after he was detained for fighting while celebrating his release from an earlier arrest last week. Doherty pleaded guilty to charges of affray in a Paris court on Tuesday. The 40-year-old frontman of the rock group the Libertines, which is gearing up for a European tour, was also given a two-year probation period. It is a lenient decision, lawyer Arash Derambarsh tol ... more
  • 8 hours Syrian refugees Zarkaria and Amir, deported then allowed back into Turkey ModernGhana -World
    The Turkish government says Syrians living in Istanbul have until 30 October to return to the province where they are registered. Legally, refugees cannot leave that province without permission, but it's believed one million Syrians live in Istanbul, where they often work in the informal economy. In June, the Turkish government quietly began arresting Syrians and other nationalities, as well. Late in August, Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham, the Islamist group that controls Idlib province in Syria, w ... more
  • 8 hours A leaderless social movement is key to protest success in Lebanon ModernGhana -World
    A general strike across Lebanon was in full force on Tuesday as a new wave of disruption pushes back against the government which has not yet met the demands of protesters. Anger continues to fuel Lebanon's protests that broke on 17 October against the ruling elite, including several ageing military leaders that are all seen by demonstrators to be contributing to the rampant corruption in t ... more
  • 8 hours Macron pledges French help to fight armed groups in DR Congo ModernGhana -Africa
    French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday pledged military support to DR Congo counterpart Felix Tshisekedi to fight armed groups in the vast central African country's volatile east. The Democratic Republic of Congo has been wracked by conflict near its eastern border, after numerous militias evolved from the two Congo wars (1996-1997 and 1998-2003). France is fully engaged at the side of DRC to fight armed groups which are destabilising the country , some of which are linked to the Isl ... more
  • 8 hours EU court rules products from Israeli settlements must be labelled ModernGhana -World
    Following a request from a French tribunal, the European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that products from Israeli settlements must be labelled as such if they are sold in the European Union, a decision hailed by Palestinians and rights groups but condemned by Israel. The Luxembourg-based court ruled that European Union (EU) regulations meant food labels must clarify where products are from so that consumers can make choices based on ethical considerations and considerations relating to the ... more
  • 8 hours Russia wants end to embargo on C.Africa diamonds ModernGhana -Africa
    Russia backs lifting an embargo on diamond exports from the Central African Republic, the deputy finance minister said Tuesday as Moscow was preparing to chair a global scheme regulating the gem trade. Russia has made moves to strengthen its influence in the poor but strategic CAR in recent months, sending military instructors to the country and receiving mining concessions as part of a plan to boost its presence in Africa. Next year Moscow will be chair of the Kimberley Process, a global ... more
  • 8 hours Is China’s bull courting Europe with a Trojan Horse in Piraeus’ port? ModernGhana -World
    China's president Xi Jinping just paid a three day visit to Greece, where Beijing has invested in the Port of Piraeus, seen by China as its prime economic foothold in Europe. But not all Europeans are happy with China's increasing influence on the continent. Xi concluded his visit on Tuesday with a tour of the Acropolis in Athens. ... more
  • 8 hours Algeria jails 22 protesters over Berber flags ModernGhana -Africa
    Twenty-two Algerian demonstrators were handed one-year jail sentences Tuesday for undermining national unity by bearing the Berber minority's flag during anti-regime protests, a prisoners' rights group said. The CNLD committee said on its Facebook page that a court in the capital's Sidi Mhamed district had sentenced the accused to 12 months in prison -- half of it suspended -- and fines of 30,000 dinars ($275). Said Salhi, vice president of the Algerian human rights groups LADDH, condemn ... more
  • 8 hours Branson apologises to S.Africa for racially exclusionary tweet ModernGhana -Africa
    British billionaire and Virgin founder Richard Branson apologised on Tuesday for posting a picture on Twitter he admitted clearly lacked diversity as he launched his new entrepreneurship development centre in South Africa. On Monday he tweeted a picture of himself and eight others captioned We aim to become the heart of entrepreneurship in Southern Africa . It featured no blacks in a country where they make up 80 percent of the population. That sparked outrage as racial tensions rema ... more
  • 8 hours Graeme Williams: From photographing apartheid to fine art projects ModernGhana -World
    Graeme Williams is a South African photographer, who spent much of his career capturing his country's transition to democracy and documenting post-apartheid. RFI met him at the Also Known As Africa (AKAA) art and design fair in Paris recently. After years in the field, working for agencies such as Reuters, in 1994 Graeme Williams gave up photojournalism ... more
  • 13 hours Ghana reverses ‘premature’ recognition of Kosovo ModernGhana -Africa
    Ghana has revoked its premature recognition of Kosovo, the West African nation said, a move backed by Serbia, which opposes statehood for the former Yugoslav province. The Government of Ghana has decided to withdraw Ghanaâ s recognition of Kosovo as an independent state,â the deputy foreign affairs minister, Charles Owiredu told AFP on Monday. The reasons were communicated to Serbia in a letter, he said. The decision to recognise Kosovo turned out to be premature , the letter sai ... more
  • 13 hours ‘Nationalism is war’ Macron tells world leaders at peace forum ModernGhana -World
    French President Emmanuel Macron called on the world to ramp up efforts to ease conflict and fight climate change in a speech to world leaders and other high-level delegates at a forum for peace in Paris. Some 30 heads of state joined international organisations, activists, entrepreneurs and others at the annual Paris Peace Forum where the United States was noted for its absence. In his opening address, Macron warned that nationa ... more
  • 13 hours The Netherlands Are Fighting Over The Black Piet ModernGhana -World
    In about 100 Dutch (Holland) towns the parades continue to take place with the controversial costumes. The dispute over the black-painted helpers of St. Nicholas has grown into a cultural battle in the Netherlands. This year there is a decisive innovation. When Santa Claus arrives in the Netherlands, 90 demonstrators will be arrested in one fell swoop. Mounted policemen have to protect the bringer of gifts, sometimes the effort is greater than in a risk game of the professional footbal ... more
  • 13 hours Düsseldorf Airport, Customs Officers Stop A Woman With Seven Kilos Of Rotten Cowhide (Smoked Cow-Skin Meat) ModernGhana -World
    The customs officials noticed the smell already from a distance. At the D uuml;sseldorf airport, customs officers caught a woman with a rotten cowhide, a smoked cow-skin meat. The traveller spoke of a delicacy . A woman wanted to import kilograms of rotten cow-skin meat into Germany, but was stopped by customs officers. It was a delicacy from Cameroon, she said according to a press release. Even from a distance the officers at D uuml;sseldorf airport had noticed an unpleasant smell ... more
  • 15 hours French academic institute expels Russian killer professor ModernGhana -World
    A famous academic associated with ISSEP, a French institute founded by far-right politician Marion Maréchal, admitted to killing and dismembering his 24-year old student lover. He has since been expelled by the institute. Oleg Sokolov, a prominent Russian academic specialising in Napoleonic history, confessed to murdering his young lover and former student Anastasia Yeshchenko and dismembering her body. According to local media, the university professor was drunk and fell into the river a ... more
  • 15 hours Mauritius PM Jugnauth takes oath after election win ModernGhana -Africa
    Mauritius's incumbent Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth was sworn in for a five-year term on Tuesday after elections in which his coalition consolidated its grip on parliament. Jugnauth, 57, took over from his father in 2017 without going through a vote, and the decisive victory of his centre-right Morisian Alliance in the November 7 elections has strengthened his legitimacy. Jugnauth's swearing-in took place at the residence of President Barlen Vyapoory, an AFP journalist reported. He i ... more
  • 15 hours France turns off nuclear reactors following earthquake ModernGhana -World
    Reactors at a nuclear plant in south-eastern France have been switched off to allow inspectors to carry out a safety audit, following Monday's 5.1 magnitude earthquake that injured four people. French state-controlled utility EDF has said reactors 2, 3 and 4 of its Cruas plant located about 10 kilometres from the epicentre in Le Teil, Ardèche would remain offline until ... more
  • 15 hours Why Buhari Must Extend Forensic Audit Of NDDC To Amnesty Program — Niger-Delta Anti-Corruption Group ModernGhana -Africa
    The Anti-Corruption Crusaders Network, a group based in the Niger-Delta with specific focus on anti-corruption has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari rsquo;s recent call for a forensic audit of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) over allegations surrounding the amount of funds allocated to the commission since its inception must be embraced by all stakeholders as they also called for the forensic audit to be extended to the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP). Speaking on ... more
  • 15 hours All Colour Awards To Hold On December 1 In Lagos ModernGhana -Africa
    All Colour Awards (ACA), the anticipated unusual ldquo;made in Nigeria rdquo; annual event with limitless imagination, will bring together top players in different sectors of the Nigerian economy at the reputable Abelinis Hub - 1, Erinola Salako Street, Behind Excellence Hotel, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday, December 1, 2019. The talk about town event will assemble different top players in various sectors under one roof to foster unity and is also positioned to propel winners beyond ... more
  • 18 hours Premier League sharpshooters in Africa as CAN qualifying begins ModernGhana -Africa
    English Premier League sharpshooters Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah flew to Africa this week, seeking goals as 2021 Cup of Nations (CAN) qualifying kicks off. New Arsenal captain Aubameyang has claimed eight league goals this season and Liverpool duo Mane and Salah seven and six respectively, putting the trio among the top 10 scorers. The form of Gabonese Aubameyang, Senegalese Mane and Egyptian Salah will encourage their nations as they face two matches each betwe ... more
  • 18 hours Madagascar paddy farmers rise up against ‘new city’ ModernGhana -Africa
    Anger is boiling over in the hills surrounding Antananarivo over plans to relocate part of Madagascar's choked capital to emerald-green farmland. Hundreds of farmers in Ambohitrimanjaka village are facing off with the authorities over a presidential scheme that threatens to engulf a thousand hectares (2,500 acres) of rice fields. We will not swap our land for money and we will not accept being moved, said Jean Desire Rakotoariamanana, 57, who took part in protests last month. These r ... more
  • 18 hours Bolivia’s Evo Morales flees to Mexico ModernGhana -World
    Former Bolivian leader Evo Morales has left his country to take up political asylum in Mexico as his supporters and opponents clashed on the streets of the capital, La Paz. Announcing his departure on Twitter late Monday, Morales said it pained him to leave, but that he'd always be watching and would soon return with more strength and energy . Morales also said two of his homes had been attacked by vandals. Mexico's forei ... more
  • 1 day ICC prosecutor warns against escalating violence in Guinea ModernGhana -Africa
    The International Criminal Court on Monday urged Guinea's government and the opposition to resume talks after bloody protests and warned that The Hague-based body could try those fanning tensions. The West African country has been wracked by demonstrations by the opposition who accuse President Alpha Conde of seeking to prolong his rule and uncertainty whether polls scheduled for February will go ahead. Following reports of numerous episodes of violence in Guinea in the past weeks, I call ... more
  • 1 day Drought-hit Zimbabwe to transfer thousands of animals ModernGhana -Africa
    Zimbabweâ s wildlife agency said Monday it would move hundreds of elephants and other animals in a dramatic bid to save them from a lethal drought. At least 120 elephants have already died over the past two months as the country grapples with one of the worst droughts in its history. We are moving 600 elephants, two prides of lion comprising between five and 10 members, a pack of wild dogs, 50 buffalo, 40 giraffes and 2,000 impalas, parks and wildlife authority spokesman Tinashe Farawo ... more
  • 1 day Packages of pure cocaine wash up on France’s beaches ModernGhana -World
    Mysterious parcels containing more than 750kg of narcotics have been washing up on France's Atlantic coast since last month. French prosecutors said on Sunday that they opened an investigation after finding a significant amount of cocaine and other drugs on beaches all along France's western coast. Suspect packages have been found on all beaches , they said, designating more than 500 kilometres of France's Atlantic coast. 'Particularly' pure cocaine The cocaine is particularl ... more
  • 1 day Clashes as Palestinians mark 15 years since death of Yasser Arafat ModernGhana -World
    Thousands of Palestinians marked the 15th anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat in the occupied West Bank on Monday. One man was reportedly killed in clashes with the Israeli forces. On November 11, 2004, Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, the man who embodied the Palestinian struggle for statehood for over 40 years, died in a hospital near Paris from a massive hemorrhagic stroke as per the released ... more
  • 1 day France’s far-right congratulates Vox party’s strong showing in Spain’s election ModernGhana -World
    Spain's general election has left it in a state of political uncertainty for the coming months as the latest polls reflect a widening political divide between those on the left and those on the right. Sunday's national vote concluded with a growing presence of the far-right in parliament - a first in decades in Spain - and no part ... more
  • 1 day How To Unlock Africa’s $3tn Free Trade Opportunity ModernGhana -Africa
    New research from global law firm Baker McKenzie and Oxford Economics ndash; AfCFTA 39;s US$ 3 trillion Opportunity: Weighing Existing Barriers against Potential Economic Gains - shows that if fully implemented, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will unlock significant but uneven growth opportunities on the continent. The African Union is putting the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) into operation. It will be the world 39;s largest free trade area by ... more
  • 1 day Indiscriminate Dumping Of Waste: RIWAMA Goes Tough, Arrests Health Workers At Akpajo Roundabout ModernGhana -Africa
    Three health workers have been arrested by the Monitoring Team of the Sole Administrator of the Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA), Bro. Felix Obuah over indiscriminate dumping of clinical wastes by the roadside at the Akpajo Roundabout off Oil Mill Junction in Port Harcourt, the State capital. Bro. Obuah who disclosed this in a statement made available to journalists in Port Harcourt on Monday, said the health workers were caught dumping some clinical wastes which include s ... more
  • 1 day Ethiopia Offers Window On The History Of Humanity ModernGhana -Africa
    There is a strong basis for the tourism slogan Land of Origins, when one considers the roots of humanity and the opportunity to experience it in Ethiopia. The debate about the age of the human race has been heavily debated since the beginning of recorded history and scientific results are often in conflict with the narrative of religious doctrine. In Ethiopia, there is clear proof that humanity has its foundation millions of years ago. In the National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis A ... more
  • 1 day RE: GPAN Statement On French Colonialism In Africa ModernGhana -Africa
    Global Pan Africanism Network welcomes the bold move by 8 African Countries to withdraw their CFA reserves from Colonial France. We support the announcement by Benin President Patrice Talon to withdraw foreign reserves of the West African CFA ndash; currency used by eight countries in the region and hope the six countries remaining will follow suit and embark on the decolonization process. Every Year France takes away over $500 Billion dollars from 14 African countries as payment ... more
  • 1 day Klaus IT launches New Development Centre In Bangalore ModernGhana -World
    Bengaluru based Klaus IT Solutions Private Limited, a leading Engineering and IT Solutions provider has launched a development centre at HSR Layout, Bengaluru with 200-seaters capacity. Being a technology company, the main objective of setting up the development centre is to have a dedicated centre for all projects that would be consolidated in one unit. The centre reinforces Klaus IT rsquo;s commitment to further develop its business operations in India. The company provides services and sol ... more
  • 1 day Growth of contraceptive use highest in African countries: report ModernGhana -Africa
    The number of women and girls in poor countries embracing modern contraception has leapt by tens of millions with Africa recording the biggest gains, the organisation Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) said Monday. A new report shows that 314 million women and girls in 69 countries -- out of 926 million of child-bearing age -- now use contraceptive methods like condoms, pills and birth control implants. The figures represent a gain of 2 percent globally since 2012, while gains of 7 percent were ... more
  • 1 day France honours post-1963 war dead in 11 November ceremonies ModernGhana -World
    French President Emmanuel Macron marked traditional Armistice Day ceremonies with the inauguration of a monument to 549 soldiers who have died in France's military operations abroad in the period following the Algerian War. Macron marked the 101st anniversary of the armistice that ended World War One with an inauguration of a memorial in Paris's André-Citroën Park on Monday. The monument bears names of 549 soldiers, including two women, who died in combat or as a result of wounds or illnes ... more
  • 1 day French jihadists to be arrested on arrival if deported from Turkey ModernGhana -World
    Turkey is preparing to deport 11 French citizens, mostly women, who joined the Islamic State in Syria. The French government says they will be arrested as they leave the airplane. The Turkish government said on Monday that 11 foreign Islamic State terrorists of French origin were being prepared for deportation. The jihadists to be deported were mostly women, a source wor ... more
  • 2 days March against Islamophobia attracts support from France’s far-left ModernGhana -World
    More than 10,000 people marched on Sunday in Paris denouncing 'Islamophobia' and racism in France. The goverment and most political parties stayed away from the event, excepting the far left. The demonstrations against Islamophobia were called by a number of individuals and organisations, including the Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF). The march followed an attack last month on a mosque in the south western French city of Bayonne, where an 84-year-old man shot and wounded t ... more
  • 2 days Bolivian president resigns after three weeks of protests, doubt over new leadership ModernGhana -World
    Bolivian President Evo Morales has resigned, following three weeks of protests over his disputed re-election after the army and police withdrew their backing, sparking celebrations in La Paz. But other resignations created a temporary leadership vacuum in the country. I resign my post as president, the leftist Morales said Sunday in a televised address, in which he defended his legacy, which includes landmark gains against hunger and poverty and tripling the country's economy during his nea ... more
  • 2 days Bolivian President Resigns ModernGhana -World
    Bolivian President Evo Morales has resigned after nearly 14 years in power, amid turmoil following his disputed re-election last month. The head of the army had called on him to go after protests over his election win. Auditors found irregularities with the poll but Mr Morales said he had been the victim of a coup. He said he was leaving to help protect families of political allies, after their homes were burned down. In a televised address, Mr Morales urged protesters to sto ... more
  • 2 days ‘Made in France’ label promotes authentic local industry ModernGhana -World
    The appeal of buying French products remains strong as consumers braved the rain to queue up at the 'Made in France' fair. For a large majority domestic products not only support the local economy but are a guarantee of quality. Walking through the entrance of the Porte de Versailles conference centre, visitors are greeted by an array of products ranging from ties and bedding to pots of honey, proudly stamped with the label Made in France. More than 500 exhibitors are on display for thi ... more
  • 2 days Dutse, Jigawa State: Nasiru Haladu Danu (NHD) Medical Mission Foundation Kicks Off Three-Day Free Me ModernGhana -Africa
    Nasiru Haladu Danu Medical Mission Foundation has kicked off its free medical mission in Dutse the Jigawa State capital. The three-day exercise which began with a Gala Night at the Dutse residence of the founder of the foundation, Alhaji Nasiru Haladu Danu; according to Wabiye Idoniboyeobu, Media Spokesperson to Alhaji Nasiru Danu (Dan Ammana Dutse) ldquo;witnessed a large turnout of dignitaries from within and outside Jigawa State. rdquo; A statement made available to journalists by Mr. ... more
  • 2 days A century and half on, Suez Canal is ‘lifeline’ for Egypt ModernGhana -Africa
    One hundred and fifty years after the Suez Canal opened, the international waterway is hugely significant to the economy of modern-day Egypt, which nationalised it in 1956. The canal, which links the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, was opened to navigation in 1869 and was expanded in 2015 to accommodate larger ships. Dug in the 19th century using rudimentary tools, the canal has today become a lifeline for Egypt and countries around the world, Admiral Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal ... more
  • 2 days Egypt discreetly marks Suez Canal’s 150th anniversary ModernGhana -Africa
    Since the Suez Canal was inaugurated amid pomp and ceremony 150 years ago, it has become one of the world's most important waterways. But its anniversary will only be discreetly marked in Egypt. The man-made canal was excavated between 1859 and 1869, in an ambitious project to connect the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, and cut shipping times for growing international trade from Europe to Asia. The Suez Canal is not a prerogative of one nation, declared Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French dip ... more
  • 2 days Suez Canal: a stormy 150-year history ModernGhana -Africa
    In its 150 years of operations, the Suez Canal has been through wars and high-stakes power struggles as it imposed itself as a vital international waterway. On the anniversary of its lavish opening ceremony on November 17, 1869, here is a look back at key dates in its history. 4,000 years ago As far back as the 19th century BC, a canal existed between the Red Sea and a section of the Nile River which links to the Mediterranean. Dug out during the reign of Pharaoh Sesostris I ... more
  • 2 days Suez Canal: expansion and modernisation ModernGhana -Africa
    The Suez Canal has been regularly expanded and modernised since it opened 150 years ago and is today capable of accommodating some of the world's largest supertankers. Here is a look back at key stages in the enlargement of the waterway, which handles roughly 10 percent of international maritime trade. Beginnings When the sea-level canal was first opened in 1869, it was 164 kilometres (102 miles) long and eight metres (26 feet) deep. It could accommodate ships of up to 5,000 ... more
  • 2 days Russian Napoleon expert kills and butchers student lover ModernGhana -World
    A famous academic who was awarded France's Legion of Honour admitted to killing and dismembering his 24-year old student lover. He was reportedly planning to commit suicide dressed up as Napoleon. Oleg Sokolov, a prominent Russian academic specialising in Napoleonic history, confessed to murdering his young lover and former student Anastasia Yeshchenko and dismembering her body. According to local media, the university professor was drunk and fell into the river as he tried to dispose of b ... more
  • 2 days Tunisia’s Islamist-inspired party wants leader to be house speaker ModernGhana -Africa
    Tunisia's Islamist-inspired Ennahdha party which last month came top in legislative polls put forward its leader Rached Ghannouchi on Sunday to head the next parliament. Ennahdha, which won 52 out of 217 seats in October's parliamentary election -- well short of the 109 needed to govern -- also insisted that the new prime minister of Tunisia should be selected from the party. Ghannouchi, a divisive figure and veteran leader of Ennahdha, was proposed as candidate for speaker of parliament b ... more
  • 2 days Hutu militia leader killed, rebels kill 4 civilians: DRCongo army ModernGhana -Africa
    Congolese soldiers have killed a Hutu militia leader and four of his bodyguards in an operation near the DR Congo's Ugandan border, it said in a statement Sunday. Troops killed Musabimana Juvenal, alias general Jean-Michel Africa... following an intense clash on Saturday at Rutshuru in North Kivu province, said the statement seen by AFP. Operations remain under way around Rutshuru to wipe out armed local and foreign groups, said regional military spokesman Major Guillaume Ndjike Kaiko. ... more
  • 3 days Triggered by MP’s disgrace, Tunisia’s #MeToo breaks taboos ModernGhana -Africa
    Viral images of a Tunisian lawmaker allegedly masturbating outside a high school have sparked the country's own MeToo moment, with sex abuse victims breaking taboos under the hashtag EnaZeda. Discussion of sexual harassment had previously been limited to a few edgy TV shows, but now thousands of women in the North African nation are sharing their experiences from lecherous remarks to paedophilia. A video showing the moustachioed politician sitting in a car with his trousers dropped to hi ... more
  • 3 days One year on, can the Yellow Vests turn green? ModernGhana -World
    As the first anniversary of the Yellow Vest movement approaches, demonstrators turned out in several French cities for a 52nd gathering. They hope to inject fresh momentum into weekly demonstrations calling for social justice. Nearly a year after a planned fuel price hike sparked the amorphous 'Yellow Vest' movement in France, debate about the car ... more
  • 3 days Mauritius premier tightens hold on parliament ModernGhana -Africa
    Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth's coalition has strengthened its grip on parliament after Mauritius' electoral commission finalised the outcome of the election in the Indian Ocean nation. Jugnauth's centre-right Morisian Alliance won four more seats in the final allocation to hold 42 of 70 seats following Thursday's vote, the commission said late Saturday. Mauritius is predominantly Hindu and is divided into ethnic groups under the 1968 independence constitution to also reflect the sizeabl ... more
  • 3 days Nigeria targets oil companies for a greater share of profits ModernGhana -Africa
    In a move Nigeria's president hailed as a landmark moment , Africa's largest oil producer approved legislation this week to bolster its share of revenues from international majors. The authorities say the amendment -- heralded as the biggest change in decades to its production sharing deals -- will bring billions of dollars into state coffers as the country belatedly claims an equitable share of its vast natural resources. But oil industry insiders have slammed the change as an ill-plan ... more
  • 3 days When the wall came tumbling down in Berlin ModernGhana -World
    30 years after the Berlin wall fell, RFI's Jan van der Made spoke to a veteran Berliner and a young millennial about the landmark event. Gero Neugebauer, a retired scholar, remembers the fateful night thirty years ago. The evening of 9 November I was with friends in a French restaurant in Berlin , Neugebauer recalls. There was tension in the air, he said, but not enough for him to have a look at the wall. We went home. The next morning, a friend from Potzdam (in former East Germany ... more
  • 3 days Staff Welfare, Training, Others Are My Top Priorities – Magaji ModernGhana -Africa
    Muazu Magaji, a former Engineer with Shell petroleum, who was recently appointed Commissioner for Works by Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, has stressed the need for staff welfare, capacity building through staff training as he resumed officially at the Kano State Ministry of Works. Engr. Magaji was received on arrival by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works in company of ministry officials. Magaji in his address to the Government officials stressed the need for unity of purpose, team w ... more
  • 3 days Five candidates confirmed for Algeria’s presidential race ModernGhana -Africa
    Five candidates, including two former prime ministers under deposed president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, have been selected to run in Algeria's December presidential poll, the country's consitutional council confirmed Saturday. Twenty-three candidates had registered for the election which comes as Algeria has been mired in months of street protests demanding an overhaul of the entire political system. Kamel Feniche -- head of the constitutional council, which validates candidates for the electi ... more
  • 3 days Rwandan opposition leader launches new political party ModernGhana -Africa
    Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire announced Saturday she was launching a new political party, hoping it will be allowed to operate in a country where the ruling regime has no real rival. Ingabire's previous party FDU-Inkingi, which she founded while in exile in 2016, was not recognised by the government of long-ruling President Paul Kagame. She was imprisoned until receiving a presidential pardon last year from Kagame, whom she regularly accuses of suppressing freedom of speech, ... more
  • 3 days South African photographer depicts children’s emotions at Paris art fair ModernGhana -Africa
    Justice Mukheli was one of the South African photographers featured at the 4th edition of the Also Known As Africa (AKAA) contemporary art fair in Paris, from 9 - 11 November. Justice Mukheli grew up in the township of Soweto, Johannesburg. After working in advertising as an art director, he became a photographer by chance , as he told RFI at the AKAA Fair. South A ... more
  • 3 days France’s left wing celebrates Lula’s release ModernGhana -World
    France's left wing celebrated former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's release from jail, while Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said she was waiting for him in the French capital. The release on Friday of Brazil's former left-wing leader, popularly known as Lula, was greeted with rapturous applause from crowds of supporters in Brazil The firebrand leader with his trademark gristly white beard walked out of jail on Friday. Lula's release mustered staunch support from France's soci ... more
  • 4 days French woman accuses Polanski of violent rape ModernGhana -World
    Valentine Monnier, a French former model and actress has accused film director Roman Polanski of violently raping her in a Swiss ski resort when she was a teenager in 1975. It is the latest accusation against 86-year-old film director Roman Polanski, who fled to France in 1978 from the US after having admitted to raping a 13-year-old girl. Valentine Monnier told ... more
  • 4 days African Hydrogen Is The Stuff Of The Future ModernGhana -World
    Federal Minister Anja Karliczek believes that green hydrogen produced in Africa could help Germany achieve its climate goals. The world needs green energy. Africa can provide it. Together with African partners, we are analysing the opportunities of green hydrogen for sustainable development on the African continent with a green hydrogen potential atlas. Both local needs and opportunities for exporting green hydrogen to Germany are to be considered. It is a core component of the German ... more
  • 4 days Birao’s militia powderkeg in north Central African Republic ModernGhana -Africa
    A heavy silence hangs in the dusty alleys of Birao, in the extreme northeast of Central African Republic, where figures only rarely wander between the empty houses and reed hedges. Since September, Birao has been hit hard by fighting between armed groups despite a peace agreement that had helped bring a precarious calm to a country ravaged by years of civil war. Most of Birao's 14,000 inhabitants are now refugees camped out in makeshift tents next to a UN base, only metres from the abandon ... more
  • 4 days There’s Music in the Kitchen! (the second in many to come!) ModernGhana -World
    This week on The Sound Kitchen, there's a special treat: musical favourites from RFI English journalists Alison Hird, Jan van der Made, and Christina Okella. Just click on the arrow in the photo above and enjoy Hello everyone Welcome to The Sound Kitchen weekly podcast, published every Saturday. You'll hear the winner's names announced and the week's quiz question, along with all the other ingredients you've grown accustomed to: your letters and essays, On This Day , quirky facts and news, ... more
  • 4 days West Africa grapples with piracy in Gulf of Guinea hotspot ModernGhana -Africa
    A Nigerian navy speedboat loaded with special forces troops skims across the waves towards a suspect vessel in the Gulf of Guinea. Guns ready, black-clad officers clamber up a rope ladder and fan out across the decks, looking for pirates believed to have taken the crew hostage. This time the threat is not genuine: the boat is a French naval supply ship and the raid staged as part of an international exercise off West Africa's coast. But the menace Nigeria -- and countries along the Atla ... more
  • 4 days Africa Challenged To Redefine Its Development Agenda Beyond Aid ModernGhana -Africa
    Accra, 7 November 2019: His Excellency, Nana Akufo-Addo, the President of Ghana, urged African countries to take charge of their destiny and not to allow national budgets to be over-dependent on aid. He was speaking at a High-Level Dialogue organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the Government of Ghana. The event themed Africa 39;s Money for African Development: A Future Beyond Aid , explored how Africa can optimize the use of i ... more
  • 4 days Jugnauth on track to win Mauritius ballot: electoral commission forecasts ModernGhana -Africa
    Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth was heading for victory Friday in the Mauritius election, with official preliminary results showing his alliance taking a comfortable lead over rivals in the Indian Ocean nation. With more than half the votes counted at 19:00 local time (1500 GMT), projections from the Electoral Commission put Jugnauth, who took the helm of one of Africa's wealthiest countries when his father stepped down in 2017, well in front. Partial provisional results from the state-run ... more
  • 4 days Macron scraps giant EuropaCity project for suburban Paris ModernGhana -World
    President Emmanuel Macron has withdrawn support for the Europacity shopping and leisure complex in suburban Paris, deeming the project outdated and old-fashioned . The 3.1 billion euro complex - with a theme park, cultural venues, hotels and shops - would have covered some 80 hectares, making it the largest development project since Disneyland Paris opened in 1992. Supporters viewed it as a tool for economic development and were ... more
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