• 15 hours Should The Paul Adom-Otcheres Become Advocates For #Entrepreneurship-With-An-Ethical-Ethos In Ghana’s Business World? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Mr. Paul Adom-Otchere, is a well-respected Ghanaian journalist, who hosts Metro TV 39;s popular current affairs television programme, Good Evening Ghana. Over the decades, he has interviewed many prominent personalities in different areas of our national life. He obviously has many influential and powerful individuals in his personal network of contacts. Bully for him. Recently, Mr. Adom Otchere is reported to have stated that he agreed with Action Chapel International Ministry 39;s founder ... more
  • 17 hours Stanbic IBTC’s CSI initiatives As A Beacon OF Hope For The Needy ModernGhana -Opinion
    As a responsible Nigerian company, Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC continually seeks to contribute positively to its host communities through Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives which have lasting and meaningful impacts in the areas of health, education and economic empowerment. This Nigerian financial institution seeks to establish community-based partnerships, while encouraging its employees to participate voluntarily in life-changing initiatives. A leading Nigerian end-to-end financial ... more
  • 17 hours National Democratic Party on African Union’s Foreign Policy and Coherent Policy on Immigration and Racial Discrimination ModernGhana -Opinion
    The People of Ghana are blessed with what I describe as the greatest African of all times. Two policies distinguish this President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo from his predecessors, e.g.: The Year of Return and Free SHS in Ghana. These two policies show clearly that this man thinks of the people and loves them. At the critical time of our lives when great people have died namely Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah and Robert Mugabe, we thank God that he has besto ... more
  • 17 hours Racial And Class Inequalities: Reflections On Post-Apartheid South Africa ModernGhana -Opinion
    South Africa is a country of academic interest partly because until the April 1994 transformation, it was the only remaining country where state institutions were designed explicitly to secure the advantage of one racial group at the expense of other racial groups. It is worthwhile to note, however, that not much has changed since the 1994 transition to democracy. The reasons why the country rsquo;s inequality gap continues to widen under a black majority government have not been entirely clear. ... more
  • 17 hours Mr. President, Ghanaians, Do You See This? ModernGhana -Opinion
    It 39;s now a global phenomenon, to see naked women on social media. Some call it attention seeking, and others backlash the doers of such acts as: uncultured . Whatever the schools of thoughts may be, it boils down to what we 39;ll choose as Ghanaians. Should we allow our beautiful school-going girls to twerk and show their nakedness to the world before they become famous? Or we should teach them that: hardly a sane man will choose the food that has been opened to flies when tha ... more
  • 22 hours On rampant sleazes and corruption: Bagbin wasn’t lying, was he? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Some of us were not least surprised at all when we heard that Mr Bagbin, the MP for Nadoli Kaleo and the NDC rsquo;s 2019 presidential contestant, had attributed the humiliating defeat of Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2016 general elections to bad governance amid unbridled sleazes and corruption (See: lsquo;Mahama 39;s boys bought V8, built mansions in 4 years ndash; Bagbin; myjoyonline.com/ghanaweb.com, 19/08/2018). Mr Bagbin was reported to have quizzed: ... more
  • 22 hours Finally An Action At Buduburam ModernGhana -Opinion
    Finally, there has been a security response to the nonsense which eclipsed the notorious Liberia Camp at Buduburam in the Central Region almost indefinitely. Lawlessness remained a disturbing feature at the aforementioned location bordering the Greater Accra Region with tales of security failure resonating within the enclave or 'no-man's-land', as it were. Being close to the Greater Accra Region but administratively in the Central Region, it serves the convenience of criminals operating in ... more
  • 22 hours Prayer ModernGhana -Opinion
    Prayer is a key which unlocks the blessings of the day and locks up the dangers of the night (Anonymous) Prayer is laying hold of God rsquo;s willingness. HONESTY INTEGRITY A story about the Christian businessman in Nashville who was invited to speak at a local church. He chose for his text ldquo;Thou shall not steal, rdquo; The next morning, he boarded a city bus and was given a dime too much for a balance. After counting he went to the driver and told him you gave me a ... more
  • 2 days A Question of Comparative Corruption ModernGhana -Opinion
    Mr. Samuel Okudzeto-Ablakwa ought to be ashamed of himself for pretending that the Mahama-led regime of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), of which he was a key junior player, was anything but corruption-free (See ldquo;This Is Not the Attitude President Akufo-Addo Should Have Adopted at GBA Conference rdquo; Ghanaweb.com 9/10/19). The North-Tongu NDC rsquo;s Member of Parliament should rather be calling on those Mahama cabinet appointees who have been caught for having criminally drawn ho ... more
  • 2 days The need for WEED! ModernGhana -Opinion
    During the 18th and 19th Centuries Marijuana/Cannabis was a major cash crop that was exported from the plantations to America and Europe. It was used as an alternative fuel source, it made fabrics and at that time was a major Pharmaceutical Company commodity. The clampdown on Marijuana/Cannabis in the USA began in the early 1920 rsquo;s, and the rest they say s history. Since 1996 California in the United States has legalised the sale of Marijuana/Cannabis strictly ... more
  • 2 days Our Hero Deserves The Best ModernGhana -Opinion
    If it 39;s earthly wealth that makes one to be described as successful, then Mugabe deserves more than he 39;s alleged to have now. He 39;s a Saint . Even, if those who amassed wealth on innocent souls 39; blood in Africa, are given befitting burials, and beautiful tributes, don 39;t Mugabe deserves more than his detractors say he 39;s having? On various social media platforms, it 39;s circulated to ridicule our Saint Mugabe as profligate and opulent, even in his death. They sa ... more
  • 2 days Is This Ghana? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Such is the question our forebears will ask those to whom they left to succeed the Ghana they fought for and freed. They will weep as they ask: is this the Ghana we allowed ourselves to be won to the side of the Whiteman 39;s God, and even got christened in it alongside our children and dependants? Not only would they burden our generation with questions we can 39;t answer, but they will find it difficult to understand it themselves why their African gods, the one that the Whiteman cal ... more
  • 2 days The Call: The Relevance Of The Youth In This Apostolic Age ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Call is on-going The siren is sounding alarmingly Salvation is seeking who to travel through to reach the perishing Are we ready? How prepared are we to be the reason for someone to be call a graduate? How prepared are we to become a tool to be used by God to snatch men from hell fire? How ready are we to become the finger and the hand that will feed the hungry and cloth the homeless? Are we ready to be the next billionaire that will provide not only salvation but also to be a platform t ... more
  • 3 days To Err Is NOT Human ModernGhana -Opinion
    As humans, our worst mistakes are used to define who we are. You may save the lives of a million people, but if you kill one person, you will be called a murderer. You may return the lost items of many, but if you are seen shoplifting, you are a thief. You may preach a hundred powerful sermons, but you will not be praised for that as much as you will be condemned if you commit one crime. But did you know that none of that is unfair? Determining worst flaws is a great way to measure perfec ... more
  • 3 days Pilot-Testing The EPA’s Biodiversity Offset Business Scheme (BOBS) And Offsetting Guidelines ModernGhana -Opinion
    Biodiversity is the variety of plants, animals and microorganisms, the habitat in which they are found and the ways these living things interact with each other and with the environment. Until recently, Ghana has not had any methodology for accounting for its biodiversity loss and gains attributed to development projects. The absence of such a system has led to indiscriminate environmental degradation in the country, worth about US$ 850 million or 10% of Ghana 39;s GDP (World Bank 2010). Ac ... more
  • 3 days Ghanaian Executives And Modern Concepts And Practices Of Leadership ModernGhana -Opinion
    The dismal performance of organizations and economies of sub-African countries has attracted the concern of stakeholders in the last four decades. Ineffective leadership is seen as the most important factor for the poor performance. Marshall (2017) asserts that leaders of firms (SMEs) have poor appreciation of the usefulness of strategic leadership processes to organizational performance. Significant evidence suggests that Ghanaian SMEs operate under conditions of lack of technical expertise on ... more
  • 3 days Mr. Politician, Listen to the Ghanaian Youth ModernGhana -Opinion
    The artistic sub-cultures or communities in any society can be used to test the pulse of the country. Art is simply a visual expression of facts, thoughts, and ideas in the form of a painting, sculpture or a music video. Today, I would like to discuss the lamentation and rants of a segment of the youth expressed through two music videos. Ghana rsquo;s current political regime is a paternalistic winner-takes-all strain of democracy, although internationally, it purports to practice a multiparty r ... more
  • 3 days Nigerians Revenge By Burning Down South African MTN Company ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Nigerian Foreign Ministry announced to evacuate citizens of the country from the Republic of South Africa after the attacks on foreign citizens. The Foreign Office took that decision after a recent xenophobic attack in South Africa against foreign nationals, including Nigerians. The owner of Air Peace Airlines then volunteered to send an airplane to evacuate Nigerians. According to the owner, the airline expressed his willingness to send a plane to South Africa from Friday, Sept ... more
  • 3 days GNAT Is Fast Developing A Credibility Crisis For Itself ModernGhana -Opinion
    I am an active member of the Ghana National Association of Teachers. Indeed, I have served GNAT first as a school(unit) representive and was later elected the local secretary of Nadowli Local. In both capacities, I served my union with passion and unquestionable commitment. Many in the Nadowli local can give a better testament of my work while in office and how I represented my people (teachers) with a very strong voice eventhough I was in my heydays in the teaching profession. I had always ... more
  • 3 days Corruption Marches On! ModernGhana -Opinion
    It has been, as former President Kufuor once put it, with us since Adam . It nearly derailed Nkrumah 39;s government BEFORE independence. It has been one of the reasons given for every coup. It has cost one Head of State his job and 3 others-- their lives. It has been a key issue in every election under the 4th Republic, fuelling every opposition campaign and crippling every government. And yet, it continues to grow from strength to strength. Spurred by the PPA scandal, corr ... more
  • 3 days Farewelling Dr No: The Sacking of John Bolton ModernGhana -Opinion
    ldquo;Every time the president, or Pompeo, or anyone in the administration came up with an idea, they had to face Dr No. rdquo; Cliff Kupchan, Chairman of the Eurasia Group, The Washington Post, Sep 11, 2011. It was compelling ... more
  • 3 days Cancerous Nature of Telecom Masts on the Environment – A Myth or Reality? – Part2 ModernGhana -Opinion
    Part 1 of this article highlighted the need for telecom Masts in our environments. It also provided education on how the telecom system works and that, it is worth noting that masts alone do not enable telecommunication services. The general public, apart from raising concerns about the possibility of masts and their related equipment causing cancer, have also raised major concerns about the siting of masts such as those discussed below. Integrity of masts - Possible collapse and f ... more
  • 3 days Former Student Writes To Legon, “Make Corruption In Ghana A Course” ModernGhana -Opinion
    THE HEAD OF DEPARTMENT POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT UNIVERSITY OF GHANA ACCRA GHANA Dear Madam, PROPOSAL FOR CONSIDERATION OF CORRUPTION IN GHANA A COURSE Institutions of Higher learning are set up to build the capacity of people to ostensibly make society more fecund and prosperous. Over the years, Universities have aligned themselves in such a way to keep up with the growing needs of the population. Regrettably, University of Ghana has remained broadly inert in focus ... more
  • 4 days Negro-Phobic Or Xenophobic Attacks In Azania ModernGhana -Opinion
    What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than prejudice. - Albert Einstein There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Leopold Sedar Senghor, late president of Senegal (1960-80) titled one his poems ldquo;Negritude rdquo;. This concept of Negritude developed by Senghor, Aime Cesaire, and Leon Damas is seen as ldquo; hellip; the sum of the cultural values of the black world as they are expressed in the life, the institu ... more
  • 4 days Disguised Sex Slavery In The Gulf ModernGhana -Opinion
    Thirty-five Ghanaian nationals, most of them women, have been deported by Saudi authorities in the past five days? one of the stories in this edition has pointed out. Each of the deportees has a harrowing story to tell stories which are too familiar to many of us. One of the deportees who preferred anonymity counselled her compatriots to remain in the country and find something to do for their livelihood rather than go and serve as sex slaves in the homes of rich but uncaring Arabs. It is ... more
  • 4 days If Akufo-Addo is really “corrupt”, Mahama isn’t a saint either, let’s try GFP ModernGhana -Opinion
    There is no denying or ignoring the fact that the revoltingly cyclical corrupt practices amongst public servants have, regrettably, culminated in economic downslide amid excessive public spending, less efficient tax system , needless high public deficit and destabilisation of national budgets, heightened capital flight and the creation of perverse incentives that stimulate income-seeking rather than productive activities. In fact, some of us listened with a glint of suspicion and endless ... more
  • 4 days The Devastating Impact Of Overpopulation And Corruption On Nigerians ModernGhana -Opinion
    Over the past two centuries, there has been a powerful increase in the global population, which demographers call it population explosion. The world 39;s population will reach seven billion but it is noteworthy that despite the global trend towards demographic stabilization, the birth rate in Africa is not falling. On average, there are 5.6 children per woman in Nigeria, 6.4 in Somalia, even during the civil war, and 7.6 in Niger. There are many reasons: thanks to modern medicine, in ... more
  • 4 days When Lawyers Took Over Military Barracks!!! ModernGhana -Opinion
    Once every year, in September, during the legal vacation, lawyers all over the country devote one full week for what we call Annual General Conference of the Ghana Bar Association. Apart from 2017 when I was convalescing at home from a medical problem, I have all these three decades, been a regular participant at every conference. We have been to all parts of Ghana ndash; apart from Wa and Bolgatanga in the old regional landscape. This year 39;s conference was slated for 9 ... more
  • 4 days Meet The Failed Accountant ModernGhana -Opinion
    In a petition full of malice actuated by hatred and greed, submitted by a failed accountant called Bruno Bajuaose Chirani, thus a FORMER ACTING FINANCE OFFICER of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), to the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) to arrest the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, thus Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, and other officers of the university, the petitioner, classically shot himself in the foot. So just based on allegations submitted by a failure, someone should be a ... more
  • 4 days Robert Gabriel Mugabe: Definition Of A True Warrior ModernGhana -Opinion
    When Zimbabwe got her independence in a revolution led By Robert Mugabe in 1980, the country was considered the bread-basket of the African Continent due to a thriving agric sector However, it was so because the predominantly white farmers used the black Zimbabweans and hence, even though the natives actively participated in the wealth creation, the money landed in the white man 39;s pocket. Beyond that, the idea that it was bread-basket of Africa was farfetched, it was the usual we ... more
  • 4 days Nigeria: No Religious Prayers and Preaching at State Hospitals ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Federal Ministry of Health must take urgent measures to stop roving pastors and clerics from entering hospital wards to openly pray for patients of all faiths and none. The practice is against medical ethics and violates the rights of patients to freedom of religion or belief. In the past few months, I have had the opportunity of taking a family member to two state hospitals in Ibadan. These state hospitals are the University College Hospital (UCH) and the Oyo State hospital at Adeoyo. This ... more
  • 4 days The Dysfunctions Of Aid To Africa ModernGhana -Opinion
    On 2nd October, 2001, Tony Blair made the following remarks ldquo;The state of Africa is a scar on the conscience of the world. But if the world as a community focused on it, we could heal it. And if we don 39;t, it will become deeper and angrier. The African continent today is still riven by strife, war and famine. According to the BBC News of 12th January, 2018, the African Union, an organisation of African countries requested president Donald Trump to apologise after ... more
  • 4 days Letter To Frema: Whence Busia, The Standard-Bearer Of Ghana’s Intellectual History? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Dear Nana Frema Busia, As I was perusing an exciting book, Gospel According to Judas Iscariot, I resolved to pause and visit MYJOYONLINE.COM, to find out, what is going on in Ghana. I came across your exciting opinion piece Busia 39;s daughter re-educates 39; Akufo-Addo on intellectual history. rdquo; Thanks for your frantic effort to reconstruct a distorted account of Ghana history in favor of Joseph Kwame Kyeretwie Boakye Danquah (Ph.D.). Nonetheless, as someone who majored in history at ... more
  • 4 days Are We Happy As Gonjalanders With The State Of Development Of Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/technical School? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Sumaila Ndewura Jakpa is known in history as a great warrior. He is credited the status of the establisher and expander of the Gonja Kingdom. The vastness of the Gonjaland is a crystal clear evidence of the military might and prowess of Jakpa. The Gonjaland covers about an area of 37,582 square kilometres which constitue about 16.09% of the total land area of GHANA( 283,533 sq.km ).Every son and daughter of the Gonja kingdom prides himself or herself as a true descendant of Ndewura Jakpa. Hi ... more
  • 5 days Godwin Ako Gunn; One Day People Will Know The Truth, And Your Tears Will Be Wiped ModernGhana -Opinion
    He who laughs last the elders say laughs best, I saw Nana Addo 39;s laughter in his office when he was informed of his victory. I saw his laughter and his new style of walking when he first met John Mahama. Lest I forget, have you noticed his swagger in recent times, the walking rod, oops, this my okro mouth, walking stick? Nana wo f)m Today, that same man trembles seeing or hearing the name Mahama. YOU MAY BE DOWN BUT NOT OUT. Time will speak for you. When truth and lies ente ... more
  • 5 days Work And Success Are Two Components Of Happiness ModernGhana -Opinion
    Ideas are interesting but they do not bring any result until they are supported by actions. It doesn 39;t matter what you know, you may know even more than anyone else in the world, but it will not do any good until you roll up your sleeves and take action. Knowing and doing nothing is the same as plowing and then sowing nothing. Ambition does not lead to anything until they are supported by action. Success and promotion are based on hard work. Without dedication to your work, y ... more
  • 5 days A Stitch In Time… ModernGhana -Opinion
    When two ethnic groups are sparring against the backdrop of an attempted movement of 59 assault firearms to their part of the country, it would not be long before clashes occur. Although the 59 firearms possibly AK 47s destined for the North to the land constituting the bone of contention between the Mamprusis and Gonjas were stopped having been confiscated by state agents in Accra, the danger signals are too glaring to be ignored. Our editorial is hinged on one of the stories in this edit ... more
  • 5 days Amidu is our witness: Didn’t Mills set up a Committee to investigate Mahama? ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is quite strange that the vast majority of the NDC Communicators are denying any knowledge of the late Mills setting up a Committee to investigate the then vice president, John Dramani Mahama over the dubious Brazilian aircrafts deal (see: martinamidu.com). The overarching question then is: if the ubiquitous frog comes out of water to announce the untimely demise of mighty crocodile, who are we to refute such a chilling pronouncement? Similarly, some of us could not have doubted t ... more
  • 5 days The Uneasy Silence Of The Borborbor And Agbaja Sounds ModernGhana -Opinion
    My dear cherished and lovely reader, please do me a favour by helping me to render and unqualified apology to Hon. Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto for referring to him as Dr. Osei Akoto when I wrote last week 39;s epistle titled ldquo;Dr. Osei Akoto And Joseph the dreamer rdquo;. Sir, Accept my sincere apology. The same thing happened during the days of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah when Krobo Edusei referred to Mr. James Owusu, the then Mayor of Kumasi as Mr. Victor Owusu. Fortunately for me, ... more
  • 5 days We Cannot Stop Killing Nigerians — South Africa Defence Minister ModernGhana -Opinion
    We cannot stop the xenophobic attacks. The truth is that we are an angry nation. What is happening cannot be prevented by any Government. - Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, Minister of Defence, South Africa. Yet another insulting, provocative and irresponsible statement from a senior figure in the South African Government. First it was their Minister of Police who said that in some towns in South Africa the population was 80% foreign and that they could not take it anymore. Then it was their M ... more
  • 5 days BREAKING CORRUPTION – The GANEian Way ModernGhana -Opinion
    Whether the estimate is by CHRAJ or IMF or CDD etc... Ghana on average is estimated to lose $3Billion a year from Theft, Bribery Corruption. In case you cannot picture that amount, it equates to constructing approx 5,000km of high quality 2 lane roads per year, or of giving at least 30,000 Ghanaians world-class entrepreneurship grooming plus startup capital to create their own business opportunities and employ others. Now you get the picture. Corruption in Ghana comes in many forms: Procure ... more
  • 5 days Xenophobic Attacks; South African Don’t Know Their History! ModernGhana -Opinion
    South African is one of the lsquo;baby rsquo; countries of Africa. In African countries marks post-independence as their period of Birth, then Giants likes Ghana, Nigeria have long existed before south Africa. Let also recall that, South Africa was not the only country in Southern Africa that suffered from white minority. The Likes of Zimbabwe and Zambia were equally hard hit with lsquo;apartheid rsquo;. I have taken this pain to inform South African that, they need to visit the histor ... more
  • 5 days Now Name 7 Figures Who Led Danquah in the Campaign for the Establishment of the Cocoa Marketing Board ModernGhana -Opinion
    If the anti-Danquah propagandists thought that they could facilely fudge up the history of the foundation of the country rsquo;s flagship academy, the University of Ghana, Legon, and get away with the same, well, I have news for them: which is that they may bitten far more than they can chew, as it were (See ldquo;7 Figures Who Did More to Found Univ. of Ghana Than JB Danquah rdquo; AfricaNewsAnalysis.com 9/7/19). Indeed, the author of the afore-referenced article may have regrettably bitten mo ... more
  • 5 days Dealing with Ghana High Commission UK’s Staff is Almost Synonymous with Dealing with Incompetent Jokers ModernGhana -Opinion
    I may not be smart enough to understand the privileged position those who are employed at the Ghana High Commission in London occupy mdash;one that requires that the Ghanaian population they are paid to serve, must rather worship them and beg before they offer the basic services they are paid to provide. It rsquo;s London, but it seems those who work at the Ghana High Commission have imported, on wholesale, the hovering gross incompetence and inherent arrogance of civil servants in Ghana ... more
  • 5 days Robert Mugabe Was a True Pan- Africanist: Youth Activist eulogize ModernGhana -Opinion
    It was in 1999 when I was full of joy have been promoted to Junior High School. The English Teacher came in and said lsquo;you students are now big boys, so read graphics and listen to the news, Stop watching movies rsquo;. He advised. I wake up in the morning to listen to 06:00 am news bulletin from radio Ghana. The news caster read a story that had to do with Zimbabwe Post Independence first black leader- Robert Mugabe. When I got to the class, I asked my friend who is the president of Z ... more
  • 5 days African migrants scapegoats of South Africa’s political leadership inadequacies ModernGhana -Opinion
    Accra, Sept. 10 - Xenophobia refers to prejudice against people from other countries. South Africa does not have a xenophobia problem. I say this because there are thousands of immigrants from European countries in South Africa. These - mainly white - foreigners have never been attacked in my country, and probably never will. South Africans don rsquo;t rage against all foreigners ndash; just the poor, black ones from Africa. We are guilty of Afrophobia, not xenophobia. Violent Afrophobia ... more
  • 6 days Suicide Is Not An Option, I’ve Made It This Far ModernGhana -Opinion
    Need I say that on several occasions I have contemplated suicide? Well, I have. When I first failed Mathematics in my WASSCE, when I thought I could never make it to the university because of financial issues and on several other very tough times in my life. Fortunately for me, I was able to psyche myself out of committing suicide. But many people have fallen victim to it (suicide). The last reported case of suicide in Ghana was on Friday September 6, 2019. It was a third year medical st ... more
  • 6 days Comparative Political Leadership: Gandhi vs. Contemporary Leaders ModernGhana -Opinion
    On 2 October 2019, it will be the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mohandas K. Gandhi in Gujarat, India. I would like to reflect on the visionary leadership that Gandhi offered the world, briefly comparing it with some national leaders of today, and to invite you to emulate Gandhi rsquo;s leadership. While Gandhi is best remembered for being the mastermind and leader of the decades-long nonviolent struggle to liberate colonial India from British occupation, his extraordinary ... more
  • 6 days Katanga, Which Tradition Is That? ModernGhana -Opinion
    One test for the quality of educated is improvement or development of the educated and their society. CHANGE is an attribute of improvement/development, so by inference, they who are afraid of change could be afraid of improvement/development. The resistance of students of the University Hall (Katanga) of the University of Science and Technology (KNUST) nicknamed (Tek) for the inclusion of female students in their residential hall is unfortunate. Equally unfortunate is the students rsquo; st ... more
  • 6 days The glorious hour of Brexit ModernGhana -Opinion
    Three years ago, with the referendum of June 23, 2016, the British people dicided with a percentage of almost 52% and with 71.8% partecipation the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. This great result was undoubtedly the first major, painful defeat for the under German-controlled European Union of banks and multinationals. However, the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, which was scheduled to take place on 29 March 2019, after exactly two years before had been activated ... more
  • 6 days Things Leaders Accomplish By Being Alone With God ModernGhana -Opinion
    A leader must accept that there are times he will be alone in his decisions, in his ways and in his challenges. It is indeed lonely at the top Often, many people around you cannot understand you because no one is in your position To be a leader is to be alone many times God created all things and is a great leader. He knows what you are doing or attempting to do. God can help you greatly in your work as a leader. When you are alone with someone, you become close and intimate. The ... more
  • 6 days Thoughts Of A Budding Economist: “Ghana In The New AfCFTA Market” ModernGhana -Opinion
    From a frustrated continent (being the host of more than half of the extremely poor people in the world) with so much of foreign control over her Economy and the three largest economies (Nigeria, South Africa and Angola in recession with GDP growth rates below 2 percent), Africa, made history on 21st March 2018, after about 54 African countries signed a landmark agreement of non-tariffs trade called the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Africa certainly has created an opportunity ... more
  • 6 days The President’s Action Epitomises Corruption ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is ridiculous but sad for a whole president to say that it is not his duty to convict, not his duty to investigate, not his duty to clear etc. We can, therefore, conclude that per his own words he has no duty so far as fighting corruption is a concern. If you say it is only an investigative report that clears, is it the duty of the president to announce the clearance? He has informed us that he is committed in the fight against corruption because 21 officials of the NDC are standing ... more
  • 6 days The Ex-Deputy Minister’s alleged $3M cash purchase of 2 mansions must be investigated ModernGhana -Opinion
    Absolutely, every suspect has an innate right to the presumption of innocence. Suffice it to stress that it is the job of the investigative body to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, or to establish a prima facie case, and not a job for the suspect to prove his/her innocence. Somehow, political observers believe that since NDC lost the 2016 election at the backdrop of admissible gargantuan corruption scandals (Bus branding, SADA, SUBA, GYEEDA, NCA, SSNIT, STS Housing deal, NSS, the B ... more
  • 6 days Beautiful Encounter With God ModernGhana -Opinion
    Yesterday evening I was at Citizens of Christ Ministry you 39;ll find them at the Ideal Student Hostel, Liberty Junction on the Sakaman- Dansoman road, it wasn 39;t a social visit nor a business meeting but it was both. I had to be there for their Encounter God Prayer Meeting after hearing the pastor teach a New Converts class. You know I 39;m not good at much but for 2 things, writing and teaching a new convert class, so when I saw a man of God who has both knowledge and passion ... more
  • 6 days Longevity Is Not Eternity: The Passing of Robert Mugabe (1924-2019) ModernGhana -Opinion
    The US Edition of the British-owned Guardian newspaper described him in one of its sub-headed news articles as ldquo;Africa rsquo;s Fallen Angel. rdquo; That was clearly a stereotypical insult to the intelligence of global Africans. For, as far as most of us know, at best then Prime Minister Robert Gabriel Mugabe, of Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, was a great and forward-looking pioneer politician and a statesman until he inadvisably decided to become a megalomaniac in the mold set by Ghana rsq ... more
  • 7 days See Those Accusing Others Of Corruption! ModernGhana -Opinion
    ldquo;The fight against corruption should start with an incorruptible president. I have said so before and will repeat it today. I can assure you in all humility that I 39;m not, have never been and will never be corrupt. rdquo; Those were the words of then candidate Nana Dee in the heat of the 2016 election campaign. After 32 months in the saddle, can President Nana Dee express same sentiments? I believe he can. Though not in agreement with how he handled some of the corruption al ... more
  • 7 days Masked Wealth ModernGhana -Opinion
    They have made their riches untraceable. It is all masked. They take from the state, they hide privately. Many have said, claiming they have seen, the stolen money from the state sent to other motherlands to buy property thereby funding construction work for the compatriots of those motherlands. That way, they create jobs for compatriots in those motherlands, while our jobless compatriots cry for jobs. Those who know believe the practice is, perhaps, the greatest source for perpetrating our ... more
  • 7 days The America That Is Not For Me: Part 35 ModernGhana -Opinion
    Carter Woodson noted in his book The Miseducation of the Negro: If you can control a man 39;s thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. ... more
  • 7 days How To Get People To Like You ModernGhana -Opinion
    We might as well admit,we want people to like us. You may hear someone say I don rsquo;t care whether people like me or not. But whenever you hear anyone say that,just put in mind that the person is not really telling the truth. Psychologists have stated clearly that one of the deepest drives of human desire is to be appreciated.The longing to be liked,to be held in esteem,to be sought-after,is fundamental in us all. A poll was taken among some high school students on the question, ldquo; ... more
  • 7 days Dangerous, Incendiary Tongue ModernGhana -Opinion
    We are unable to state whether the National Democratic Congress' (NDC) 2020 campaign is going to be latched on their time-tested ethnocentric game-plan. Having abandoned the tribal card during the last elections because of its unproductiveness over the years, it appears they have reached out for it from the dusty shelves of their national headquarters in time for election 2020. Collins Dauda's extravagant use of the obnoxious card at his Asutifi South constituency during a recent rally is ... more
  • 7 days Fake DV Plates, DVLA Is Part Of The Problem ModernGhana -Opinion
    In the news these days are reports of some motorists caught with fake Defective Vehicle (DV) number plates. According to Mr. Joseph Clifford Obosu, the National Coordinator of the Compliance and Enforcement Unit of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), several millions of Ghana cedis are lost to the state due to the increasing use of pirated number plates by the several thousands of unregistered vehicles in the system across the country. Mr. Obosu noted that ldquo;it is unclear ... more
  • 7 days The Lancet: Malaria Can And Should Be Eradicated Within A Generation, Declare Global Health Experts ModernGhana -Opinion
    A future free of malaria, one of the world rsquo;s oldest and deadliest diseases, can be achieved as early as 2050, according to a new report published today by The Lancet Commission on malaria eradication. Authored by 41 of the world rsquo;s leading malariologists, biomedical scientists, economists, and health policy experts, this seminal report synthesizes existing evidence with new epidemiological and financial analyses to demonstrate that ndash; with the right tools, strategies, a ... more
  • 7 days It’s FASD Month: Is Alcohol Use A Public Health Concern In Ghana? ModernGhana -Opinion
    According to the New Zealand Health Promotion Agency, alcohol could basically be described as the ingredient found in beer, wine and spirits that causes drunkenness. Alcohol is also classed as sedative drug, which means it acts to depress the central nervous system (Center for Disease Control, 2015). A study (prospective and retrospective) by Alcohol Collaborators, (2018) funded by Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation revealed that globally, alcohol use was the seventh leading risk factor for bot ... more
  • 7 days Behaviour Unbecoming: Certainly Not In Our Name ModernGhana -Opinion
    I will begin with excerpts from a WhatsApp chat I had with an NPP voting US-based very good friend of mine last weekend. Friend: Do you know what happened? Can you find out from John? Study the last Malaysian election and how the opposition won by co-opting Mahathir hellip; ARHA: From my enquiries it was simply a case of pettiness, bad manners and hate...But I will get details. Friend: Ok. People can 39;t believe it is true. Some claim video may hav ... more
  • 7 days Ghanaian Entrepreneurs Must Be Honest And Ethical In Their Deal-Making ModernGhana -Opinion
    Sometimes one finds it pretty hard to understand some Ghanaians. President Akufo-Addo, has put in place more programmes to support the private-sector, than any Ghanaian leader since Ghana gained her independence, in 1957. He deserves society 39;s praise for that - not the self-serving condemnation of those engaged in boot-for-boot-polititricks: to enable them hide past policy failure, or lack thereof. It really is outrageous for the promoters of some private-sector entities, to complain loud ... more
  • 1 week Thomas Kusi Boafo Says Mahama Flagstaff House Was an Auto Dealership – Part 2 ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is very interesting to hear the NDC rsquo;s Builsa-South Member of Parliament cynically complain about the unprecedently high spate of fraud expos eacute;s under the watch of President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, which Dr. Clement Abasinaab Apaak claims to be ldquo;jamming up rdquo; his brain, when one also reckons the fact that even as the substantive President of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Ghana, Mr. John Dramani Dramani Mahama, for whom Dr. Apaak served as a Presidential Staffer ... more
  • 1 week The Theatrical Farce of Reducing the Great Achievements of Dr. Danquah to the Kyebi Ritual Murder ModernGhana -Opinion
    If, indeed, it is factually accurate that ldquo;The Kyebi Ritual Murder accelerated the campaign for the independence of present-day Ghana, rdquo; as the ardent anti-Danquah and pro-Nkrumaist propagandists claim (See ldquo;The True History of Dr. JB Danquah that Should Be Taught in Schools rdquo; DailyMailGh.com / Ghanaweb.com 4/18/19), then, of course, it inadvertently goes without saying, at least on the part of his most inveterate detractors, including the globally immortalized President Kw ... more
  • 1 week Senior Francis Kusi: Just My Two Pesewas ModernGhana -Opinion
    Senior, remember the playwright Joris Wattenburg - he of Osafo Dadzie fame? If possible let the authorities trace him asap. He once suggested a way of collecting import taxes that will be perfect for the digital age. Mother Ghana needs it desperately. Adopting his idea would mean importers purchasing something akin to mobile phone credit recharge cards of various values - meaning that under no circumstances would crooks in the system at the ports, be able to get cash meant for the state, into ... more
  • 1 week Why Competing With Others Isn’t Good For You ModernGhana -Opinion
    Competition is a concept most people are familiar with. From our childhood years we were taught to form this habit if we wanted to become successful in life. Everywhere the message was the same- beat the other guy and get ahead of him. We are encouraged to outwit or outmaneuver others. Once we are able to do this those around us shower us with praises and other rewards. Competition is always masked as initiative and used interchangeably by some people. The two concepts mean different thi ... more
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