• 13 hours Insulting Journalism: The Tale Of Two Nanas ModernGhana -Opinion
    There was a war of words over God, between NDC Presidential Candidate John D. Mahama and soon to be NPP Presidential Candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo. JM was reported to have said that God allowed in the NPP so Ghanaians would appreciate the NDC. In a quick riposte, Nana Addo Dankwa also invoked his own angle saying God would not be so wicked as to allow the NDC to return to office. As political platform repartee goes, what else can one add, except that Nana Aba Anamoah, a presen ... more
  • 13 hours Marginalization Of Ghanaian Women In The Political And Developmental Arenas [Epistle One] ModernGhana -Opinion
    Women rsquo;s political and developmental involvement is not making a desirous increment globally. A mediocre score of 21.8% has been recorded in attribution to women representation encompassing all national parliaments. A figure which undisputedly gives the indication that, women have being discriminated upon worldwide. The sidelining of women before, during and after the birth of the fourth republic of Ghana in 1992 has awfully become the order of the day in both the political, cult ... more
  • 13 hours How A ‘YES’ Vote Will Expose Our Local Governance Arrangement ModernGhana -Opinion
    Can you believe that after 25 years of decentralised approach to governance, the laudable efforts of the government to deepen democracy (by making local elections political party-driven) is being threatened this late hour by a NO vote? In the first place, that clause in the 1992 Constitution to prohibit political party participation should not have been there, much more, to be an entrenched one. But the exigencies of the time might have influenced the formulators of the clause to demo ... more
  • 13 hours Akufo-Addo’s Cold Confession: Intended Or A Slip? ModernGhana -Opinion
    God is not so wicked as to punish Ghanaians again with the rule of John Mahama and the NDC. God brought the NPP government, so Ghanaians can appreciate the NDC, so spoke the president, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, publicly, when delivering his address to a cross-section of Voltarians during his working visit to the region, recently. Quite unusual of all the president 39;s highfaluting speeches, his recent statement in Volta region, whether intended or unintended, eventually turne ... more
  • 13 hours Humanist Funeral Service, Necro-Evangelism And Contempt For Non Religious ModernGhana -Opinion
    A prominent Nigerian Humanist, Patrick Naagbanton died in September following a ghastly motor accident. A humanist funeral service was proposed, but the 39;family 39; rejected it. According to the family spokesperson, Mr J: ldquo;We are a Christian family. And we want to bury Patrick in a Christian way rdquo;. Look, nobody is suggesting that Christians not be buried in a Christian way. I mean who does that? This is taken for granted in this country. No one is objecting to Hindus, or Muslims, ... more
  • 20 hours Education Minister, Opoku Prempeh, Do You Know The History Of Ghana? ModernGhana -Opinion
    ldquo;Not even Nkrumah can match what NPP has done in the educational sector of Ghana? Education Minister Opoku Prempeh, may I please, ask if you are under the influence of alcohol? Even though you are the Education Minister, I think you don rsquo;t know about the history of Ghana, else you will not underestimate and ridicule Kwame Nkrumah, one of Africa 39;s greatest leaders, in such a manner. Whether you accept it or not, Mr. Minister for Education, you are not even qualified t ... more
  • 20 hours Djokoto’s Diary: Nepotism undermines a social system based on merit. ModernGhana -Opinion
    We are striving to modernise Ghanaian politics by raising the standard of governance, restoring confidence in our democracy and inspiring social cohesion. Nepotism is a needless obstacle to the progress we are working toward; it is detrimental to our national interest. We are moving Ghana forward and that style of backward politics must be left behind. Here are three reasons why: Nepotism places privilege above merit and limits opportunities to a select-few. It perverts t ... more
  • 20 hours I Believe In Family And Friends Government! ModernGhana -Opinion
    I just returned from my holy village in the North where I attended the 40-day prayer rite of the last of my great grandfathers. The ceremony was graced mostly by family and friends of the deceased. Of course, we never expected his enemies, the known ones, to show their faces at his funeral. One topic that dominated discussions among family and friends after the ceremony was the fresh ldquo;family and friends government rdquo; debate started by Sammy Gyamfi and his ilk. Many kept wonderi ... more
  • 20 hours We’ve been vindicated: Mahama has finally owned-up to the calamitous errors in judgement! ModernGhana -Opinion
    I was not the least dumbfounded to hear that former President Mahama has finally owned up to the unpardonable errors in decision-making which led to massive economic mess. Make no mistake, dearest reader, the former President made catastrophic mistakes during his time in office and therefore could not steer the nation to the right direction. As a president, Mahama really disappointed the good people of Ghana with his laisser-faire style of leadership and the good people of Ghana righ ... more
  • 20 hours Dutch Actress Jailed For Drug Possession, Can That Happen In Ghana? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Apart from the economic success of many European countries, which lies in hard work, good structure of taxation and developed markets, an effective judiciary system plays a significant role in social and economic development. With such a huge amount of resources in Africa, it should have been one of the developed or fast developing continents in the world, after slavery, Apartheid, and colonialism. Unfortunately, African stands as the poorest continent in the world, due to yea ... more
  • 1 day Ghana, The Country That Hates Its Citizens ModernGhana -Opinion
    I have not travelled the world but I know every country loves its citizens and gives them priority when it comes to the distribution of public goods and services. The only country I know that doesn rsquo;t follow this rule is Ghana. We have this unproductive fa ccedil;ade of a clich eacute; called Ghanaian hospitality, something we use to disadvantage citizens. I do not say foreigners should be ignored but when you chose to love your guest more than yourself, then it is an anomaly. The ... more
  • 1 day Historicity Of Liberia Before The Arrival Of The Setteler ModernGhana -Opinion
    Liberia is the only nation in sub-Saharan Africa that was never a European colony. Most of Liberia 39;s ethnic groups came to the forest belt in southward waves of migration. Liberia 39;s first inhabitants were ancestors of the Gola and Kissi peoples from north-central Africa who arrived as early as the 12th century. They were joined by the Kruan people (Kru, Kuwaa, Bassa, Krahn and Dei ethnic groups), moving in from the north and east. Around the 15th century, people of the Mande language ... more
  • 1 day President Museveni Finds Antidotes For Effective Human Rights Protection ModernGhana -Opinion
    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, of Uganda says the struggle for the effective enjoyment of human rights is affected by the effects of nature on man as well as man rsquo;s attitude towards man. He said until man finds solution to the effects of nature on man characterised by floods, hurricanes, and other natural phenomena as well as man rsquo;s attitude towards man branded by dictatorship, violence, human rights violations, and others, the effective protection of human rights will not ... more
  • 1 day Forecasting The Turnouts And Outcomes Of The 2019 Kogi And Bayelsa Governorship Elections ModernGhana -Opinion
    After the hotly contested general election earlier this year, the stage is now set for the first rounds of off-cycle elections with the gubernatorial elections coming up in Kogi and Bayelsa states. The elections are significant for some reasons: First, the stakes are high for the two leading parties in the election. This is because, of Nigeria rsquo;s 36 states, both parties nearly share the political landscape equally with the All Progressive Congress (APC) in control of 19 states against Peopl ... more
  • 1 day Open Letter To UCC CoDE Director ModernGhana -Opinion
    I write this open letter to express my grievances to the authorities on how his or her subordinates treating we the distance students of this Noble institution. With all due respect, I want to bring to your notice of how most of the study centres coordinators have not been taken our complaints or concerns seriously. At least, we have had a taste of tertiary education before, if not here on UCC CoDE, then different ones. Why will Noble institution like the University of Cape Coast gi ... more
  • 2 days The Untold Story Of The Ghanain Farmer, A Case Study Of The Rice Farmer [Part1] ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is a known fact that every Ghanaian farmer has a story and unbearable experience to share, ranging from inadequate and outdated farm tools, finance, lack of ready market for farm produce, unpredictable rainfall pattern, just to mention a few. To many, investing in the Ghanaian agriculture sector is a risky and imprudent decision to be taken by any investor. The average Ghana farmer is becoming poorer and poorer each day, and nothing seems to be happening positively in their live ... more
  • 2 days Edward Bawa Writes : Gov’t Induced Financial Threat To Energy Sector Needs Urgent Budget Response ModernGhana -Opinion
    Ghana rsquo;s energy sector is confronted with severe financial threats notwithstanding the energy sector levy (ESLA) introduced by the previous administration and bequeathed to the present Government. Indeed, the sector is currently experiencing an unprecedented financial crisis and according to the Energy Sector Recovery Plan (ESRP), as of January 2019, the net sector arrears stood at US$ 2.748 Billion. If nothing is done, electricity production will grind to a halt and deprive Ghanaian ... more
  • 2 days UG Is Merely Doing the Right Thing ModernGhana -Opinion
    Following the prompt and laudable interdiction, or rather suspension, of the two University of Ghana professors caught on videotape soliciting sex in exchange for good grades from some female students at the country rsquo;s foremost tertiary academy, a news article generated by the News Desk of my favorite media website, Modernghana.com, had the rather sensational caption of ldquo;Sex for Grades: UG Disowns Gyampo, Others rdquo; 10/8/19). This caption is rather much too sensational and high ... more
  • 2 days Have Professional Standards Become An Unknown ‘quantity’ In Ghana? ModernGhana -Opinion
    I was extremely shocked by the report that lectures at the University of Cape Coast were suspended on 30 October 2019, as a result of floods. Trust us -- an irrelevant ldquo;dispute rdquo; has broken out over whether floods were caused by the ldquo;location rdquo; of the University, or whether the drains on the campus were ldquo;choked rdquo; and thus prevented the flood waters from running into the outlets intended for them. I say that this dispute is ldquo;irrelevant rdquo; because, ... more
  • 2 days Out of Greed, Kwame A-Plus has Chosen to be a Thorn in President Nana Akufo-Addo’s Flesh ModernGhana -Opinion
    The ace Ghanaian musician, Kwame Asare Obeng a. k. a. Kwame A-Plus, doubling as a self-styled political kingpin who brought NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo to power by the unique power of his Ab?n B? Bom campaign song, has now turned against them. He is treating them as the worst government and president ever had in the annals of Ghana politics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDKM6tgrbto As I do not have patience to tolerate absurdity from fools hence not suffering fools kindly, I ... more
  • 2 days Jomoro NPP MP and MCE Need to Wise Up! ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is characteristically NPP. I am referring to the allegedly fractious and bitter rivalry raging between Mr. Paul Essien, the New Patriotic Party rsquo;s Member of Parliament for the Jomoro Constituency, in the Western Region, and Mr. Ernest Kofie, the party or government-appointed Municipal Chief Executive Officer of the same constituency, which has reportedly split the party in halves. But, perhaps, what is most significant to note here is that the Jomoro New Patriotic Party Constituency Exec ... more
  • 3 days The Lord Is Our Companion And Strength ModernGhana -Opinion
    Christians encounter troubles and persecutions. When they happen, we should remember that even though it may seem we are alone, we are not lonely because the Lord is with us. Modernly, in most jurisdictions of this world, an accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The accused is usually given the opportunity to be heard and represented by a lawyer or sometimes by a trusted person who may provide character witness or simply moral and emotional support. In ancient ti ... more
  • 3 days Even Before Number 12, We Knew You Were Corrupt: Irredeemably Corrupt, Sani Daara, Should Shut Up ModernGhana -Opinion
    Sani Daara was one of the fiercest critics, of the irredeemably corrupt, Nyantakyi administration. At this time, Sani had an elevated position in journalism, working for the BBC. Sani, spared at nothing, in his fierce opposition to the hegemonic Nyantakyi regime. Who knows what? In what appears to be a rather shocking turn of events, the once critic became an ally of the one he criticised. He quit the BBC to join the hegemonic Nyantakyi regime. What could be his motivation? A reasonabl ... more
  • 3 days A Piece Of Motivational Inspiration From Peter Tosh ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Reggae legend, Peter Tosh If you interview musicians, actors, actresses or writers, around the world, many may reveal what inspired them to choose those careers. I love to write, no matter the weight of insults poured on me, by those who hate and can rsquo;t stand this writer because I have thousands of readers that love what I write. I don 39;t struggle for readers, by God 39;s Grace, I have over 7,000 followers on LinkedIn and over 6,000 on Twitter. In fact, t ... more
  • 3 days The Importance Of Prayer ModernGhana -Opinion
    God also expects us to pray just as a general expects to hear from his soldiers in the battle. One writer reminds us that prayer is walkie talkie for warfare, not a domestic intercom for increasing our conveniences. God expects us to use the walkie talkie of prayer because that is the means He has ordained not only for Godliness, but also for the spiritual warfare between His Kingdom and the Kingdom of His enemy (Donald S. Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life). ... more
  • 3 days Would ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzo Have Been Arrested And Prosecuted – If His Name Had Been Oheneba Nana Poku-Adu: Who Hailed From Kokofu? ModernGhana -Opinion
    I was posed an interesting question, recently, by a highly-intelligent young lady who happened to read some of my articles posted on Modernghana.com, and wanted to know how it was possible to support President Akufo-Addo 100 percent and loathe his ruling party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), at the same time. The answer is simple really. Like most of my fellow Akans, I am an open-minded and independent-minded individual (with Akwapim and Akyem blood coursing through my veins). However, ... more
  • 3 days Although Mahama was once an occupant of Jubilee House, he might not get entry this time around! ModernGhana -Opinion
    It was not the least surprising to some of us at all when the reputable Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) reported more recently that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) will retain power in the 2020 general elections (see: lsquo;2020 election is yours to lose-EIU predicts NPP victory rsquo;; myjoyonline.com/ghanaweb.com, 15/09/2019). In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) hit the nail on the head for concluding in its country report that former President John Dramani Mahama ... more
  • 3 days The Export Of Illiteracy From Africa To Europe ModernGhana -Opinion
    Being illiterate means not knowing how to read or write but if you are able to make it to Europe; you must take this as an opportunity to educate yourself. Europe is not like Africa one can be employed without good educational qualifications, for example, in Belgium, before you get a job as a cleaner, the commonest job, you need to show an attest that you have followed training in the cleaning industry. Surprisingly, despite years in Europe, many Africans exhibit illiteracy ev ... more
  • 3 days To My Sincere Readers On ModernGhana News ModernGhana -Opinion
    I have just observed that someone is deliberately using my name Joel Savage to give comments on various articles on ModernGhana news. I don 39;t know the reason behind this devilish act. Such things will not hurt me more than the person behind it because he is the one enraged because of hate and having sleepless nights or insomnia, the reason he wants to destroy me. I wish the person behind these destructive acts success in all his endeavors. From Joel Savage: November 9, 2019. Tha ... more
  • 3 days Better Find Out Who Killed Atta-Mills ModernGhana -Opinion
    I don rsquo;t know that The Okyenhene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori-Panyin, II, necessarily erred on the side of mendacity when His Majesty reported in the wake of the death of former Vice-President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur in the gymnasium of the Ghana Airforce, while exercising, that there had not been any ambulance available to rush the dying man to the nearby 37th Military Hospital (See ldquo;Matilda Amissah-Arthur Exposes Okyenhene on Husband rsquo;s Death rdquo; MyNewsGh.com / Ghan ... more
  • 3 days Open-minded People take all the glory of Life! ModernGhana -Opinion
    30.10.2019, Hamburg/Germany, classroom: Sisters Anna P. (16 years) and Jennifer P. (13 years), Vietnamese saying to Ng Andre N. (12 years), Vietnamese: So, the girl you fell in love is a White Girl, right? Like we all fall for white people. Ng Andre, laughing: Yes, she is a white girl. No, I was born here and even my parents are from Ghana, I have no intention to live in Ghana. I was there also only two times in my life. Most of my friends are white people as I do not like to mix ... more
  • 4 days Biafra Nations Youth League Calls On Withdrawal Of Troops From East ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, has called on the immediate withdrawal of troops from the Southeast. It can be recalled that the Nigerian Army had on November 1 launched another Army Operation code-named Operation Atilogwu Udo , patterned in line with the Operation Python Dance, which generated controversy last year. National Leader of BNYL, Princewill Chimex Richard said the group wondered why the Federal Government would militarize the East every year whereas other ... more
  • 4 days Focus Debate On “Better Economic Manager” Because None Can Be Guiltless Of “Family And Friends” ModernGhana -Opinion
    The raging debate on governance packed family and friends appointees is very headless, needless and hypocritically loaded because no government under the history of Gold Coast/Ghana politics can be found guiltless and also would ever be found guiltless in the future. In fact, no government would ever appoint an enemy. A family and friends government can never be avoided because to ban it from the country 39;s governance system would mean that no newly elected party should make a si ... more
  • 4 days 30years After 9/11: How Many Germanies Should Europe Have? ModernGhana -Opinion
    2019 sees the 30th anniversary of the European 9/11 ndash; the fall of the Berlin Wall. Dislike the 9/11 that came 12 years later, which many now associate with the demise of the Anglo-American dominant capitalism, for the most ndash; this European 9/11 marks the final end of the Cold War. Downing the Wall brought about the subsequent collapse of communism ndash; narrative goes. Hence, it should be a date to celebrate annually as a final, everlasting opening of the road to universal freedo ... more
  • 4 days The Relevance Of Social Media Listening To Brands ModernGhana -Opinion
    According to Hootsuite, out of the over 4.4 Billion people with access to internet, 3.7 Billion are active social media users. This should tell you why majority of the brands across the globe are eager to leverage on various social media platforms to position, communicate and market their brands. Over the years, social media has proven to be a force to reckon with when it comes to brand communication, marketing and positioning, unlike the period of its emergence where most brands and t ... more
  • 4 days Referendum On December 17 Has Nothing To Do With MMDCEs Elections ModernGhana -Opinion
    Come December 17th, 2019, a scheduled referendum by the Electoral Commission would take place across designated centers in Ghana. Having observed the debate going on, Ghana s moving ahead to the democratization of the local government system through the involvement of multi-party involvement in the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) referred to as DCE in this write-up and Assembly members, unit committees other local government units. I am not ... more
  • 4 days Managing Destabilisation In Ghana ModernGhana -Opinion
    Coup historians - professional and amateur, would have reason to scratch their heads over the NPP Government management of arrests in the alleged plans to destabilize the government. The core accusation against those arrested first in September 2019 was that they belonged to a Whatsapp discussion group formed as a front for recruitment to destabilize the Government, and had plans to stage a demonstration at the seat of Government and sack the Government in the process. See [I ... more
  • 4 days Importance Of Youth Groups And Their Odiousness In Society ModernGhana -Opinion
    A Youth Group is an organization of young people, as for social purposes, usually under the sponsorship of a church, political organization, or the like. In the upper west region especially in WA the capital, youth groups are held in high esteem, while others use the youth groups to perpetuate and maximize crime development others also use it to bring sturdy development to their societies, because, they have monthly, weekly or yearly dues they always pay which are to help pay some ... more
  • 4 days John Mahama Has Won The 2020 Elections But… ModernGhana -Opinion
    He asks them for money resources to run the 2020 campaign, nobody around him wants to help as if they didn 39;t get an appointment in his first term. You are only around him without adding anything to the table. Whether you are Victor Bampoh or Joyce Bawa or Agyanim Boateng or Stan Dogbe or Omane Boamah or whoever , since you are not ready to give money for campaign but have branches or constituencies, go back to them , be there with them and work for John Mahama ( NDC) you claim you love m ... more
  • 4 days The Lies that You Tell Shall Come Back to Bite You – Kumawu Sekyere DCE ModernGhana -Opinion
    How veritable it is that the evil that men do lives after them. I, hereby, paraphrase it as the lies that you tell shall come back to haunt, if not bite, you. This is a message for the Kumawu Sekyere District Chief Executive, Mr Samuel Addai Agyekum. This young man of established exceedingly youthful exuberance in lying between his teeth, was searched for by one Mr Daniel Adusei from Kumawu, a seeming vacillating member of the NPP. What a perfect match of two birds of the same feathers flocki ... more
  • 4 days Corporate Mammon: Amazon and the Seattle Council Elections ModernGhana -Opinion
    An enduring US political tradition was in evidence in Seattle recently. Amazon had decided that the city council elections would be too important to leave alone. Seattle was their city after all. The aim of the company was much in keeping with the manor lord who prosecutes keen poachers: fund pro-business candidates sympathetic to its cause and defeat such Amazon critics as Kshama Sawant in their home town. Councilmember Sawant has become something of a minor celebrity and hate fi ... more
  • 4 days A Tamed Letter From Joel Savage To Ex-President John Mahama ModernGhana -Opinion
    ldquo;I want to ask you to pause for only one minute and give thanks to Almighty God for having led us through our difficulties, imprisonments, hardships, and sufferings, to have brought us to our end of troubles today, rdquo; said Kwame Nkrumah, adding, Our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa. Why these references to Kwame Nkrumah 39;s quotes ex-Ghanaian leader John Mahama? I am neither a prophet, soothsayer, nor a man with a t ... more
  • 4 days Modernizing Cocoa Farms – Ala Boahen Aidoo ModernGhana -Opinion
    When I listened to Mr. Joseph Boahene Aidoo, the Chief Executive Officer of the COCOBOD and former in the President Kufuor 39;s administration, under whom I worked as a District Chief Executive for Ahanta West District, on Kwame Sefa Kaye 39;s Kokrokoo last Tuesday, I understood why my grandparents broke their backs as cocoa farmers in now Upper Denkyira East, Imbraim to be specific, and still died poor people. My grandfather had retired from the then Ghana Railways, Ports and Harbo ... more
  • 4 days On NDC’s proposed People’s Manifesto: Please don’t review and cancel Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS! ModernGhana -Opinion
    If you may remember, the NDC rsquo;s 2020 flagbearer, former President Mahama, in a swift response to a benign comment by Dr Bawumia, the then running mate to candidate Akufo-Addo, made it clear that he can only take advice from our two former presidents, Kufuor and Rawlings. So what has changed? Is former President Mahama now ready to take advice from Ghanaians who have never sat on the presidential throne? It would thus appear that the People rsquo;s Manifesto proposal is a despera ... more
  • 4 days Ex-President John Mahama On An Ego Trip ModernGhana -Opinion
    What is ex-President John Dramani Mahama saying that the marvelous economic performance chalked up by President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is as a result of his prudent economic measures put in place during his term in office? Mr. Mahama is obviously on an ego trip, suffering from delusions of grandeur. What prudent economic measures did he put in place during his reign? The untold economic hardships Ghanaians endured during his poor leadership were beyond measure. The economy under the regime of ... more
  • 4 days The Ways Of Domelovo ModernGhana -Opinion
    We wish there was cause to shower plaudits on the Auditor-General, Daniel Yao Domelevo. However, there appears to be a dearth of factors for doing so. Whenever he deserves such a feat from us, we will not hesitate to do so and in flowery rendition. While we are constrained to deny him such a commendation at this time, we have observed his decision to cross swords with us. We have no appetite for such a collision as such personalization of issues is beneath us as it should with those who have ... more
  • 4 days Democratic Comedy And The Tales Of Family And Friends Government  ModernGhana -Opinion
    Are we really divided as a nation, and people? Or is our concept of division along ethnic, or party, lines a construct of imaginary ideological latitudes? Against whom do the constant contrivances we see in our nation rsquo;s politics affect? In contemporary Ghanaian partisan politics, there are very little grey areas for plurality. There is little room for objectivity. Sadly, those who are affected, the most, by the nation rsquo;s elitist politics are ones who continue to throw their ... more
  • 5 days The Cost Of Democracy: Forging A Resistance To Win The Future ModernGhana -Opinion
    The world is facing a phenomenon of big money interests, hijacking and dictating the course of democratic practice. The intention being to control the political affairs of society, to the principal end of protecting and enhancing their corporate and financial interests. Democracy by its nature is meant to be a continual contest of ideas about how society should evolve through open and unimpeded dialogue; Allowing the emergence of the brightest ideas, through a structured participatory ... more
  • 5 days Open Letter To Fr. Mbaka ModernGhana -Opinion
    Dear Father, I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, I write in respect to your public outburst against Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi over the collective decision by the State Executive Council to restore the original masterplan of Enugu Capital City. You will agree with me that Enugu State used to be in the league of 100 Resilient Cities Network, a programme of the Rockefeller Foundation based in New York City, United States. What that status means for ... more
  • 5 days The Ethics Of Being A Real Estate Agent, Or A Lawyer ModernGhana -Opinion
    Folks I wrote this for my nephew and copy it here and expand for all who may care. An Agent by definition represents a client and should get paid only when something is delivered; an Agent is not not an employee of the client. Lawyers should not charge money for simply meeting a client to discuss if they can help them. No However, if mutually agreed at the beginning, fine. Giving somebody a ride in your car,, and charging Ghs 100 to go look at property, seems unethical for any profe ... more
  • 5 days Making Sex Education Safer For Minors ModernGhana -Opinion
    Chances are that, if you were born and raised in Africa, in a country called Ghana or anywhere nearby, you certainly may have learnt everything you know on the topic of sex and even understood the way our bodies function outside of home. While the information you acquired, whatever the source, maybe the facts on which your sexual skills, knowledge and competencies have been evolving up till now, you certainly envy your western peer who is taught about sex by an expert authority at ho ... more
  • 5 days Blow To 2 NGOs From Finland In Legal Fight Over Stolen Identity In EU Funding ModernGhana -Opinion
    Finnish Foundation for Media and Development which is known for its Finnish abbreviation VIKES has suffered a major blow after the High Court in Kenya dismissed its application which challenged the jurisdiction of the Kenya court to hear a case filed by the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ). The High Court of Kenya has ruled that it has jurisdiction to hear the case filed by NUSOJ against VIKES, Finnish Church Aid (FCA) and their Somali collaborator Mohamed Ibrahim Nur over the unl ... more
  • 6 days Stop The Employment Of Non- Professional Administrative Managers And Pass Law To Regulate Health Service Administration Practice In Ghana ModernGhana -Opinion
    Globally, governments make regulatory public policies, some of which are in the form of enactments to ensure that the practice of certain professions are in tune with the country rsquo;s laws and regulations at different times. It is in consonance with such laws that the various professional bodies make rules and professional regulations governing the admission of membership and the code of ethics for adherence by their members to keep quack practitioners away. Over the years, Ghana ha ... more
  • 6 days Youth Sexting: Fundamental Shift In Education Approach Needed To Change Culture ModernGhana -Opinion
    Research published in the International Journal on Bullying Prevention finds sex and relationship education around youth sexting needs updating. Rather than focusing purely on risk avoidance and abstinence, the research by Dr Emily Setty at the University of Surrey suggests sex and relationships education (SRE) should extend to raise awareness amongst young people of their responsibility to their peers as bystanders and how they might unwittingly promote harmful sexting practices.[/B ... more
  • 6 days The People’s Manifesto: NDC Banking On Grassroots Inclusivity To Win 2020 General Elections ModernGhana -Opinion
    The German philosopher, Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel, explained that truth emerge from the synthesis of contradicting thoughts; for example, in determining the validity of a logical reasoning you would have to deduce the major and minor premises. In the socio-political perspective, contradictions continuously manifest in various forms, e.g., between the left-wing and the right-wing politics, between the progressives and the reactionaries ideas, between the liberal and the conservative Parties, etc. b ... more
  • 6 days Destabilisation Plot: Agordzo’s Comment Is A By-Product Of Flawed Democracy ModernGhana -Opinion
    The findings at citadel hospital have since brought about plethora of findings. ACP Agordzo was picked up upon disembarking at the airport from a UN duty. His crime was that he was part of a group of people who was about to lsquo;take action rsquo; against Ghana and her political leadership. From the counsel who holds brief for Agordzo, his client was picked up as a result of a comment he made on a WhatsApp platform. The comment was that ldquo;Ghana was ripe for Arab spring rdquo;. He is also ... more
  • 6 days Ghana Has Never Had A Deaf Person As A Medical Doctor Or A Nurse Since Independence ModernGhana -Opinion
    Many years ago, persons with disabilities especially the deaf were prevented from attending school or were not provided services to help them succeed. These and many other accounts for lack of persons with hearing-impairments (deaf persons) in mostly all the sectors of the economy especially in the medical field. Since the introduction of sign language curricula into the nursing and midwifery training schools by the Nurse and the Midwifery Council in 2014, not a single deaf person has ... more
  • 6 days Hey Guys! I Just Won The Ignoble Prize For Povernomics! ModernGhana -Opinion
    Reader, you should be saying, But there 39;s no such thing as an ignoble prize To which I 39;d reply: I agree But once I 39;ve invented it, it will come into being. You just wait After all, President S hole is on the rack and may be impeached. Do you think if he loses, the satirists of the world will forget that he used the sanctity of the Oval Office to utter a word in relation to your country and mine that had so far never been used in public by a world statesman ? Very soo ... more
  • 6 days The Critical Mass ModernGhana -Opinion
    In a discussion with a cousin on issues that bother on our cultural climate and the seeming shades of tribal bigotry in our country- Ghana, one phrase- lsquo;origin is sacred rsquo; stood up to me the instant he said it as he made his inputs to the discussion. lsquo;Origin is sacred rsquo;, such a powerful statement, the dimensions of what it represents has befuddled my mind till date. It is estimated that the odds of being born as a person is 1 out of 400 trillion, a staggering figure ... more
  • 6 days Come Now Let Us Reason Together ( Issiah 1:18 ) ModernGhana -Opinion
    Let me first salute the manifesto Committee and the entire executives of the National Democratic Congress led by His excellency John Mahama for giving the grassroots of the party, various associations and groupings the platform to contribute to the the manifesto of the NDC for 2020. On my wife 39;s birthday over the years, I make a deliberate effort to get the best for her. Some she receives with a shout of suprise, others, she receives with a hug and says you should have gotten something si ... more
  • 6 days Girls For Sale Online ModernGhana -Opinion
    The sale of girls online in Kuwait and other Arab countries is worrying. That these are areas where our female compatriots are is enough signal for us to squirm in our seats after reading the aforementioned headline. Ghana Immigration Service personnel at the Kotoka International Airport recently received some of these deported girls from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Their harrowing stories said it all about what they endured at the hands of the sex-starved Arabs who know not what ... more
  • 6 days The ‘Unprecedented Road Network’ Built By The NDC ModernGhana -Opinion
    Anytime I watch the various TV stations, particularly Joy News, and I see documentaries about the bad nature of our roads, I giggle. And anytime I see communities demonstrating against the deplorable nature of their roads, I ask myself, ldquo;why now? rdquo; I had cause to write about the highways built by Mr. Rawlings and Kufuor when they held the reins of power like Kumasi to Yeji, Kumasi to Kintampo, Takoradi to Elubo, Accra to Kumasi, Kumasi to Kintampo, Kintampo to Bo ... more
  • 6 days Akufo Addo, Ghana Is For Ghanaians, Not For Your Relatives Only ModernGhana -Opinion
    Nepotism is a term used to refer to favouring relatives or close friends over more qualified people, usually with regard to appointments or promotion of public and political positions. In order to understand how nepotism has changed the political landscape of Ghana today, you need to visit Nana Akufo Addo rsquo;s government, the Ghanaian leader has the organization of state structures based on representatives of one tribe or his family. In the pursue of the ethnic-chauvinistic polic ... more
  • 7 days Ghana’s Unemployment Rate Cannot Be 7.1%; Government Is Either Lying Or Sucks At Numbers! ModernGhana -Opinion
    In Ghana, unemployment for some time now has become a passionately debated issue and has since, dominated discussions on the media and influenced political party manifestoes. In fact, one of the key issues that affected the outcome of the 2016 general elections a great deal was unemployment. I must concede that there have been numerous attempts to tackle the canker; from stakeholders rsquo; forums to policies from the government. However, it seems the quagmire is defying every antidote ta ... more
  • 7 days Media Debates As Russia Pushes Into Africa ModernGhana -Opinion
    In an effort to get push its political and economic influence in Africa, Russia has begun identifying news outlets that could facilitate the distribution of its information products and contents (syndication of news reports) from Russian media organizations. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, this is the first significant step in media cooperation by official authorities to address the information gap between the two regions. The primary objectives are to promote Russia rsquo;s im ... more
  • 7 days What I See: Institutionalized Illegalities In Local Governance And District Assembly Elections ModernGhana -Opinion
    My passion for local governance stems from my understanding of decentralization being one of the best ways that state resources could be managed and steered towards rural development. I take an interest in rural communities because I was born and raised in such an environment where I drank from the same water source with animals, attended school-under-tree and lived without electricity. The passion and my background have been influential on my career path and study interests. As a rura ... more
  • 1 week Tanzania, Magufuli And The TB Joshua Factor ModernGhana -Opinion
    This week, exactly four years ago, a truly historic event was witnessed in the nation of Tanzania. No, I rsquo;m not referring to the inauguration of its trailblazing President John Magufuli ndash; although that indeed was a meteoric moment. I am talking about the extraordinary visit of Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua. At a time of political upheaval and division, the news of Joshua rsquo;s surprise journey literally dominated the headlines nationwide and significantly contributed to the reduction in ... more
  • 1 week What If President Buhari Changed Tactics? ModernGhana -Opinion
    One morning, a few weeks ago, Nigerians were suddenly told that Seme, one of the busiest borders in Nigeria, had been closed. They thought it was a joke. But it wasn rsquo;t really a joke. So many traders who shuttled between Benin Republic and Nigeria were suddenly stranded at the border. The customs officers at the border had been asked to concentrate on stopping the flow of fraudulent export of petroleum products and the importation of second-hand vehicles, rice and some other commodities thr ... more
  • 1 week Good Deeds Never Go Unnoticed – The Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony For Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman ModernGhana -Opinion
    As the wheels of destiny move speedily on the highways of time, the season has come and the time is ripe for mankind to appreciate the works of its deserving sons and daughters who are altering the landmarks of the past, shaping the course of the future and forging new pathways for generations yet unborn.Good deeds, it is said, never go unnoticed and Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman, a proud son of the land having distinguished himself over the years, was on 2nd November, 2019 awarded tw ... more
  • 1 week Tax Year-End: How Your Business Can Stay Compliant And Avoid Fines ModernGhana -Opinion
    The tax year-end is fast approaching in Nigeria and Ghana. Businesses have only a few short weeks left to ensure they are ready to comply in full with the laws and regulations around the collection of pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) tax and the submission of tax returns, says Abiola Adegbite, Senior Sales Director, West Africa at Sage. ldquo;We rsquo;re seeing tax authorities in West African countries take a firmer line on tax compliance, rdquo; he adds. ldquo;Businesses of all sizes must, th ... more
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