• 13 hours Lunar Narratives: Landing on the Moon, Politics and the Cold War ModernGhana -Opinion
    Anniversaries are occasions to distort records. The intoxicated recounting of the past faces a record in need of correction. Couples long-married hide their differences before guests. Creases are covered; the make-up is applied generously. Defects become virtues, if, indeed they were ever there to begin with. In historical commemoration, the same is true. The moon landing anniversary his weekend was given a vigorous clean-up, with the Cold War finding a back seat when it was, in fact, the main d ... more
  • 13 hours Asiedu-Nketia Was Captain of NDC Team That Sidelined Martin Amidu ModernGhana -Opinion
    Maybe the dynastic General-Secretary of the country rsquo;s main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) made his ldquo;I Told You So rdquo; statement in highly unlikely hopes that an amnesiac ndash; or short memory-afflicted ndash; Ghanaian public would so scandalously have forgotten the dastardly attempts made by both the Mills-Mahama Posse to force the recently dismissed Attorney-General and Minister of Justice from the cabinet of then President John Evans Atta-Mills, late, into lite ... more
  • 13 hours Any thinkers Here? – Part 5 ModernGhana -Opinion
    To fully appreciate the decision by Justice Merley Afua Wood, of the Ghana High Court, to rescind the earlier decision by another High Court Judge, Justice George Buadi, to grant a bail bond to Mr. Gregory Afoko, the prime suspect in the brutal assassination of Mr. Adams Mahama, then Chairman of the Upper-East Region rsquo;s branch of the then main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), the ardent critics of the second judge, that is, Justice Wood, need to fully appreciate the full details of the ... more
  • 13 hours Who Propels Ghana Forward? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Indeed, there is an adage that says that ldquo;It is easier said than done rdquo;. Promises upon promises spewed to the populace of this nation had stuck due to lack of implementation and pragmatic or down to earth solutions. Now, I tell you the truth, for Ghana to move forward unless our PREZ. NANA ADDO marches his entourage leaders to the grounds to see for themselves and come to terms with the reality of our citizens suffering so that they will bemoan to act quickly to ease the colossal burd ... more
  • 13 hours ‘Logolization’ Committee, Just Fix What Is Broken ModernGhana -Opinion
    After the Normalization Committee had their tenure extended by FIFA to continue to run football affairs in Ghana while football Ghana awaits a new set of governing body, football lovers met this move with mixed feelings. While many thought the extension was in place to clear the house for a new life in Ghana football, others believed once the calendar showed 31st March; the normalization committee should refrain from acting as Ghana rsquo;s football governing body and pave way for ... more
  • 13 hours John Dumelo, A New Ronald Reagan in the Making? Possibly ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is official. John Dumelo has picked his nomination form to contest as a parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency. If he successfully cruises his way to victory in the primaries, he will face off Madam Lydia Alhassan in the 2020 parliamentary elections. Some interesting parallels exist between John Dumelo and Ronald Reagan; I will also point out areas of divergence as I explore the similarities. Reagan was adored by Americans in the 30s and 50s for his silky voice and na ... more
  • 13 hours Self-Mockery Of The Leadership Of The Methodist Church, Ghana ModernGhana -Opinion
    The leadership of the Methodist Church, Ghana is now living in illusion and subconsciously claiming to be more pious than their Masters, the Methodist Church, Great Britain. They have easily forgotten that the Methodist Dogma they cherish dearly is not their own creation. This writer posits that any group of people who have subconsciously internalized religious beliefs or Social Construction of Reality from their Oppressors subconsciously claims the ownership of the Dogma which has robbed the ... more
  • 13 hours 7 Possible Reasons Akufo-Addo Made Wa UDS Autonomous ModernGhana -Opinion
    Wa Campus of University for Development Studies has been made Autonomous and will now be University for Business and Integrated Development Studies which means the institution will man it rsquo;s own affairs without necessarily relying on the Tamale campus for Directives, it will have its own chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Deans etc. There are 7 possible factors the President could have considered before converting the Wa UDS alone as Autonomous. 1. The Dombo tradition favored upper West. W ... more
  • 13 hours Your Government has Failed the Galamsey Fight – Solomon Owusu tells Prez Akufo Addo ModernGhana -Opinion
    A United States of America based Ghanaian Mining Engineer, Solomon Owusu, has bemoaned that President Akufo Addo rsquo;s government has failed Ghanaians in terms of its fight against illegal mining activities, popularly known as galamsey. Speaking to Isaac Amoah-Asare on Bryt FM in Koforidua on Saturday July 20, 2019, Solomon disclosed that he was not surprised about the galamsey underground collapse incident which happened at Akrokerri in the Ashanti Region on Thursday July 18, 2019. Accordi ... more
  • 13 hours A Word For Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah ModernGhana -Opinion
    If it is Fulani today, yesterday it was the Igbos - Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah. I have immense respect for Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah but to compare the situation of the Fulani in the south today to the situation of the Igbo in the north in 1966 is disingenuous and intellectually dishonest. The Igbo did not slaughter the Fulani in the 1966 northern pogroms but rather it was the Fulani that slaughtered the Igbo. In 1966 alone no less than 100,000 innocent and defenceless Igbos were butch ... more
  • 1 day The law is at Amidu’s disposal: He has no reason to grouch ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu rsquo;s most recent epistle which sought to apprise the good people of Ghana of the seeming challenges confronting his outfit, among other things, the incompliant attitudes of head of some state institutions in his efforts to investigate alleged malfeasance, indeed, raises an eye brow. But all said and done, it would appear that Mr Martin Amidu rsquo;s most recent article was in response to the numerous calls by well-meaning Ghanaians to the Office ... more
  • 1 day The Dangers Of Ignorance ModernGhana -Opinion
    IGNORANCE IS not just a societal problem; it is a big issue God does not tolerate. Indeed, lack of knowledge or unawareness can lead Christian men and women to eternal death. That is why God warns Christians about ignorance, knowing the dangers it poses to His children. Scripture warns that, ldquo;The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent hellip; rdquo; (Acts 17: 30). We cannot be children of God and remain ignorant about the love of God, ... more
  • 1 day The Ridiculousness And Selfishness Of Polygamous African Leaders ModernGhana -Opinion
    The world 39;s poorest countries are in sub-Saharan Africa, despite the fact that the Black Continent is rich in natural resources, such as oil, gold, copper, cobalt, and diamonds, etc, the population of African countries is extremely poor, which all are blamed on the leaders. Without votes, African leaders, ministers or parliamentarians have no chance to serve the population, the reason election campaigns mean a lot to politicians. Yet after being elected to offices, they forget all ... more
  • 1 day Nwagbara’s False History of Ghana and Nigeria – Part 10 ModernGhana -Opinion
    I had been meaning to discuss the rather long article smugly written by Prof. Naana J. Opoku-Agyemang, titled ldquo;Prof. Opoku-Agyemang Writes: On STEM Education in Ghana rdquo; (Ghanaweb.com 6/29/19), within the context of Part 8 of this series of articles which seeks to set the records straight on the real state of Ghana rsquo;s public education compared to that of Nigeria, while at the same time assaying the fact of whether, indeed, Nigerian academic, Prof. Austin/Augustine Uzoma Nwagbara h ... more
  • 1 day Uber With Its “International Quality” Service In Bangladesh ModernGhana -Opinion
    UBER, WORLD FAMOUS CAB SERVICE has started business in Bangladesh about three years ago. On November 2016, international brand UBER began its journey in Bangladesh. In neighboring India, UBER never allows a car more than three years old. While in Bangladesh, a car, almost vintage in fact a WRECKAGE is included in UBER service. I hired an UBER on 14th of this month, a Wagon made by Toyota motor company that was at least 20 years old. On my way back, I found the similar WAGON but unf ... more
  • 2 days Masawudu Mubarak; The Sacrificial Lamb For Muntaka Mubarak? ModernGhana -Opinion
    The so-called democratic political party has bared its undemocratic teeth to one of its own. Walking majestically to the Asawase Constituency office of the NDC, Masawudu Mubarak, clothed in innocence, asked to be sold the nomination forms of the party to enable him to contest in the parliamentary primaries of the party in Asawase. He was greeted with shock as they told him the forms wouldn 39;t be sold to him. Unperturbed by this hurdle, Masawudu headed to the regional party off ... more
  • 2 days Do You Have All The Time To Decide To Marry? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Social media is inundated with all kinds of modern sense that people quote to decide not to marry early One of such thoughts is ' It is better to marry long than hurry to marry wrong '. And people are holding on to this supposed wisdom to decide not to marry until they are about to retire. Of course, it is true that nobody should force anybody to marry; and people can decide never to marry. It is a higher call. Jesus actually sold that idea to his hearers. He called some of them to ... more
  • 2 days H.E Akuffo Addo: The Generational Thinker ModernGhana -Opinion
    Education has always been the backbone of building a robust economy. His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo has taken a giant step towards building a robust economy and aggrandizing human capital that will ease the economic hardships on today citizens and posterity. The introduction of Free SHS(FSHS) and the subsequent rebirth of the scholarship scheme which remained a decorated ghost under the Mahama led administration was a bridge to hiatus the class difference. ... more
  • 2 days Litter Prohibition Must Be Nationally Regulated ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is not the very first of its kind of story. I am referring to the incident that recently, reportedly, occurred in the Kejetia district of Kumasi-Central, the Asante regional capital, in which a young woman caught chucking garbage out of the window of a moving car, we are told, was forced to alight by a police officer and ordered to collect all the pieces of litter on an entire stretch of a street (See ldquo;Policeman Forces Woman to Collect Street Garbage for Littering rdquo; Classfmonline.c ... more
  • 2 days Any Critical Thinkers Here? – Part 4 ModernGhana -Opinion
    To fully appreciate the intricate dynamics of the Adams Mahama Assassination Saga, which began shortly before March 2015, if memory serves this writer accurately, and in particular the rather fraught circumstances directly precipitating the assassination itself, culminating in the arrest of Mr. Gregory Afoko and the three-year manhunt for Mr. Asabke Alangdi, the prime suspect rsquo;s accomplice, who had taken flight with his baby-nursing or breastfeeding wife, leaving behind the baby, the very s ... more
  • 2 days Mrs. Avoke, Now A Photographer ModernGhana -Opinion
    Mrs. Avoke, wife of the dismissed Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), was spotted at the Credit Union Building, located near the Catholic Church, on Friday 19th July 2019, where the unfazed and undisputed VC of UEW, Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, resides, taking pictures. Whatever purpose those pictures are going to serve, is of no significance. If it is illegal for the VC to reside in the Church premises instead of the University official residence, Mrs. Avoke ... more
  • 2 days Mahama is not only a former president and a flagbearer, he is a statesman! ModernGhana -Opinion
    Love him or hate him, John Dramani Mahama is our former president, a flagbearer of the largest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and a statesman. Apparently, Ex-President Mahama is being criticised, whether fairly or unfairly, by the good people of Ghana, on his seemingly controversial pronouncements ever since he declared his intention to stage a presidential comeback. Take, for example, there are those who do not understand how and why Ex-President Mahama co ... more
  • 2 days Let Us Rethink Riot Control Gadgets ModernGhana -Opinion
    The death of a student and another suffering injury after they were hit by warning shots from the police deployed to stem the riot in a Sandema school in the Upper East Region is disturbing. It can only be imagined the mood of the parents of the two students and the student-body as a whole at this time. Losing a son in such a fashion is a painful experience which no parent should encounter. The journey from infancy to the time of admission to a senior high school is a long one involving mo ... more
  • 2 days Stop Human Trafficking Now ModernGhana -Opinion
    The vigilance of immigration officers at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) scuttled the attempt by some bad persons to traffic seven Ghanaian girls to the Gulf States of the Middle East. Just as we were thinking that human trafficking has subsided substantially, this development is one which prompts consternation but provides an impetus to do more. Building the capacity of immigration officers and others in the law enforcement system is an important approach towards stemming this phen ... more
  • 2 days Akufo-Addo Presidency Has The Right Attitude Towards Governance ModernGhana -Opinion
    We as a people must not be lost on the often quoted adage which states, ldquo;We must give credit where credit is due rdquo;. While it is important that those who govern are subject to criticism and are accountable to those who are governed, we must not be quick to pull out our whips against those who govern. It is important that in doing so, we must appreciate comprehensively, where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going. It is not enough to criticize or lash out a ... more
  • 2 days Ghana – Surinam (Suriname) Relations- Typical South-South Cooperation ModernGhana -Opinion
    ldquo;The world must learn to work together, or finally it will not work at all rdquo; - Dwight David - 34th U. S. President GEOGRAPHICALLY, THE REPUBLIC OF SURINAME (REPUBLIEK SURINAME in Dutch) lies on the equator on Latitude 5.063 and longitude 55.43. It is located in the South American continent sharing borders with Guyana to the West, French Guiana to the East and Brazil to the South. The Atlantic Ocean laps its coast to the North. This is what makes Geography a v ... more
  • 2 days Ghana’s Economic Dilemma ModernGhana -Opinion
    The week has been confronted with major discussions about bails and bailouts, whatever the differences might be, I don 39;t know but as sure as the sun will rise, granting a bail to a person in conflict with the law and offering financial bailout to a person in financial crisis cannot be that different. The common characteristic is that the two individuals are in a crisis of some sort, be they medium or long term. One requires his freedom from the shackles of the law even if momentarily whi ... more
  • 2 days As Advised By Museveni, After Political Deal Sudanese Must Unit Over Economic Recovery ModernGhana -Opinion
    Africa breathed a sigh of relief on July 17. Sudan 39;s military rulers and leaders of a protest movement signed a power-sharing deal expected to potentially restore democracy in this key African nation. When Sudan military leader General Abdalfatah al Burhan al-Rahman met with President Yoweri Museveni in the Ugandan eastern city of Mbale on July 5, the later encourage the Sudanese to agree, citing chronic civil strife as posing a serious danger to Africa. Speaking from a wealth of e ... more
  • 2 days Why Nkrumah Is One Of The Few Africans In The Pantheon Of The World’s Greatest Leaders ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is heartening to note that today, finally, the vast majority of educated Africans welcome the idea of a continental free-trade area, with much enthusiasm. Pity it took so long for the idea to be embraced across Africa. Wherever Kwame Nkrumah 39;s gentle soul is, it is definitely very, very, very happy. The truth of the matter is that President Nkrumah was a visionary and Pan-Africanist, who was far ahead of his time, and, sadly, much misunderstood by his contemporaries. Unfortunately, as ... more
  • 2 days The Price Of Free: A Case Of Ghana’s Free SHS Educational System ModernGhana -Opinion
    Article 25 1b of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana states that ldquo;Secondary education in its different forms including technical and vocational education, shall be made generally available and accessible to all by every appropriate means, and in particular, by the progressive introduction of free education. This constitutional provision has witnessed efforts by successive governments to progressively fulfil the mandate. These efforts seem to be triggered further by Goal 4, Target 1 of the Susta ... more
  • 2 days There’s Need For More Disruption In Africa’s Tech Scene ModernGhana -Opinion
    For most people living outside Africa, they imagine the continent as the home of poverty, corruption, internet fraud, infrastructure deficit, and everything that describes under-development, marginalization, oppression, bad leadership, insecurity, diseases, and many more. Although the continent is truly beset with some perennial development issues, some of these notions are preposterous and not entirely peculiar to Africa. No doubt, for a continent that is richly blessed with numerous ... more
  • 2 days Forging An Era Of Collaboration Between Nigeria And South Africa ModernGhana -Opinion
    With a South African mother and Nigerian father, I am in the fortunate position of being exposed to the best of both countries and cultures. As such, I can clearly envision the benefits of the two nations coming together and working towards shared common goals. South Africa and Nigeria each have rich cultures and a wealth of human talent, skills and resources in their own right. And both can only grow stronger and progress at a faster rate should these diverse nations join together to work towar ... more
  • 2 days Voters Ambush Binduri NDC Constituency Chairman Over Fraud ModernGhana -Opinion
    The largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), will laugh at the wrong side of it month should delegates endorse the candidature of Azimbe Simon Aruku, one of the five contenders gunning to lead the umbrella party in the Binduri Constituency ahead of the 2020 polls as its parliamentary candidate. Simon Azimbe Aruku, the incumbent Binduri Constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, per the party 39;s structure is suppose to resign and hand over all party proper ... more
  • 2 days How Today’s NPP Hardliners Are Repeating Yesteryear’s NPP Hardliners’ Mistakes ModernGhana -Opinion
    Today, miraculously, I chanced upon an old article of mine, from December, 2008, which illustrates perfectly, the philosopher George Satayana 39;s wise saying: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. In the run-off of the December 2008 presidential election, the New Patriotic Party 39;s (NPP) Hon. Maxwell Kofi Jumah, and his cohorts tried very hard to find a way to rig the outcome by stealth As we speak, it has become patently clear that similar plans are afoot for ... more
  • 3 days Any Critical Thinkers Here? – Part 3 ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is increasingly becoming clear that, in fact, the Office of the Attorney-General, Gloria Akuffo, did not blunder procedurally, when she appealed to the authority or jurisdiction of another Accra High Court to reverse the previous order by Justice George Buadi to allow Mr. Gregory Afoko, the prime suspect in the acid-pouring assassination of Mr. Adams Mahama, then Upper-East rsquo;s Regional Chairman of the then main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). In his contribution to the controversia ... more
  • 3 days Food Culture, Eating Practices At The Bush Canteen Of The University Of Ghana ModernGhana -Opinion
    Given that I have imposed a bachelorship on myself, I have always frequented the Bush Canteen, an eating-place at the University of Ghana, as a place to satisfy my palette and hunger. For the past five or so years, I have observed a certain eating culture at the Bush Canteen of the University of Ghana that shows a lack of understanding of western capitalism or imported food culture or crass ignorance about the socio-health logic of food. In many Ghanaian cultures, food is not just ... more
  • 3 days The ‘intrusive elements’ within Akufo-Addo’s administration could well send him ‘packing’! ModernGhana -Opinion
    In theory, a political party is a coalescence of individuals who believe in a distinct ideology with the sole aim of working collaboratively towards winning political power and forming a formidable government to alleviate the plight of the masses. Based on the preceding extant acceptation of an ideal political party, it would be absolutely wrong for anyone to suggest somewhat impetuously that it is normal to include members of opposition parties in one rsquo;s government. In a grand ... more
  • 3 days Holland Joins Other Countries To Ban The Use Of Burka In Public ModernGhana -Opinion
    In 2010, Belgium banned the wearing of the Islamic burka in public. A parliamentary vote on the Bill which banned face coverings raised fears among Muslim groups and human rights campaigners. Amnesty International condemned the move as an attack on religious freedom. Now it has been revealed that burka ban comes into effect on August 1, with a euro;150 fine for people caught wearing face-covering headgear in schools, on public transport, in hospitals and public buildings in Holland. ... more
  • 3 days Demonstration Of A Spirit-Controlled Life ModernGhana -Opinion
    GALATIANS 5:22-26 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Let us not become boastful, challenging one another, envying one another (NASB). INTRODUCTION During World War II, a young teen ... more
  • 3 days Why I married my enemy MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    When somebody who has never been married before is advising a married couple as to what to do in marriage, I laugh aaa and enter guest house! ... more
  • 3 days The Coming Oodua Nation ModernGhana -Opinion
    Now the trumpet summons us again mdash;not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need mdash;not as a call to battle, though embattled we are mdash;but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, ldquo;rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation rdquo; mdash;a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease and war itself.... - John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1960 In certain quarters, views have been expressed whether when w ... more
  • 3 days Is Ghana becoming a divided country? MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Ghana has over the years been a haven for many nationals largely due to its high level of hospitality and generosity. Citizens have lived and continue to live in peace and tranquillity despite all the ethnic and cultural differences that exist in the country. ... more
  • 3 days The Ivory Tower goes to the marketplace MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    When school goes on recess, it must reasonably follow that students use that time to have some good rest. ... more
  • 3 days Go Back To Fix Your Wretched Communities: If So Smart And Rich ModernGhana -Opinion
    Nobody provided enabling an environment for African billionaires when they establish schools, factories or manufacturing plants in the middle of nowhere and in the face of discrimination against all odds outside Africa. More Africans could have made it at home but for greed, self-hatred, pulling down one another and distaste for locally-made products and services for preferences encouraged by foreign fraud and deceptive trade practices. Go back is not new as it has been used against ... more
  • 3 days Recapturing The Upper West Region, A Tedious Task For The NDC ModernGhana -Opinion
    Since the return to democratic governance in 1992, the Upper West Region has always been a safe zone for the National Democratic Congress (NDC). The NDC got the majority of the votes from the region compared to the other political parties. In the 1992 elections, the NDC won seven out the eight (8) parliamentary seats in the Upper West Region. The NCP won the Jirapa constituency seat. In the 1996 elections, the NDC again won all the eight parliamentary seats in the Upper West Regi ... more
  • 3 days Mr. Trump: The Actor President ModernGhana -Opinion
    History is not full of surprises if one masters it well. One would learn much stuff about human beings and an important thing you would never forget is that history repeats itself. And so only the stupid and na iuml;ve suffer disgracefully in life. But those are meticulous and observe things in life, both in nature and the material world, they will progress at last. But the world of the stupid and the genius have one thing in common, and that is they all tolerate the stupid monop ... more
  • 3 days Ronaldo’s Demonstration Of How To Love Someone The Way He Looks ModernGhana -Opinion
    Once in Madrid, Spain, the great Portuguese professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has played for great football teams, including Juventus and Madrid, disguised himself and went to a square in Madrid. He fastened his dog to a chair and took out his football and started playing. As he shows his skills and experience in football, many people passed by, yet nobody cared about him. He passed the ball to some elders but they weren rsquo;t interested. After some time, he retired ... more
  • 3 days Any Critical Thinkers Here? – Part 2 ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is not very well-edited, and the prepositions tend to go off-tangent many more times than they need to, if the critically thinking grammar-savvy reader is not to be unnecessarily distracted. Nevertheless, Mr. Kofi Ata rsquo;s quite interesting and insightful disquisition on the Afoko Assassination Saga, titled ldquo;Is the Afoko Trial a Threat to the Independence of Ghana rsquo;s Judiciary? rdquo; is undoubtedly a significant contribution to its subject of discourse (Modernghana.com 7/17/19) ... more
  • 3 days Any Critical Thinkers Here? – Part 1 ModernGhana -Opinion
    I am annoyingly amused by all these high-horse-riding critics maligning Attorney-General Gloria Akuffo for vehemently insisting that the key suspect in the brutal acid-dousing assassination of Mr. Adams Mahama, then the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman for the Upper-East Region, remain behind bar because Mr. Gregory Afoko, the younger brother of Mr. Paul Afoko, the dismissed National Chairman of the then main opposition New Patriotic Party, is a clear threat and present danger to not only the ... more
  • 3 days Donald Trump, the Democrat Squad and Failed Impeachment ModernGhana -Opinion
    Twitter has become policy. It is platform, direction and determination. It has served one particular person well, a hazy mechanism to fog up the lenses of law makers. When President Donald Trump needs an air-wave filling distraction, a bilious splurge of interest in the blogosphere, he is always happy to lob a grenade of 280 characters or so. His targets and recipients oblige in an unsettling dance. Speeches are made, press galleries filled and resolutions submitted to Congress. Trump rsquo;s ... more
  • 3 days The Indiscipline On Our Roads ModernGhana -Opinion
    The recent arrest of motorists, who flaunted traffic regulations with impunity by the Police, has been applauded by many Ghanaians and their wish is that it remains a permanent feature of the Police functions. Yes, it is an acknowledged fact that this is a normal function of the Police but for some time and reasons best known to them, indiscipline on our roads, has been allowed to degenerate into anarchy and has become an accepted conduct or norm of motorists. Indiscipline is one of the many e ... more
  • 3 days African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) – An Exposition Of The Proposed Digital Payment System ModernGhana -Opinion
    Africa and Ghanaians were thrilled with the news of the operationalization of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement on the 7th of July 2019. AfCFTA as affectionately called is a free trade area, outlined in the African Continental Free Trade Agreement among 54 of the 55 African Union nations. The free-trade area is the largest in the world in terms of participating countries since the formation of the World Trade Organization. For a bit of history, The agreement w ... more
  • 3 days An Unhappy Ghana ModernGhana -Opinion
    Why do some people, perhaps even many people, seem so unhappy these days in Ghana? No scientific study here ndash; just what one picks up from the much bandied about ldquo;public domain rdquo;, helped along by the now ubiquitous ldquo;social media rdquo; and of course direct interaction with people ndash; flesh and blood. What has been coming across to me is a mix of hunger and anger. The hunger, not so much from famine or starvation, but as in financial insecurity to provide and s ... more
  • 4 days The Rogue Road ModernGhana -Opinion
    Imagine yourself on the Moon. Now imagine yourself driving on the Enchi-Elubo Road. It 39;s the only trunk road in the municipality, i.e the Aowin District. It takes motorists three to four hours instead of 45 minutes to complete the 53-kilometer stretch journey. It winds down the rough terrain and literally ends up nowhere. Trucks, motorbikes, buses get stuck on this road every day and every time. Some tumble off, some run into ditches and some end up disabled in the midd ... more
  • 4 days Drop That Chamber And Amend The Constitution ModernGhana -Opinion
    Subsections 1, 3 and, 7 of article 47 of the Constitution of Ghana provide that: (1) Ghana shall be divided into as many constituencies for the purpose of election of members of Parliament as the Electoral Commission may prescribe, and each constituency shall be represented by one Member of Parliament. (3) The boundaries of each constituency shall be such that the number of inhabitants in the constituency is, as nearly as possible, equal to the population quota. ( ... more
  • 4 days To Those Opposed  To Mining Bauxite In The Atewa Forest Reserve:  Collaborate With Avaaz.org To Campaign Globally For Your Noble Cause ModernGhana -Opinion
    Should the Atewa Forest Reserve be regarded as part of Ghana 39;s national security architecture? In any serious nation, the watershed for three major river systems sourced for treated water supplied to major towns and cities, whose total population is counted in the millions, would definitely be protected and preserved for national security reasons. Prolonged periods of water shortage negatively impacting the well-being of millions of urban dwellers has security implications. No ... more
  • 4 days The Best African Passports That Can Smile ModernGhana -Opinion
    In 2017, the Global Passport Index made a study about the ranking of the best passports in the world. Due to the Economic Community of West African States - ECOWAS, some African countries were among the most important ranked countries. The ranking didn rsquo;t only give recognition to the African countries but also the holders of these passports of the African countries can enter other countries without visas. In this ranking, the Canadian financial consulting firm, Arton Capital co ... more
  • 4 days On Akufo-Addo’s best president award: Why he deserves a Nobel Prize ModernGhana -Opinion
    Some of us, in fact, were not least surprised at all, when the news spiralled through recently that President Akufo-Addo has overwhelmingly been adjudged the Africa rsquo;s best president by a Canadian-based research organisation, 39; 39;Leaders of Tomorrow 39; 39; and US-based think tank lsquo;World Vision Forum rsquo; (see: Akufo-Addo named Africa rsquo;s best president; yen.com.gh/ghanaweb.com, 14/07/2019). While the Leaders of Tomorrow rsquo;s research placed President Akufo-Ad ... more
  • 4 days The Best African Passports That Can Make You Smile ModernGhana -Opinion
    In 2017, the Global Passport Index made a study about the ranking of the best passports in the world. Due to the Economic Community of West African States - ECOWAS, some African countries were among the most important ranked countries. The ranking didn rsquo;t only give recognition to the African countries but also the holders of these passports of the African countries can enter other countries without visas. In this ranking, the Canadian financial consulting firm, Arton Capi ... more
  • 4 days Op-ed: Health inequities in management of kidney diseases in Ghana MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Equity is the absence of avoidable, unfair, or remediable differences among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically or geographically or by other means of stratification. ... more
  • 4 days Ring Professor Or Classroom Professor? A Close Observation Of Azumah Nelson And The Ghanaian Scholar ModernGhana -Opinion
    The word lsquo;History rsquo; without any problematisation is fraught with conceptual and epistemological difficulties. The breaking of the word lsquo;history rsquo; into two syllables lsquo;his 39; and lsquo;story 39; is not only male-centric or androcentric, but a reflection of the selectivity and biases associated with history. Following the invention of writing, human beings shifted from the pre-industrial practice of storing and transmitting received knowledge through orality to liter ... more
  • 4 days “Defender General” Kweku Baako’s Habit; A Tool For ‘Monied Might’,’Oppressors’ And ‘Danger To Humanity ModernGhana -Opinion
    Editor of the Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako known for his habit of 39;hired- Public Relation 39; services in endorsement of glaring wrongdoings perpetrated by monied mights, oppressors and powerful has today, 39;suddenly and strangely 39; jumped to the defense of government. The Police and Attorney General in justification for their intentioned refusal to give lawful effect to the bail granted to (release and free) suspect Gregory Afoko by an Accra High Court ... more
  • 4 days Has The Hounding Of Osabarima Mirikissi Apori Atta Been The Akyem Abuakwa State Council’s Finest Hour? ModernGhana -Opinion
    At a time when global climate change is impacting rural Ghana so negatively, nothing can justify the hounding and victimisation of Osabarima Mirikissi Apori Atta, the Chief of Akyem Hemang, by people who ought to know better. His hounding is a classic example of the hypocrisy that underpins our byzantine system. How is it possible that the elected leaders of a nation that says it is committed to achieving all the UN SDGs - and which is led by the co-chair of the Eminent Persons appointed by t ... more
  • 4 days Ghana’s Passport Permitted Into South Africa: Foreigners Will Attempt To Get Ghanaian Passports, Vigilance Needed ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Ghanaian Passport is one of the Most Powerful passports in Africa after the South African and Egyptian Passports. Ghana was listed recently amongst six countries that can visit South Africa Without Visa. This was after the south Africa 39;s home Affairs Ministry took a decision to allow such countries to boost tourism amongst those countries. Ghana was the only west African Country granted such privilege though other countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, The Gambia etc wis ... more
  • 4 days Spying on Julian Assange: UC Global, CNN and Russian Couriers ModernGhana -Opinion
    History rsquo;s scope for the absurd and tragic is infinite. Like Sisyphus engaged in permanent labours pushing a boulder up a slope, the effort of making sense of such scope is likewise, absurdly infinite. To see images of an exhausted and world-weary Julian Assange attempting to dodge the all-eye surveillance operation that he would complain about is to wade in the insensibility of it all. But it could hardly have surprised those who have watched WikiLeaks rsquo; battles with the Security Esta ... more
  • 4 days Nwagbara’s False History of Ghana and Nigeria – Part 9 ModernGhana -Opinion
    I write against the background news of the decision by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to have some 30,000 undocumented Nigerian migrants and/or immigrants repatriated to their country of birth (See CGTN-TV rsquo;s report by Ms. Kelechi Emekalam captioned ldquo;Germany to Speed Up Repatriation of Undocumented Nigerians rdquo; 6/28/19). What this means is that illegal Nigerians resident in Germany have put quite a lot of pressure on the social and economic resources of Western Europe rsquo;s lar ... more
  • 4 days The Underground Man – Part 31 ModernGhana -Opinion
    ldquo;Mirror, mirror on the wall rdquo; ldquo;Yes, my mistress hellip;what can I do for you? rdquo; ldquo;Mirror, mirror, look at me very well rdquo; ldquo;I do look at you hellip;always rdquo; ldquo;What do you see? rdquo; ldquo;I see a beautiful lady that you were when a teenager. rdquo; ldquo;What nonsense are you talking about? rdquo; ldquo;I like to remember the good olden days. rdquo; ldquo;Aare you mad? Or what is wrong with you? rdquo; ldq ... more
  • 4 days Hopeful Futures: The Link Between Agriculture and Deradicalization ModernGhana -Opinion
    Attracting young people to radical, extremist ideas is not hard. Just ask the ISIS recruiters behind one of the most effective propaganda presences in the world. Extremist groups are so effective at recruitment because the target audience is easily identified and appealed to: those who are at the margins of society. Radical ideologies offer an alternative to social and economic conditions - high unemployment, lack of purpose, social displacement - that have left them vulnerable. One of these ... more
  • 4 days The Underground Man – Part 32 ModernGhana -Opinion
    Rain was dropping down the single glassed window of the main living-room, the only room that had a chimney besides the Great Hall. Between the living-room above the community kitchen a shared bath-room was built in. The next room was for Lucille Champagne to stay. The next room to hers was the library the last room on the first floor of The Abbey of the West Wing, the oldest part of the building. Anna s living-room was covered all over with carpets and rags to absorb the cracking noise each foot ... more
  • 4 days Ghanaian Husband in London has Become Suicidal Because of his Wife’s Actions ModernGhana -Opinion
    An unknown Ghanaian man living in Morden, a suburb of London, on the Northern Underground line, is threatening to commit suicide. His resolute determination to kill himself by jumping on to the railway tracks to be run over by a fast moving train is subsequent upon his wife rsquo;s perceived acts of promiscuity and infidelity. He brought his wife from Ghana to the United Kingdom against the admonition of his sisters who knew her to be unfaithful and associated with adulterous companions. He t ... more
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