• 1 week Dr Bawumia; Don’t Let Saudi Arabia Fish For You, Learn How They Fish ModernGhana -Opinion
    Some years back, I used to watch Nollywood movies. As far back as I can remember, I watched this thrilling movie which told a great life lesson. This lesson was captured in a fateful encounter between a rich man and his friend who sadly struggled to make ends meet. The poor man grabbed every opportunity to constantly ask for money from his colleague but the rich man never turned his back on his friend. He was moved by his friend 39;s weak financial status and helped him even when it seemed ... more
  • 1 week Africa, The New Israel ! ModernGhana -Opinion
    Think Think Think Dear fellow Africans who are die hard Christians. Which continent in the world worship God as Africans do? Africans are indeed notoriously religious as Mbiti rightly outlined. Today, Africans are not just notoriously religious but are mad for God. Religion has indeed taken the greater part of the minds of most African. The African think religion, breath religion, and smell religion, yet most Africans continue to be in stillness. One will agree with me that there is no ... more
  • 1 week RE: NDC Former Vice Chair, Two Others Join NPP In Walewale Constituency Of North East Region ModernGhana -Opinion
    The attention of the National Democratic Congress in the Walewale constituency has been drawn to a news item on social media which is sourced from www.mynewsgh.com to the effect that NDC former Vice Chair and two other activists have defected to the New Patriotic Party in the constituency. Whilst we in the NDC do not have any qualms about the unwise and unfortunate decision taken by the said former constituency executive, we are however taken aback by the desperate twist ofthe issue by ... more
  • 1 week GHANASCO Needs Attention To Escape Being Drowned In A Sea Of Filth ModernGhana -Opinion
    When it came to competition among senior high schools (in the then Northern Region of Ghana) in the 1980s and 1990s, as far as I can remember, and even up to the early part of the 21st Century, one could describe it as real fight for honour, fame and educational supremacy in the region. Most of all, all competitions between GHANASCO, now Ghana Senior High School and TAMASCO, now Tamale Senior High School, were tough, fierce, and could even be lsquo;deadly rsquo; if I would be allowed to use thi ... more
  • 1 week The Decision To Have Trained Female Muslim Doctors For Zango Communities In Ghana ModernGhana -Opinion
    To begin with, it is essential to attempt to give a brief background explanation regarding Zango communities in Ghana to perhaps enable readers appreciate the context of this piece. Zango which is wrongly spelt as ldquo;Zongo rdquo; is derived from the Hausa language which could literally mean ldquo;a settlement of Hausa speaking people or traders rdquo;. In other words, the predominant language spoken in Zango communities is Hausa language. Even though our brothers and sist ... more
  • 1 week The Omoyele Sowore that I know ModernGhana -Opinion
    Sowore is NOT a terrorist Sowore is NOT violent The Omoyele Sowore I know is a patriot, a relentless patriot, a relentless worker for humanity 39;s common good. The Sowore I know is not a charlatan, nor a fraudster. He has no corrupt bone in his body. The Sowore who I met and respected in New York City, is a man who wishes all Nigerians and Nigeria the best of everything The Sowore that was arrested and labeled dangerous is not the Sowore that I know. He is enthusiastic about the e ... more
  • 1 week Alex Mould Writes: Take-And-Pay Agreements May Jeopardise Power Sector -Part 2 ModernGhana -Opinion
    Just a few days ago, I criticized the Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta rsquo;s (KOA) ill-advised submission to parliament on renegotiating all take-or-pay power agreements to take-and-pay agreements. However, just when I thought the dust had settled on the issue due to the ongoing PDS/ECG saga, I read an article somewhere titled; ldquo;Lessons to be learned from Ghana rsquo;s excess electricity shambles rdquo;. An interesting report but one that has, unfortunately, no independent analysis to ... more
  • 1 week PDS Scandal: Mr President, Where Is The Protection Of The Public Interest?? ModernGhana -Opinion
    President Nana Akufo Addo has chosen far away Angola to break his silence on the PDS scandal and sought to assure the people that his government rsquo;s decision to suspend the ECG concession agreement is for the protection of the public interest. News about the scandal broke for over one week and the President who has since been around denied us all the opportunities he got and others he could create and chose Angola to speak. The Ghanaian taxpayer who is home and always having to b ... more
  • 1 week Can our food systems survive the onslaught of climate change? Yes, they can…. ModernGhana -Opinion
    If you rsquo;ve paid any attention at all over the years to issues of the environment, food security and international politics, the latest United Nations rsquo; report that rsquo;s drawing attention to how climate change is threatening food production will not surprise you. We have all been aware for a very long time that temperatures are warmer or colder today than usual; the rains are falling either less or heavier today than usual; and extreme weather events like floods and hurricane ... more
  • 1 week France: Chaos Or A New Social Compact? ModernGhana -Opinion
    At the end of the parade, a few dozen people release yellow balloons into the sky and distribute leaflets saying The yellow vests are not dead. The police disperse them, quickly and firmly. Moments later, hundreds of Antifa anarchists arrive, throw security barriers on the roadway to erect barricades, start fires and smash the storefronts of several shops. The police have a rough time mastering the situation, but early in the evening, after a few hours, they restore the calm. A few h ... more
  • 1 week Awards: A Missing Tool In Ghana’s Anti-Corruption Tool Kit ModernGhana -Opinion
    Introduction Combating corruption is a daunting task. However, strategies such as sanctions, policies, laws, and bye-laws have been adopted in most countries in the fight against corruption. Awards are present in almost every society but are not considered as an anti-corruption tool. Awards, as a form of incentive, are an important strategy that can be used in the fight against corruption. An Award is a very vital tool in both the public and private sector because of its effect on hum ... more
  • 1 week Should Only Companies That Can Transform The ECG Into A Rooftop Solar Power Giant  Be Allowed To Bid To Manage It? ModernGhana -Opinion
    The far-sighted British billionaire entrepreneur, Sanjay Gupta, recently bought a majority stake in Adelaide-based Zen Energy. Apparently, his objective is to leverage local know-how for an ambitious plan to use renewable energy for a significant portion of the energy required to run his Whyalla steelworks , to quote Simon Holmes agrave; Court, senior advisor to the Energy Transition Hub at Melbourne University (twitter @simonahac). As we speak, major industries in Australia, such as ... more
  • 1 week UENR Being Named After K.A.Busia: The Hypocrisy Of The Critics Of The Decision ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Governing Council of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, on the 3rd day of August 2018, decided to honour the son of the soil, Kofi Abrefa Busia by naming the University after him. That decision, it must be reiterated, was taken by the Governing Council of the University and not the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Governing Councils of Universities are not dictated to, a practical example is the KNUST impasse which saw the Council 39;s ... more
  • 1 week Lawyer Nana Oye Lithur – The Trusted Aspirant To Recapture Adentan Parliamentary Seat For NDC ModernGhana -Opinion
    ldquo;Where a woman rules, streams run uphill. rdquo; ndash; Ethiopian Proverb It is apparent that the world of politics has seen less women coming forth to take their rightful place in leadership positions. But while this is so, it is true that the world has also seen women making great impacts in politics. To name a few, the likes of Funmilayo Ransome Kuti of Nigeria, Winnie Mandela of South Africa and Margret Thatcher of Great Britain, all of blessed memory, have given ... more
  • 1 week We’ve Been Blindsided By Our Modern-Day Politicians: From: Voice Of Reason ModernGhana -Opinion
    Our Lives Begin to End on the Day We Keep Silent About the Things that Matter --M.L King IT 39;S TIME FOR OUR politicians to grow a Big pair of balls You have heard that phrase before and chances are you know exactly what it means. However, just in case you live under a rock somewhere in Afghanistan and the phrase and its meaning have somehow escaped you, here is the definition: Telling someone to grow balls means he should be bold enough to do something that is r ... more
  • 1 week JymWrites: Nana Addo, His Naming Ceremony And The Change We Voted For ModernGhana -Opinion
    It was recently that our lawmakers decided to build a new chamber for themselves worth millions which lead to no developmental reasons. If not that the good citizens of Ghana stood against this action, our leaders would have started building a new chamber in the face of all the major issues facing the ordinary Ghanaian, denying them of the quality of life they deserved and would have carried on and build comfort for themselves. There have been similar cases in the past where our g ... more
  • 1 week Sex And Sexuality In Our Jails: A Tale Of Predator And Prey ModernGhana -Opinion
    Sex plays an important role in our social lives. Apart from procreation, it brings to the participating individuals emotional and physical fulfillment required to keep them hale and hearty. Good sex life is believed to bring to the individual benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress, improved mood, enhanced immune function, general fitness among others. Sexuality, the way people express themselves sexually, is a subject which arouses diverse opinions in Ghana. This is ... more
  • 1 week Emir Of Gwandu: Blame Not Homosexuals ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Emir of Gwandu, and the Chairman Kebbi Council of Chiefs, Muhammadu Bashar has blamed homosexuals for the problem of insecurity in Nigeria. In his Sallah message, the Emir said: ldquo;The society today is bedeviled by cases of rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, kidnapping and rampant killings which resulted in the present insecurity Nigeria is faced with rdquo;. So, homosexuality and lesbianism are the cause of attacks and killings across the nation? Really? I mean, how did ... more
  • 1 week Is She or He the Boss in your Marriage or Friendship? ModernGhana -Opinion
    In our modern-day marriages or casual friendships, we sometimes witness spousal disagreements. This attitude debilitating our marriages or friendships is quite pronounced in the lives of some Ghanaian or African women living in the Whiteman 39;s land. They often see themselves as the partners in the marriage wearing the trousers while their husband is figuratively the woman in the relationship. By the time the man has said one word, the woman will have said two or three and at a raised commandi ... more
  • 1 week The Pro-Poor Economy means Poverty for the Liberian People! ModernGhana -Opinion
    The question of the state of the pro poor economy is now acquiring specific importance both in theory and reality due to the extreme hardship in the country. The increased in fiscal and monetary sluggishness have immensely intensified the decay of strangulation and economic contraction, thereby creating a precarious situation for the ordinary citizens who are the most vulnerable. The awful strangulation of the working poor and vast sections of the unemployed people as a result of official cor ... more
  • 1 week From Internship To Degree To National Service To Unemployment — The Life Of A Graduate Without Connections ModernGhana -Opinion
    This is sad, go to school they said, you 39;ll get a good job. People are done, and are here experiencing anxiety of what they are to become. The 2018 service persons are done. They have to confront the challenges of adding up to the graduates who are still unemployed. We are unable to use the same energy we used in posting fresh graduates for National service in posting them for permanent employment after the one-year compulsory service. I would like to make it clear, in parentheses, that I ... more
  • 1 week Personal Branding in Ghana – It’s your turn! ModernGhana -Opinion
    Personal Branding in Ghana It 39;s quite easier now talk about personal branding than it used to be about 7 years ago. Today, several individuals known and unknown have risen to the iconic stage of personal branding. Putting their name and influence into profitable and impactful ventures. Graduates, CEOs, and celebrities alike are paying more critical attention to their personalities, lifestyles, and brands. Many have embraced the importance of building their brands as an asset to leverage. ... more
  • 1 week Yesterday’s God Prophets Versus Today’s Self-proclaimed Prophets ModernGhana -Opinion
    I quite understand the reason many people are losing faith in religion, therefore, prefer to be neutral or keep away from any religious doctrine. Because too much religion has brought too much confusion and the worst part of the religion today is the booming of mushroom pastors each one of them wants to be identified as a prophet. The book of Isaiah, chapter 40:3 says: ldquo;The voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. rdquo;[/ ... more
  • 1 week The Badu Kobi Meltdown – Part 8 ModernGhana -Opinion
    The original title that I gave this column series was ldquo;Breaking Down Barriers of Nepotism Is More Practically Realizable rdquo; than breaking down ethnic stereotypes, because, ultimately, as citizens of one nation with a common destiny, as President Kwame Nkrumah is widely known to have been fond of saying, the least that can be expected of each and every one of our politicians and leaders is to constitutionally guarantee that as well as is humanly possible, every bona fide Ghanaian citize ... more
  • 1 week Granted, Amidu has no jurisdiction over PDS, what about the Brazilian Aircraft deal? ModernGhana -Opinion
    I would like to believe that since Mr Martin Amidu has made it clear in his latest epistle that he does not have the jurisdiction to investigate the PDS case, the same applies to the dubious Brazilian Aircraft deal he once talked about inexorably. If that was the case, would he then kindly pass on any evidence at his disposal to the Attorney General for possible investigation and prosecution? If you may recall, a few years ago, Mr Amidu audaciously came out and told the good people o ... more
  • 1 week How Often Do You Communicate With God? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Why should we pray if God already has our best interest at heart? And if prayer is not important why did Jesus tell us to pray in His name? Apart from guiding our lives to the rightful goal, knowing God and understanding Him is an integral part of prayer. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, without air, we can rsquo;t survive, similarly, prayer brings God into our lives, helps to direct everything towards Him, straightens our thoughts, feelings and at the same time he ... more
  • 1 week A Look At The Free SHS Education In Ghana From The Public Health Perspective ModernGhana -Opinion
    One great challenge Dieticians and possibly most clinicians face is communicating to patients in a way they understand. The fact that our educational system uses the English Language in training health professional in the tertiary schools has created a language barrier that makes it very difficult if not impossible to perfectly translate all the medical explanations in English to most patients in the clinical setting. For example, in certain instances, the dietician may prescribe a diet and plan ... more
  • 1 week University Of Energy Being Named After K.A Busia: The Hypocrisy Of The Critics Of The Decision ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Governing Council of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, on the 3rd day of August, 2018, decided to honour the son of the soil, Kofi Abrefa Busia by naming the University after him. That decision, it must be reiterated, was taken by the Governing Council of the University and not the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Governing Councils of Universities are not dictated to, a practical example is the KNUST impasse which saw the Council 39;s decis ... more
  • 1 week Language Agenda In Britain: “Better Than HE…” And “Better Than HIM…” ModernGhana -Opinion
    Introduction When used in comparative contexts involving a pronoun, the expression better than... becomes a source of confusion and tension. For instance, many users of English find it difficult to choose, as the right expression, between better than HE... and better than HIM... Which of them is right then? Both of them are?????? Why? Below is the explanation of the answer. Theoretical Justification The correctness of both better than HE... and better than HIM... ... more
  • 1 week Should Ghana Collaborate With Estonia To Speed Up Our E-Governance Initiative In Cost-Effective Fashion? ModernGhana -Opinion
    One has often wondered why Ghana has not made our relationship with Estonia - such as it is - a top foreign policy objective. Estonia, after all, is a global leader in e-governance - and our country can gain a lot from collaborating with its enlightened leadership, in the quest to digitised our system. In the drive to enable Ghana grow and expand its e-governance ecosystem, the possibility of our country being ripped off by commercial partnerships formed between the high-level rent-seeki ... more
  • 1 week Understanding why Prophet Badu Kobi has not apologized to Ghanaian women ModernGhana -Opinion
    Over the past weeks, Prophet Badu Kobi has been the subject of many conversations on several media platforms because of his misogynistic or sexist comments about Asante, Fante and Ewe women. Gender activists, politicians and religious leaders have, in diverse ways, urged the self-proclaimed ldquo;Man of God rdquo; to apologize to Ghanaian women. Despite the numerous calls on him, the man has not done what Ghanaians (especially women) expect from him mdash;apology. Why he has not done ldquo;the ... more
  • 2 weeks Weep Not chiefs, you are the main cause of Ghana’s woes ModernGhana -Opinion
    Wonders they say shall never end, and isn rsquo;t it indeed very strange that the national house of chiefs should bemoan our inability to make progress in development after 62 years of freedom? This is likened to the proverbial fire asking the pot why she is so black? When she knows that, it is the smoke from her that has turned the once beautiful silver outlook of the pot into the ugly black outlook that she now turns around to query. Before the politics that we see today chiefs were, a ... more
  • 2 weeks The Underground Man – Part 51 ModernGhana -Opinion
    She turned around looking towards Avenor and Winners Chapel Ghana building seeing a bus terminal and goats tied to wooden posts brought from Burkina Faso or Niger down to Accra by their Muslim owners taking a closer look at the wooden structures in various shapes and sizes along the railway track. A small city inside a large city had taken constantly different shape as when houses collapsed during rainfall, people rushed to reconstruct them in one or the other way. The Odor River was full of car ... more
  • 2 weeks The Underground Man – Part 49 ModernGhana -Opinion
    That is called politics corrected Kwame his friend and pushed her back to the Accra-Tema Beach road heading for Sakumono Village to find a TroTro that would take her back to her hotel. But that is not fair , said Anna while they were standing at the junction before the railway tracks to catch the TroTro that would take them to Pentecost Church junction to see her off for the day. The white man does not want us black people to walk on water. Like opium he gives our leaders and countrie ... more
  • 2 weeks The Underground Man – Part 50 ModernGhana -Opinion
    Anna , started Joseph Mensah to count his nations problems, the problems we have now are caused by us Blacks only. Under our colonial masters corruption was low, destroying the environment unknown, laws were working, so the administration. When Madam Zille, granddaughter of the famous German artist and painter Mister Zille from Berlin said after having been Mayor of Cape Town that roads and water was in better shape back in colonial times than under the ruler ship of the ANC, she was not attac ... more
  • 2 weeks Resistance One: Leaked — Opposition Appointees Undermine Government Pro-poor Agenda, Make CDCians Beggars In Their Own Regime ModernGhana -Opinion
    The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves. mdash; Niccol ograve; Machiavelli The opposition have lost sight of our founding principles in the discomfiture and misconstruing of Liberian politics. Fortunately for us, we have a detailed map. From the Congress for Democratic Change which bears the acronym CDC, we believe that society should be built upon a fragile netw ... more
  • 2 weeks JymWrites: Dictatorship Could Be The Solution We Are Looking For, After Over 60 Years Of Democracy ModernGhana -Opinion
    Democracy we say is a system of governance where policy makers are elected by the majority to serve in their interest. In simple terms, democracy is defined as a government by the people, for the people and of the people. Either directly involved in policy making or by electing representatives, the purpose of democracy is to serve the people rsquo;s interest by representing them in power. And I think in Africa, we have confused and limited democracy to electing representatives and letting the ... more
  • 2 weeks How Whistleblowing In Sports Supports Fair, Safe And Legal Play ModernGhana -Opinion
    Whether we play, lead, spectate, sponsor or support, the world of sports touches many people rsquo;s lives in one way or another. In the sports arena, children establish self-esteem, teams build bonds that lead to long-lasting friendships and a sense of fair play is learnt that can spill over to societal good. And yet, sport is a sector that is not free of unethical behaviour. We have read about scandals related to match-fixing, corruption, sexual harassment, doping and inequality, from ... more
  • 2 weeks Asor Letters: How I got over my ex ModernGhana -Opinion
    My dearest Nadia, I did not wish to reply to your persistent questions about how I overcame my 'hot served' broken heart, because I did not want to remember what I had gone through. However, I am not oblivious to how your recent break up with Nana Yaw has affected you. Your sister tells me that you have refused to eat or to step out of the house. I understand how utterly disheartening it is to lose the love of someone, whom you dreamt of spending the rest of your life with. From the fir ... more
  • 2 weeks The Magnetism Of The Cross Of Christ ModernGhana -Opinion
    JOHN 12:31-33 Now judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out. rdquo; And if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself. rdquo; But He was saying this to indicate the kind of death by which He was to die (NASB). INTRODUCTION In the 1993 movie, ldquo;In the Line of Fire, rdquo; Clint Eastwood played Secret service agent Frank Harrigan. Harrigan had protected the life of the President for more than three d ... more
  • 2 weeks An Old Man’s Ruminations ModernGhana -Opinion
    1) The PDS Saga: It is vital that cynical commentators remember that governing parties in Ghana, will always have greedy, powerful and influential cabals of rent-seekers, at the highest reaches of all governments of the day. What matters, is that when they go too far, in their rent-seeking, the sitting President confronts them publicly. That is what has happened to the sly, powerful people promoting PDS. President Akufo-Addo deserves our respect for ensuring that PDS does not bamboozle Gh ... more
  • 2 weeks We Can Do The Impossible, Only When We Commit Ourselves To It ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Nkosuo Initiative (2019-2024) is a Local Economic Development project with a clear aim, ldquo;To strengthen, increase and diversify the income of rural dwellers at Trotor and surrounding communities. rdquo; The first phase of the community-based project (2019-2021) has seen the cultivation and processing of vegetables, specifically, Ginger, Pepper, Turmeric and Cucumber into products for Ghana and its neighbouring countries. This project is critical because over 200 smallholder coco ... more
  • 2 weeks Corruption In Ghana, The Myths And The Realities ModernGhana -Opinion
    According to transparency international, Ghana is a stable country after its transition to multi party democracy in 1992. However, every government institution in Ghana is corrupt with the worst culprits being the judicial and the police services. Ghana is the 78th least corrupt country out of 178 countries according to the 2018 corruption perception index by transparency international. On a scale of (0-highly corrupt to 100- very clean) Ghana 39;s score is 41.Corruption rank in Ghana averag ... more
  • 2 weeks Sowore And The Tangles Of Tyranny ModernGhana -Opinion
    Our Leader, Comrade Napoleon, Father of All Animals, Terror of Mankind, Protector of the Sheep-fold.. - George Orwell in Animal Farm. At times, when you wish you were disappointed, you are disappointed that you were not disappointed. I have always known Mohammadu Buhari to be a tyrant. He has always been and would always be. But for whatever reasons, I was still hoping that, by chance, just by chance, he would disappoint me by not reaching into t ... more
  • 2 weeks Where Did We Go Wrong? ModernGhana -Opinion
    I am not too sure whether Major Kofi Baah Bentum (retired) was my junior in the Army, but even so, since he retired as a major, let me, Captain, salute him sir All correct I read your piece, above titled, on Page 7 issue of the Tuesday 6th August 2019 edition of the Daily Graphic. Your question is very sad: WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? As I was reading your article, my mind went back to 1976. I was then a third year law student at the University of Ghana, Legon, and we attende ... more
  • 2 weeks Unemployment, Societal Pressure And Crime ModernGhana -Opinion
    Kofi, have you taken the leftover food I kept in the fridge? Have you taken the coins I left on the table?.... These and many more are the few funny but annoying questions an unemployed young man has to answer everyday of his life until he gets a job. Imagine your mother waking you up from an afternoon nap, only to ask whether you saw the one who took the bucket of water she put at the entrance of the bath room or your sister asking whether you have seen her panties she hanged on the dry line ... more
  • 2 weeks American ‘Friendship’ With Africa ModernGhana -Opinion
    Recently the leadership of the United States of America made considerable active efforts to consolidate its influence in Africa with the purpose of weakening the states of the region rsquo;s cooperation in various spheres. Working visits of the officials, businessmen and representatives of NGO became frequent. Numerous favorable contracts and agreements are offered. Various grants are allocated under the pretext of assistance. Humanitarian actions are carried out. Behind all of this there is e ... more
  • 2 weeks Lear Sharibu: Some Of The Facts That Will Count ModernGhana -Opinion
    It has always been said that religion is the opium of the world rsquo;s people. And it is in this context that I want to remember Lear Sharibu today, the innocent young 14-year old student who, along with her other school mates, was kidnapped by gunmen from their school in Dapchi two years ago. When I first wrote about Lear in the Nigerian Voice newspaper edition of 27 June 2018, in an article titled: ldquo;In the spirit of brotherhood, free Lear Sharibu now rdquo;, I noted that it wa ... more
  • 2 weeks Will Facebook’s Digital-Currency Heighten Cyber-Attacks On Banks? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Facebook; arguably, the world rsquo;s most popular social media company, is set to roll-out a global currency and financial infrastructure by 2020. This digital currency targets the world rsquo;s unbanked population, many of whom are in developing countries. The cryptocurrency, moniker- Libra, is set to become a single most remarkable attempt to deepen peer-to-peer currency transaction through blockchain techniques. Libra is envisioned to provide an alternative financial system that will make it ... more
  • 2 weeks When God’s Gift Of Childbirth Delays ModernGhana -Opinion
    The excitement with which we look forward to marriage can be overwhelming. This is evident in the pre-wedding photoshoots, the colourful invitation cards, bachelorette nights, breath taking decorations and wedding receptions. Most newly married couples understandably look forward eagerly to having children. Apart from couples, their respective in-laws, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and church members have expectations that one day the couple would be blessed with children. The expectat ... more
  • 2 weeks The Cry Of Ghanaian Nurse ModernGhana -Opinion
    The cry of the Ghanaian nurse The cry of the Ghanaian nurse Who hears the cry of the nurse Enrolled Nurse/Community Health Nurse undergoes two years training and is a certificate holder. Staff Nurse/Midwife under goes three years training and is a diplomat holder Nursing/Midwife Officer under goes four years training and is a degree holder All these categories of nurses work together day and night as a team to save life and nurse the patient to gets well and go back home to hi ... more
  • 2 weeks The Badu Kobi Meltdown – Part 6 ModernGhana -Opinion
    Several times, my cousin the evangelist and former keyboard player for the popular 1970s dance band, Adam rsquo;s Apple, must have veered sharply and dangerously towards suicide, the bosom friend of the most severely tormented and tortured of souls. Which was why in the late summer of 1995, when I returned to New York City, after a year rsquo;s teaching stint as a Visiting Lecturer at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, my parents promptly advised me, the next day, to consider ta ... more
  • 2 weeks How Politics Has Affected the Efficacy of Law and Institutions in Ghana. Doe Donatus ModernGhana -Opinion
    Day in day out, Laws are passed in Ghana, and institutions have also been established to execute laws. Elementary understanding of politics will help know that laws are meant to address certain problems in society and institutions are at the forefront of law making and its implementation. The point of having bodies such as Parliament, the executive and the judiciary is to ensure for the development of society that is predictable, orderly and positioned for socio economic development. The esse ... more
  • 2 weeks Congratulations To The KNUST’s Matilda Asantewaa Sampong And Emilee Otoo Quayson ModernGhana -Opinion
    One 39;s humble advice to the Ministry of Business Development, organizers of the annual Presidential Pitch for young Ghanaian entrepreneurs, is that they must work quickly to contact Amy Peake 39;s NGO, Loving Humanity (Email: amy@lovinghumanity.org.uk Phone: 44 7788202069), on behalf of this year 39;s winners, Matilda Asantewaa Sampong and Emilee Otoo Quayson, of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). It so happens that the UK-based NGO, Loving Humanity, sells c ... more
  • 2 weeks Would Sacking CID Boss-Maame Tiwaa Addo Danquah Over the Taadi Girls’ Investigation Be Justified and Fulfilling? ModernGhana -Opinion
    ldquo;My mother wishes me to let Lord Eddard join the Night 39;s Watch... stripped of all titles and powers, he would serve the realm in permanent exile. And my Lady Sansa has begged mercy for her father. But they have the soft hearts of women... so long as I 39;m your King treason shall never go unpunished Ser Ilyn, bring me his head The above were the words of King Joffrey in the world rsquo;s most watched TV Series, Game of Thrones, before Eddard Stark rsquo;s head was cut off, in fr ... more
  • 2 weeks Martin Amidu Writes: The OSP Has No Jurisdiction To Investigate Financial And Ecomomic Crimes – The PDS Case ModernGhana -Opinion
    The past week has seen a situation where the jurisdiction of the Office of the Special Prosecutor has, probably with all good intentions, been misrepresented, to the public and creating in their minds the belief that the Office has power to investigate and prosecute fraud, and generally financial and economic crimes. Such continued misrepresentation of the jurisdiction of the Office to the public is responsible in part for the acceptance by some members of the public that the Office is no ... more
  • 2 weeks Ghanaians demand justice: Why are the alleged conspirators in Woyome’s case walking freely? ModernGhana -Opinion
    Some of us, as a matter of fairness, are in acquiescence with the well-meaning Ghanaians who have been urging the powers that be to probe and arraign the alleged conspiratorial plotters in Woyome rsquo;s dubious judgement debt payment before the law courts. In fact, every patriotic Ghanaian must shrill and thrill over the exciting news that the Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Alfred Benin, has ordered that some identified properties of the litigious businessman, Alfred Woyome, be s ... more
  • 2 weeks CSOs In Ghana Calling For Decriminalization Of Drug Use ModernGhana -Opinion
    The criminalization of drug use and possession has led to the arrest, prosecution, and incarceration of thousands of Ghanaians across the country. Faced with over-jealous justice system, social, health, and economic costs of criminalization, Ghana rsquo;s drug law over the years has disenfranchised many young men and women, especially those who use drugs. A person caught with one joint of marijuana or 0.05grams of cocaine can spend the next 10 years in prison. This law has caused more harm than ... more
  • 2 weeks Religious Public Holidays Discriminate Against Non-Believers And Religious Minorities ModernGhana -Opinion
    Observance of religious public holidays in Nigeria is discriminatory and highlights the official exclusion of nonbelievers and religious minorities. Every year, the government declares several days are work-free days for Nigerians of all faiths and none. Incidentally, these are mostly Christian and Islamic religious public holidays. These are days to mark key Christian and Islamic religious feasts, Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, Eid el Kabir, Eid el Fitr, Eid el Maulud, etc. In many cases, t ... more
  • 2 weeks Djokoto’s Diary: Partisans singing the blues. ModernGhana -Opinion
    The Akufo-Addo government, despite the overwhelming support it received from trusting Ghanaians, has brought the virtuous craft of nation-building into great disrepute. There are many enterprising young Ghanaians, within the rank and file of the New Patriotic Party, that looked up to candidate Akufo-Addo and his prospective government as the much needed intellectual-front that would deliver progress. It has become quite clear that this isn 39;t the case. Today, a drive around town aft ... more
  • 2 weeks Abomination In Berekum ModernGhana -Opinion
    Time Check: 0800 hours, GMT, Friday 2nd August 2019 AD. Donald Trump, the buccaneering President of resurgent ndash; USA was probably deeply asleep in the White House, Washington DC. At about the same time controversial Brexit Prime Minister Boris Johnson was probably having breakfast at No. 10 Downing Street London, ready to go to work. In Accra Ghana 39;s enterprising President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, most probably getting ready to leave his Nima residence for Ju ... more
  • 2 weeks The 4 Deadly Sins Of China In Africa ModernGhana -Opinion
    Why are the Chinese breaking the rules in Africa, yet they don rsquo;t tolerate crime in their country? There are many people around the world, including the Chinese, who believe Africa has weak laws, porous borders, and security and therefore, is the right place probably, to commit a crime and escape punishment. Are they right? The fact that after colonialism, African leaders now depend on the Chinese government towards the continent rsquo;s development, some Chinese nationals have ta ... more
  • 2 weeks Your LIMITATIONS? ModernGhana -Opinion
    While striving to make a difference, the setbacks you may encounter are inevitable. Find out how to overcome these challenges you face. The man in the future is not the many things he has achieved but the overcoming impedance he has encountered in his path of life. Life is a sum total of the daily victories and challenges you encounter, either to break you or to make you. What you are experiencing now or what is to come is dependent on you. Life is 10? what you make it, the 90? is how y ... more
  • 2 weeks Should President Akufo-Addo Deal With The PDS Scandal In Ruthless Fashion – Because It Threatens His Legacy For Good Governance?  ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is extraordinary that those wealthy and influential Ghanaians who sought to take over the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), using the special purpose vehicle, Power Distribution Services (PDS), still think that a controversial U.S. Millenium Challenge Corporation power-sector project in Ghana, which is funded by U.S. taxpayers and has a whiff of scandal around it, will not eventually come under the scrutiny of the ultra-right politicians who now control the U.S. federal government. It wi ... more
  • 2 weeks Ghana Is Not the Property of Kwame Nkrumah ModernGhana -Opinion
    A couple of hours ago, I came across an opinion piece captioned ldquo;Adulterated History Has No Place in Modern Ghana rdquo; (Modernghana.com 8/6/19). The article had the byline of a Mr. Baba Musah, and directly below it was one of the standard file-portraits of President Kwame Nkrumah. So, it was quite clear that the writer intended to pick a gratuitous fight with the decision by the Akufo-Addo-led government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to rectify the proprietary arrogance of the Nkrumai ... more
  • 2 weeks 10 Things The Youth Must Truly Know About The Covenant-Breaking Akufo Addo Govt!!! ModernGhana -Opinion
    The National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party has in an attempt to hoodwink unsuspecting youths and others within the voting age bracket to the side of the clueless, inept and lying Akufo Addo regime has launched a series dubbed ldquo;The Youth Must Know rdquo;. In response to what Henry Nana Boakye had launched and to let the Youth know what the reality within this 2,5 years is, there is a catalogue of issues; massive jobless-ness through banks collapse, excessive taxation l ... more
  • 2 weeks Caught in the Strait ModernGhana -Opinion
    It is clear that the United Kingdom could not have thought this through. Was it a touch of the Suez jitters, the haunting syndrome of 1956 leaving a false impression that the Old Empire still had it? To taunt a power already under the watchful and punitive eye of the United States was never a recipe for equanimity and calm repose. But taunt they did, using 30 Royal Marines to detain an Iranian tanker Grace I in Gibraltar last month. The official justification was unconvincing: the need to enf ... more
  • 2 weeks Mr. Braimah, “Militia in the Heart of the Nation” Was Maliciously Disgusting ModernGhana -Opinion
    I read the analysis by Mr. Sulemana Braimah, the Executive-Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), of the verdict delivered by the adjudication or arbitration committee, the Dear Reader may choose his/her pick, of the National Media Commission (NMC), with the same feeling of d eacute;j agrave;-vu with which one invariably greets a predictable or predetermined conclusion. You see, for me as a journalist with practical experience going back almost as long as the age of the narrato ... more
  • 2 weeks The Vashti In Us ModernGhana -Opinion
    If it please the king, let there go a royal commandment from him, and let it be written among the laws of the Persians and the Medes, that it be not altered, That Vashti come no more before king Ahasuerus; and let the king give her royal estate unto another that is better than her. Esther:1:19. Reading from verse 1, Queen Vashti was adored by her husband but she took his love for granted; she did things she wasn 39;t supposed to do and even disrespected the king in the presence of his subor ... more
  • 2 weeks Beware, Behind The Sanctimonious Beneath, There Is Boiling Dirt ModernGhana -Opinion
    Aristotle had said ldquo;you will never do anything in the world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. rdquo; Great leaders have come and gone, but their legacies live on because of their courage and sacrifice to mankind. And I am talking about leaders like Sun Yat-sen, the first President of China, referred to as the ldquo;Father of the Nation rdquo;; Lenin of Russia, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, etc. In America, the First Continental Con ... more
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