• 12 months Rami Baitie writes…Waakye MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    When you ask someone to suggest a topic for a post on your blog and they say, "Waakye", you have to wonder if they are serious. She answered immediately, without hesitation, and with a straight face. ... more
  • 12 months Reporting kidnapping, child abuse – Thumbs up for media MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    It has been two past weeks of serious and worrying impunities, the type that causes irreparable heartaches and numbness to loved ones.  ... more
  • 12 months If Ghana burned, it did so under Mills, Mahama not Nana Addo [Article] CNR -Opinion
    Dear Dr. Valerie Sawyerr, I have read a piece written by you in which you have virtually lambasted the clergy and civil society organizations for what you describe as their deafening silence in the wake of the violent skirmishes that erupted during the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election. Your mysterious affinity for hypocrisy can well be detected in this piece of yours. You are unable to fathom why Ghana is burning but for some strange reasons, the clergy, especially, has kept a distance from the matter since, as you claim, they have refused to chastise the Akufo-Addo administration for what transpired ... more
  • 12 months MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Why Akufo-Addo’s peace hymn is worse than Mahama’s war song MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Our sages of old were right when they taught us that an elder who sits at home and allows children to eat python will not be left out when the roll call of python eaters is conducted. ... more
  • 12 months Ghana election: Might is right MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    In a personal, domestic, official, believing, politics, love or any kinds of daily affairs in our life, the truth is that, and we should be fair and bold to accept, might is right. ... more
  • 12 months Testimonies from Kigali, lessons for Ghana II: The menace of teenage pregnancy MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Teenage Pregnancy must be viewed as a public health emergency with a red flag ... more
  • 12 months A papertiger housing a tiger: the case of Ghana’s Parliament MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    If we were to rewind the clock into the past, we would have realized that the speeches of the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, are always of grave concern to discerning Ghanaians. ... more
  • 12 months Political vigilantism and 2020 elections MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    If there is any subject that has caused so much public stir, then it is the rampant occurrence of acts of political vigilantism.  ... more
  • 12 months A letter to Valerie Sawyerr: If Ghana burnt, then it did so under Mills/Mahama, not Akufo-Addo! MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Your mysterious affinity for hypocrisy can well be detected in a piece of yours. ... more
  • 12 months Do animals feel grief? MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    ... more
  • 12 months Adam Bonaa’s 21 questions for National Security and gov’t MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    I am a citizen of Ghana and my name is ADAM BONAA and I have 21 Questions the National Security and government must answer. ... more
  • 12 months Social protection for young urban women and the informal economy MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Ghana, as of many other countries, has laws governing both the employer and the employee to ensure they are protected against labour-related abuses. ... more
  • 12 months Planting for Food & Jobs revolutionizes agriculture in Ghana [Article] CNR -Opinion
    Africa’s smallholder farmers are the vital link to the realization of the continent’s agricultural transformation, with agribusinesses sparking off job-creation and economic advancement. Sustaining and scaling progress in the sector requires investments beyond money that include greater political, policy, and financing commitments from both the public and private sector. Thus, Ghana’s flagship program, Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ), seeks to create food security and produce the raw material to feed the agro-processing industries while creating jobs in the process. “There will be such an unprecedented infusion of public resources into agriculture never before experienced in Ghana or anywhere else ... more
  • 12 months Security analyst asks gov’t 21 questions on masked security operatives CNR -Opinion
    Many have blamed last Thursday’s disturbances that rocked the Ayawaso West Wougon by-election on the inefficiency and poor handling of matters by National Security (NS) operatives stationed on the election grounds. The security agencies have come under intense criticisms as a result but what really went wrong? Security Analyst, Adam Bona is demanding answers and wants both the government and authorities at the National Security to answer the following 21 questions: What’s the name of the commander who led the supposed NS operatives into the deadly shootings at Labawalashie? What is the level training/Rank of the commander who leads ... more
  • 12 months Koranteng writes: Hardwork, diligence and determination reaps reward for Richard Commey CNR -Opinion
    “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill,” the great Muhammad Ali said. Ghana’s Richard Commey most definitely had the skill, catching the eye of many observers in his early days, and was touted as one of the country’s most promising boxers. But he wanted to be more than just being a promising boxer. A man carved out of the heart of the boxing heart of Ghana, Bukom, all Commey ... more
  • 12 months Ghana prioritizes agriculture for poverty reduction and job creation [Article] CNR -Opinion
    Akosua Elizabeth, is the leader of the women farmers in Asankasu in Eastern Ghana. In the new farming season, she and farmers in her region are certain of a good harvest and a surplus. In particular, Elizabeth is looking forward to replacing her thatched roof with a modern one, with the proceeds of her farming activities. The women in Asankasu are beneficiaries of the Ghana government’s Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) Program that aligns with the US$ 280 million Partnership for Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa (PIATA) – an initiative of AGRA, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda ... more
  • 12 months Valerie Sawyerr writes: Commando of the abattoir! CNR -Opinion
    Aaaaaa, ooooh, eeeeeei, aaaooow! Maaba, adεn, nuké, yaa ya, why? Are we goats, sheep, cows, or are we chickens? Is Ghana now an abattoir (slaughter house)? I heard wailing and gnashing of teeth at Ayawaso West Wuogon on January 31, 2019. The by-election left many unanswered questions and unresolved mysteries: Is it true that masked, heavily armed men masqueraded as authentic security personnel riding in military grade vehicles marked ‘Police SWAT’? Is it true that they assaulted, shot at and brutalised Ghanaian citizens all in the name of Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections? Is it true that gunshots and bullets ... more
  • 12 months Sylvester Mensah writes on Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Even though we had a by-election in just one, out of 275 constituencies in the country, the police could not assemble their men to enforce law and order, security and safety. This is extremely shocking, disconcerting and unacceptable!! ... more
  • 12 months Valerie Sawyerr writes…Commando of the Abbatoir! MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    I heard wailing and gnashing of teeth at Ayawaso West Wuogon on January 31, 2019. The by-election left many unanswered questions and unresolved mysteries: ... more
  • 12 months Celebrating illustrious sons, daughters of Ghana on appointment to international office  MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Mr. Speaker, without equivocation, the feat achieved by these illustrious Ghanaians lift high the flag and image of Ghana. ... more
  • 12 months Doctor’s spiritual liver damaged MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Be careful where you pick a lady for ‘aworrshian’ (i.e. sleeping overnight) nowadays o! ... more
  • 12 months Unlocking the value chain: Private sector lends momentum to Ghana’s Planting for Food & Jobs program[Article] CNR -Opinion
    The predominant business in rural areas is farming. In Africa, although they hold the key to ending poverty and hunger, the majority of smallholder farmers are themselves poor. Africa’s poverty reduction and food security efforts have been linked to investments in improved seeds, machinery, technologies, knowledge and training that increase productivity and open up access to markets. In Ghana, the government’s flagship program, Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ), a first in the history of the West African Country, has enrolled 600,000 farmers who have received farm inputs at half the price on the market. The Program has also made ... more
  • 12 months MANASSEH’S FOLDER: If Akufo-Addo had died in 2016 MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Dear President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo ... more
  • 12 months EU should adopt more flexible visa regimes with Africa MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    EU states should adopt more flexible visa regimes and effective migration partnerships with African countries in addressing the challenge of irregular migration from Africa. ... more
  • 12 months The withdrawal method or electoral rape? MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    I am sorry that I have to start this letter without the usual courtesies.  ... more
  • 12 months Political chauvinism: When the interest of the people are thrown to the dogs MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Ghana's elections have not been without violence. ... more
  • 12 months Farida Yusif writes: Meet the 45-year-old man ‘kicking’ all odds with ‘dead legs’ CNR -Opinion
    This is not a pity story; this is a story of hardworking Nigerien immigrant who solely depends on the upper part of his body to support his wife and six children. Yahuza Muhammadu is a 45-year-old man who lost movement in both of his legs at the age of three, shortly after an ailment his mother wrongly diagnosed as malaria for a week. Yahuza migrated from his home nation because the part of Niger he comes from is predominantly occupied by farmers and he didn’t have the luxury to be a farmer. Before settling in Ghana, he had lived in ... more
  • 12 months Value addition in Africa is futile unless coupled with increased intra-Africa trade MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Studies show that a substantial share of Africa’s regional trade, some 30 to 40 per cent,  is informal. ... more
  • 12 months Globalization 4.0: Prospects and risks for Africa MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    The 2019 World Economic Forum was themed ‘Globalization 4.0’, an appropriate topic for discussion in this interconnected fourth industrial revolution era. ... more
  • 12 months Okada and crime: what is the link? MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    People are yet to appreciate the value of life. If not, what will make anybody entrust this life into the hands of an ill-fitted Okada, driven by a rather careless and callous person who himself cares not much about his own, knowing that life cannot be bought or be replaced? Why? ... more
  • 12 months Coaching Ghana’s technology transformation and innovation blueprint MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    There are many theories postulated for ensuring a technologically transformed and innovative economy. One of such theories is, find winners and invest in them. ... more
  • 12 months Nana Addo-Mahama: The battle against a one-term presidency [Article] CNR -Opinion
    The New Patriotic Party’s best shot in the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections is His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, and the best shot for the National Democratic Congress is His Excellency former President John Dramani Mahama. Presently, these two, are Ghana’s best shots. These two, are the ones the masses will fight for any time, any day, anywhere. These two, are the ones the citizens will form long queues in the scorching sun to vote for, and most will do so on empty stomachs, and will only eat after the declaration of electoral results. These two, party fanatics will ... more
  • 12 months Jude Duncan writes: ‘Nana Addo goofed; persons with disabilities are Ghanaians too’ CNR -Opinion
    In a country where most public spaces are not disability friendly, a country where physically challenged persons do not have an enabling environment to realize their aspirations, comments by the first gentleman of the land suggesting that only people like them can’t see and hear about Government’s efficiency are appalling, to say the least. President Nana Akufo-Addo yesterday, in his bid to ensure his party retains the Ayawaso West Wuogon Parliamentary seat previously occupied by the late Emmanuel Kyeremanteng Agyarko, said it was only the blind and deaf who couldn’t see the promises his Government is currently fulfilling. “We came ... more
  • 12 months Of hereditary jobs and politics MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    A few days ago, I watched a video clip of an angry young woman threatening hell and damnation against the President of the Republic. ... more
  • 12 months Modus Operandi of a Ponzi scheme: Red flags to note MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Fraudulent investments always promise a higher rate of return which is usually above the industry prevailing rate to sweeten the pot.  ... more
  • 12 months Automation in Africa and future of your job MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    While I believe the popular projection of people losing their jobs to automation in 2030 can only be the fears of the developed world, it is possible that Africa needs only a few years added to 2030 to enter into same fears. ... more
  • 12 months Djokoto’s Diary: Government on the ropes! MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    The first of April should be a holiday dedicated to citizens as a reminder of what our government does to us for the other 364 days of the year, especially when the President takes his whole Republic for a vast practical joke ... more
  • 12 months Simpa Panyin: I want to vote for NPP’s Maa Lydia MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Sometimes I don’t get certain things well. People are stealing in this country, and most of these people are in positions of authority, in Parliament, as ministers, in the church, in the mosques, and are everywhere being celebrated. ... more
  • 12 months Rahman hopes to hit reset button with Reims move CNR -Opinion
    Baba Rahman had his customary electric smile during his unveiling as a player for Ligue 1 side Stade de Reims. It was good to see considering there has been very little to smile about in the career of the 24 year old left back in the past two years. A horrible knee injury while on national team duty with Ghana at the AFCON in 2017 was the start of a nightmare period for Rahman. It left him unable to make an impression on Antonio Conte at Chelsea, a club not known for its patience with players even those who arrive ... more
  • 12 months Journalists’ lives matter too MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Journalism, also referred to as the Noble Profession of the Ink, is not a well-paying job, but it comes with fame and social prestige. ... more
  • 12 months Should corruption be legalised in Ghana? MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Ghana is blessed with a lot of resources largely categorised under both human and natural among several other endowments, yet we lack behind so far as development is concerned. ... more
  • 12 months Ethical leadership and ethics must attract national attention MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Developmental efforts have been pursued without adequate attention to ethical leadership and sound work ethics for some time now. ... more
  • 12 months Richard Commey: The wounded warrior with a second shot at making history CNR -Opinion
    It was a long, frustrating and excruciating wait for Ghanaians just to be able to lay claim to a world champion. Eight years it took, and then the brilliant Isaac Dogboe answered every Ghanaian’s prayer in April last year by claiming the WBO Super Bantamweight title, only for the crown to be painfully snatched away eight months later. Alexander Graham Bell famously said; when one door shuts, another opens, and the boxing gods have presented Ghana with yet another opportunity to shine – not through Dogboe this time, but lightweight boxer Richard Commey. A man carved out of the boxing ... more
  • 12 months Key issues for development in newly created Oti Region MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    The people of Oti region are grateful to the government of the day and the traditional rulers of the territory for making the long-awaited dream come true. ... more
  • 12 months Censor on confidence: A subtle weapon against our development MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    I know I’m not haughty and I abhor people who look down on others.  But consistently I have heard the question, 'who do you think you are?’ quite often.  ... more
  • 12 months UEW at the crossroads again MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    ​​​​​​​This statement is for all students, professors, senior lecturers, lecturers, management, all staff and alumni of the University of Education, and all indigenes of Winneba. ... more
  • 12 months The use of satellite imagery in the SDGs reporting MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    In 2015, Ghana adopted the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and indicators framework, for monitoring its progress towards the goals.   ... more
  • 12 months MANASSSEH’S FOLDER: The unknown child Agyarko fathered MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    It is said that if you want to know more about yourself, enter politics. Once you announce your intention to contest a political position, you will hear stories about your great maternal uncle who once borrowed from his mother’s cousin and did not pay back.. ... more
  • 12 months What is cultural about a competent widow contesting for a Parliamentary seat? MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    I have heard some people who portray themselves as advocates of culture say that Madam Lydia Seyram Alhassan need not contest the seat of Ayawaso West Wuogon because she is culturally expected to mourn her late husband. ... more
  • 12 months Adogla writes: Helpless residents wish for potholes as dust takesover Teshie-Spintex road CNR -Opinion
    In November 2018, some residents of Teshie Tsuibleoo made a noble attempt to shake the table by demanding that work on the road that connects Teshie to Spintex be completed. On any other weekend, the agitations would have probably fallen on deaf ears. But the earlier fortnight of tragedy and anger at deaths on the Madina-Adenta highway, meant even whispers about road protests had the government on edge. So the state reacted. Within days, a section of the 7.5km road had been scraped clean, like the head of a man trying to hide his receded hairline. A morsel of hope was ... more
  • 12 months Crimes: Allow the systems to work MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    In a country where the security system seems compromised by past and present government, it has become thus irrelevant in dealing with state issues pertaining to the murder of Ghanaians. ... more
  • 12 months Dagbang: They are now jobless; do not employ them again MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    I write with a heart thrilling with joy. The reason is simple: the protracted conflict in Dagbang has come to an end. ... more
  • 12 months Ethical leadership, ethics need more attention in Ghana’s development [Article] CNR -Opinion
    Developmental efforts have been pursued without adequate attention to ethical leadership and sound work ethics for some time now. The assumption is that if we have the right developmental policies/programmes and availability of financial resources we will be able to accomplish our developmental aspirations and political manifestoes. Ethical leadership and sound work ethics have not attracted bigger space in public discourse, public policy formulations and national developmental efforts. It has been public knowledge that our highly professionals and experts are supervising construction of shoddy roads and other public buildings. Fake drugs and other sub-standard products have found their way into ... more
  • 12 months History of the Dagbon State [Article] CNR -Opinion
    Dagbon was founded by a warrior called Tohazie (Red Hunter) who hailed from Zamfara in Northern Nigeria from the 1400s to 1600s. Tohazie was a very brave hunter who mastered the art of archery… Dagbon was founded by a warrior called Tohazie (Red Hunter) who hailed from Zamfara in Northern Nigeria from the 1400s to 1600s. Tohazie was a very brave hunter who mastered the art of archery. On arrival in the Mali Empire, he settled in a village in the middle of a drought. The only source of water for the people was a river that was taken over ... more
  • 12 months My little left hand; learning to appreciate child southpaws [Article] CNR -Opinion
    In life, people choose to take different lessons from what happens to them. My childhood memories are characterized with living away from my biological parents on many occasions. The earliest one I remember was when I was in kindergarten. I lived with my extended family; grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins. We all lived in the family house. That was when my school teacher succeeded in forcefully making me use my right hand in writing although I was more comfortable using my left hand; I was born a southpaw! No one noticed my struggle with using my right hand. No one ... more
  • 12 months Enskinment of Ya Na: And pictures spoke eloquent peace than words MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    The saying is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is refreshing that Dagbon kingdom is in the news for all the right reasons after its 17 years waiting for an overlord.  ... more
  • 12 months History of the Dagbon State MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Dagbon was founded by a warrior called Tohazie (Red Hunter) who hailed from Zamfara in Northern Nigeria from the 140 ... more
  • 12 months Laying a Blueprint for Building Digital-Ready Ghana in the Era of Digital Orthodoxy (Article) CNR -Opinion
    Innovation is fast becoming an entrepreneurial catch-all term. From the polished studios of DAVOS to modest lecture halls, the innovation conversation echoes across different spaces hosting the development fireside. One question often asked is, what is the role of the State in all this? Do we all follow the blueprints of lead States like the USA or can we kick away the ladder of foreign prescriptions and pursue a path that is dynamically bespoke. A path that mimics our intrinsic realities to deliver optimum value to the members of our society who live our realities on a day to day ... more
  • 12 months ‘Akpene Diata Hoggar’, Exclusive Q&A with Miss Universe Ghana 2018 MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Akpene Diata Hoggar dazzled us all with her striking beauty, radiant eloquence and exquisite style when she represented Ghana at the renowned international pageant, Miss Universe 2018, held in Thailand last year. ... more
  • 12 months Akwetey Police Bonglo MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    S.O – ‘so’, G.O –‘so’ T.O – ‘So’! Everything – ‘So’! Hahahaha! Today +233 go jorm roff with JOY FM’s poems and rhymes! ... more
  • 12 months K.A. Gbedemah – A political colossus MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Komla Agbeli ‘Afro Gbede’ Gbedemah of Anyako was a revolutionary youth activist and an iconic statesman who, as a senior architect of both the modern Ghanaian state and Republic, played a critical role in shaping the political landscape of our nation for decades. ... more
  • 12 months A dose of TRUTH: The police are inundated, leave them alone MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    How can you blame the police for all these issues, it probably is just too much to ask of them. Leave them alone. ... more
  • 12 months Umaru Sanda Writes: My journey through the ‘Zootopia’ called USA CNR -Opinion
    In any serving of a meal of ‘waakye’ worth its salt, you’d find at least 10 elements that combine to make it mouthwatering and deserving of the title, “Ameriya Waakye”. In your plate, there’s rice, beans, kawe (saltpeter), coloured leaves (dye), salt, kanzo and water, for just the base of the meal. And then for the stew/gravy, you have tomatoes, oil, pepper, seasoning, name the rest. Then in the shito, you have dried fish, oil, and only God knows what else. Then you have the protein involving anything from meat, fish, wagashie (Dairy product), egg, wele, name them. If I ... more
  • 12 months Jonas Nyabor writes: Bleeding roads; the major highways killing Ghanaians CNR -Opinion
    The rate of road accidents in the country is on the ascendency, and will soon reach an alarming height if radical measures are not put in place to check the major factors that contribute to the unpleasant development. Worse than the mere occurrence of motor accidents in the country, is the fact that many of the country’s vibrant and economically active population perish through them. Having gathered and analyzed data on road accidents in the country for nine consistent years, it is certain that the factors that promote road accidents in the country have prevailed over the years. After a ... more
  • 12 months National Cathedral: To build or not to build? MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    "God at the  mercy of politicians and the clergy,” Amarkine Amarteifio, Artist, 2018 ... more
  • 12 months Ghana’s Free SHS system: Realizing tomorrow’s dreams for the country MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    The education and preparation must begin at the primary and secondary levels to define the projectile for advancing human capacity and capability. ... more
  • 12 months Building a personal brand to fit into the corporate brand MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Who we are will not always be appropriate for business. That is why we must deliberately identify what the market wants and become it for the sake of business.  ... more
  • 12 months Bright Simons writes…Yaa Naa rides to Yani: A saga of restoration MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    When the Namo Naa, Lord of the Drummer-Poets, senses in his spirit the rise of a new Yaa Naa, a new verse rises in his ears and he can feel the hairs bristle on the ancient skins of Sitobu. ... more
  • 12 months Yaa Naa rides to Yani: A saga of restoration [Article] CNR -Opinion
    Prologue When the Namo Naa, Lord of the Drummer-Poets, senses in his spirit the rise of a new Yaa Naa, a new verse rises in his ears and he can feel the hairs bristle on the ancient skins of Sitobu. He does not need to summon the Lunsi. They know to come when a new King summons all Dagbon. And this Friday, as great Allah wills, Yoo Naa Abukari Mahama shall mount the great Nam of Yani in a blaze of glory, as the 40th Yaa Naa. His ankadi will bind the rain, dry the muskets of his chomfo nima and cherlan nima, and the Lunsi knows to sing his ... more
  • 12 months Bring back our Taadi girls! MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    “Dad! Dad! Dad!” she shouted repeatedly. A father gets a distress call from his daughter. She is agitated. Her father is worried and scared for his child. The phone suddenly goes dead. She has been kidnapped. That was in August 2018. ... more
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