• 12 months The problem with the inclusion of Atewa mountain in the Ghana-Chinese deal [Article] CNR -Opinion
    My first ever formal Geography lessons in class started in 1960 at Abuakwa State College (ABUSCO), Kibi. I was in secondary Form One and the teacher was Mr Kwaku Darko (later Dr Kwaku Darko). He introduced to us the Kibi landscape including the Atewa-Atweredu range of mountains which jotted the outskirts of Kibi, ranging from Apedwa in the south to Asiakwa/ Sagyimase to the north. It was later Mr. Adams, our Physical Education or Sports Master, who, after getting us to jog at dawn from the school compound on the main Accra-Kumasi road towards the outskirts of Potroase near Amanfrom/Wirenkyiren, ... more
  • 12 months Farida Yusif writes: Newsstands and Newspapers aren’t ‘dead’ yet CNR -Opinion
    The first Newspaper I ever bought with my hard-earned cash, just joking, the little money my parents gave me to buy sweets and cookies in primary school so I don’t beg my colleagues for theirs, was Junior Graphic. Even then, you were forced to buy a copy, otherwise, you’d better put on your ‘Odeshi’ cloak and prepare your buttocks for some hot lashes. Honestly, I basically grew behind televisions and computers, and in the internet café. For those of us whose parents could not afford broadband internet at home, we were saved by the neighbourhood internet café. Having the opportunity ... more
  • 12 months Ghana police: An opportunity to retool, trigger reform MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Recently, the police have been in the news for (mostly) all the bad reasons. Kidnappings, armed robbery, fraud, and murder have been dominating the media. ... more
  • 12 months Making a meal of Ahmed’s murder, NDC’s politics of opportunism MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Even those who made the call wearing credibility gowns will not want to be seen espousing the same view with the NDC for fear of not being taken seriously. ... more
  • 12 months Simpa Panyin: The killings shall continue when ‘Powertics’ meets ‘Monetics’ MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    The last one year or so has been gruesome. We began the year 2018 with Winneba waking up to a shock, of the murder of a woman who was believed to be returning home from town. ... more
  • 12 months A short history of the creation of regions in Ghana CNR -Opinion
    First, there were five. And now there will be sixteen! Ghana is made up of four, somewhat disjointed, units. First, there was the Crown Colony consisting of all the coastal areas of present-day Ghana. Formal official British control of this area can be dated to the Bond of 1844 which laid the legal foundation for British colonization of the coastal areas. The Ashantis, who had been fighting a series of wars with the British for control of the coast, were finally defeated in 1896 and forced to become a Protectorate of the British Crown. The Ashantis rebelled again in 1900 ... more
  • 12 months The Menzgold mess is a symptom of serious cultural sickness In Ghana MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Actually, the culture of greediness born out of get-rich-quick tendencies, and lack of embracing the consequences of our choices are troublingly baffling. ... more
  • 12 months A short history of the creation of regions in Ghana MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    First, there were five. And now there will be sixteen! ... more
  • 12 months The temple of God MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    Before the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ, God used the Ark as the symbol of his presence among the Israelites. ... more
  • 12 months Arthur Kennedy writes…Crisis in Ghana’s financial sector MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    The financial sector experienced a turbulent 2018; while Menzgold seized the headlines, a lot happened with implications far beyond our banking and financial sectors. ... more
  • 12 months Finding beauty in the ugly death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    How did we get here? Are we no longer the beacon of African peace? What happened? Unemployment, I mean youth unemployment.  That is how to manufacture a crime. How many criminals are gainfully employed in Ghana? ... more
  • 1 year A visit to the grotto of Sainte Baume; a tourist’s experience (Article) CNR -Opinion
    It was more than an hour’s drive from the hotel. Our hearts were set on the pilgrimage to the cave on the mount of Sainte Baume in Marseille, France. This is where the best friend of our Lord Jesus had dwelt making intercession in fellowship with our risen Lord for 30 years before she was laid to rest. This was La Grotte de St. Marie Madaleine (The Grotto of Mary Magdalene): The blessed maid; the most loved who sat next to the Lord at supper; the anointed one who anointed and wiped His feet with her hair before His ... more
  • 1 year GHANBATT female engagement team boosts image of Ghana in UN operations in DRC CNR -Opinion
    Female Soldiers of the Ghana Armed Forces have performed ground breaking roles in the ongoing peace operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).Showcasing this, female military personnel are gradually shifting from service support role as previously undertaken to a more complex operational roles in peace operations. This accentuates the fact that the role of female soldiers have evolved within the modern concept of Multi-Dimensional Peace Operations.The Ghana Battalion (GHANBATT) Female Engagement Team (FET) deployed in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Congo (MONUSCO) epitomizes such an evolution with the deployment of female soldiers in combat roles. The Team composed of ... more
  • 1 year Ahmed murder: ‘State failure’ among MFWA’s critical issues impeding safety of journalists MyJoyOnline -Opinion
    On Wednesday, January 16, Ahmed Hussein-Suale was shot and killed by unknown gunmen. ... more
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