• 10 months How to whiten the teeth using banana peels Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Yes, it sounds odd, but you can actually use banana peels to whiten your teeth.</p> <h1>This is considered so because of the wonderful source of minerals and vitamins the banana peel contains in it that makes it so very essential in teeth whitening. To use, find a perfectly ripe banana, one that does not have brown spots is great.</h1> <p class=""><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/food-travel/how-to-prepare-beef-burger-id8734027.html" id="ae6315ee-f6bd-489c-a543-b70b83e4138d">Pulse.com.gh</a> shows you how to whiten the teeth using banana peels.</p> <h2>1. Peel the banana</h2> <p class="">Choose a banana with no spot. you want it to be ripe (as this is when it contains the most minerals) ... more
  • 10 months 5 natural ways to remove black spots at home Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Try some of these clever natural solutions.</p> <h1>Black spots are left after acne is treated and its prevalent amongst almost all teenagers during puberty.</h1> <p class="">For many black spot sufferers, the prospect of living blemish-free can easily lead to a medicine cabinet full of chemical creams and oral medications.</p> <p class="">While these treatments may offer immediate and powerful results, they also tend to carry a long list of side-effects. For those who desire a safe alternative to get rid of the scars left behind from pimples and acne, try some of these clever natural solutions.</p> <p class="">Aloe vera gel is ... more
  • 10 months Try this diet plan that’s as effective as intermittent fasting Pulse -LS
    <p class="">New research shows that fasting intermittently makes you cognitively sharper and that's in addition to reducing your risk of chronic disease.</p> <h1>Cutting calories through intermittent fasting or daily, long-term calorie restriction can sound controversial, but it's a diet technique that's been around for awhile, and gaining steam lately.</h1> <p class="">New research even shows that fasting intermittently makes you cognitively sharper and that's in addition to reducing your risk of chronic disease and possibly even lengthening your life.</p> <p class="">But if the thought of chronic fasting leaves you a little scared, there's good news.</p> <p class="">You might be able to get some of ... more
  • 10 months Visiting a partner unannounced: Can it ever be wrong? Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Would you be OK with a partner regularly visiting without prior information?</p> <h1>I was in church the other day and my Pastor, Rev Deji Olabode of the Enthronement House Christian Center, as an aside to what he was originally talking about, mentioned that ladies in committed relationships should make unannounced visits to their partner’s houses occasionally.</h1> <p class="">Obviously, what that implies is that cheating partners will likely become discovered before the relationship turns to a marriage.</p> <p class="">Unannounced visits provide a slim chance of getting to know what a partner does behind your back. And if cheating is one ... more
  • 10 months Egg sauce: How to prepare delicious breakfast recipe Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Egg Sauce is a popular Nigerian food made with eggs, tomatoes, peppers, onions and vegetable oil.</p> <h1>Egg sauce is an easy-to-prepare Nigerian sauce made by sautéing tomatoes and eggs. It is usually served as a</h1> <p class=""><strong>Cooking time</strong>: 20 minutes</p> <p class=""><strong>Nutrition</strong>: Contains lots of vitamin C, vitamin A and calcium. Also high in fat.</p> <p class=""><strong>Recipe Yield</strong>: Serves 2</p> <h3>Ingredients</h3> <p class="">3 eggs</p> <p class="">4 medium tomatoes</p> <p class="">2 balls of pepper sliced</p> <p class="">1 medium onion sliced</p> <p class="">Salt &amp; Dry Pepper (to taste)</p> <p class="">1 stock cube</p> <p class="">2 cooking spoons vegetable oil</p> <h3>Instructions</h3> <p class="">1. ... more
  • 10 months 5 inexpensive foods you can eat for beautiful skin Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Add their foods to your diet to fight wrinkles, give you a better skin and generally a healthier glow.</p> <p class="">It’s true. <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/surprising-health-benefits-of-aloe-vera-juice-id8720106.html" id="6e3ec3a0-43ce-4c04-8424-1bb6b170420e">You are what you eat</a>. The easiest way to get healthy skin is by incorporating certain nutritious foods into your diet.</p> <p class="">Save money on cosmetics and skip filter if you try these natural and inexpensive foods.</p> <h2>Carrots</h2> <p class="">This vegetable has high levels of beta-carotene which is turned into Vitamin A in the body.</p> <p class="">This vitamin has been found to decrease the skin’s oil production, and there’s also some evidence that it can ... more
  • 10 months All set for Ohemaa Mercy’s “Tehillah Experience” on Sunday Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Anticipation is on an all-time high for the 6th edition of Ohemaa Mercy’s ‘Tehillah Experience’ and preparations are almost completed for a mega concert dubbed, ‘The Holy Spirit Experience’.</p> <p class="">Scheduled for this Sunday, August 11, at the ICGC Calvary Temple at 4pm, Ghanaian gospel legend, Ohemaa Mercy would be joined in worship by a legion of spirit-filled Ministers of God from Ghana; led by the legendary Elder Mireku, together with Ceccy Twum, Diana Hamilton and Joe Mettle.</p> <p class="">The fervor for ‘Tehillah Experience’ in the last couple of years has transcended the shores of Ghana and has attained ... more
  • 10 months KiDi, Kuami Eugene, Dope Nation & Veana Negasi for Rave of Thrones Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Awarding winning Ghanaian acts, KiDi, Kuami Eugene, duo Dope Nation and budding singer Veana Negasi will on Saturday, August 10, storm the Soho Night Club for the first edition of the Rave of Thrones event.</p> <p class="">The special event will also give fans the opportunity to party and interact with them.</p> <p class="">The Touch of Gold event will also see performances from reigning best DJ of the year DJ Vyrusky and would be assisted by DJ Wallpaper.</p> <p class="">According to the organizers, the event will be the first of its kind in Ghana and fans will opportunity to have ... more
  • 10 months Selina Beb Is The Next Big Face Of Fashion ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Multiple award-winning accessory designer, Selina Beb last weekend launched her plush new store and clothing line in Osu. The store which is located behind Photo Club in Osu is a one-stop-shop that caters for all womenswear clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories as well as men rsquo;s accessories. Officially opening and blessing the shop for business to start was done by Reverend Father Andrew Campbell and H.E. Ambassador Sir James K. Bebaako-Mensah. The launch event was hoste ... more
  • 10 months My girlfriend doesn’t show me off on social media, what does this mean? Pulse -LS
    <p class="">My girlfriend has never posted a picture of me on Facebook or any other media platform to show that she is in a relationship with me.</p> <p class=""><strong>Dear Bukky,</strong></p> <p class=""><strong>I have been in a relationship for over five months now.</strong></p> <p class=""><strong>I have come to love this girl very much and all I do is show her to my family and the world at large because I am proud of her.</strong></p> <p class=""><strong>On her side, she keeps on telling me that she loves me very much and she will do anything for to keep us but my girlfriend ... more
  • 10 months 5 early symptoms of cancer in men Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Knowing early symptoms of cancer can help you seek treatment sooner to better your chances of remission.</p> <ul><li>Blood in your pee or stool</li></ul> <p class="">It is very important to visit the doctor when you notice blood in your pee or stool because it could be first signs of cancer of the bladder, kidneys, or colon. Although you're more likely to have a problem that's not cancer, like hemorrhoids or a urinary infection, it's important to treat it at the early stages.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ ALSO:</strong><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/5-symptoms-of-food-poisoning-id8790469.html" id="1e82b8ed-4275-55dd-a0e8-2a4a83f5496e"> 5 symptoms of food poisoning</a></p> <ul><li>Urinary changes</li></ul> <p class="">Urinary changes may develop as ... more
  • 10 months Breastfeeding Tips For The New Age Working Moms, Striving To Strike A Balance ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The evolution in time certainly brings with it an evolution in lifestyle and these changes can be experienced on the small everyday routine levels to larger spectrums as well. One of the many changes that are very evident these days is the change that has come about in motherhood as women have gone beyond the household. While this has been an advantage especially with the financial support and exposure, it also has been a challenge for mothers to maintain a balance in both their worlds, especial ... more
  • 10 months 4 natural ways to tighten your vagina Pulse -LS
    <p class="">The cause of a loose vagina is due to the natural tearing and stretching of the vaginal walls.</p> <h1>Are you caught up in questions like “how can I make my vagina tighter?” and are looking around the internet for</h1> <p class="">It sounds like an unusual problem to have, but it’s a big issue which impacts a lot of women! Childbirth, obesity, previous gynecological surgery, frequent lifting of heavy items, these are the many causes of this vaginal condition.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ ALSO: </strong><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/how-to-increase-chances-of-a-vaginal-birth-after-cs-id8656129.html" id="e7fa8181-5876-4a67-b500-3baf44f4da7b">3 ways to increase your chances of a vaginal birth after getting a c-section</a></p> <p class="">The ... more
  • 10 months This is how to add weight in a week without taking drugs Pulse -LS
    <p class="">People get apprehensive when you mention that they've put on a little weight, but weight gain can be a very good thing. Especially if being too skinny is affecting your health. Read on to find out how to gain weight naturally in a week without drugs.</p> <h1>As strange as it may sound, there are people who are interested in</h1> <p class="">In some instances weight gain can become a priority especially if you are severely underweight or suffering from anorexia. These people tend to have a weaker immune system, low muscle mass, dull hair, skin and teeth. Some underweight women ... more
  • 10 months WordDigest: Three Requests From Asaph (3) Saved ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    .......and we shall be saved. KJV We will end the series Three requests from Asaph with saved. We will focus on saved as the last request from Asaph as far as this topic is concerned. The Hebrew word pronounced Yaw-shah 39; for saved translated from y acirc;sha means to be free or safe. The word saved is in the past tense. Asaph after the two major requests (restoration and illumination) which we discussed some weeks ago concluded with the salvation for others too. ... more
  • 10 months 5 financial responsibilities of every boyfriend Pulse -LS
    <p class="">If he wants to do what it takes to be considered a good boyfriend, there are several roles he needs to play including the ones listed in this article.</p> <ul><li>Money for wardrobe essentials</li></ul> <p class="">It is very costly to look fashionable these days. Makeup products, high heels, trendy clothes are expensive and she needs assistance to keep up her good looks that attracted you.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ ALSO:</strong><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/4-signs-your-current-relationship-will-not-last-id9076311.html" id="0ec72124-0dc5-5465-b35a-43314357373d">4 signs your current relationship will not last</a><span id="0ec72124-0dc5-5465-b35a-43314357373d" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="link">4 signs your current relationship will not last</span></p> <ul><li>Go on dates</li></ul> <p class="">It is necessary to go on dates and get ... more
  • 10 months 10 ways to have a great relationship with your mother-in-law Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Even if you don't always agree with their ways, try your best not to make things awkward for her at social gatherings. Be civil so she doesn't feel any divide between family members.</p> <p class="">Mothers-in-law can cause divorce. Most of them find it difficult to let go of their sons, as they meddle in their lives at any point in time.</p> <p class="">Married women feel their thoughts and ideas don't matter in the relationship because of their mothers-in-law constant involvement in their family issues.</p> <p class="">However, if you follow these tips, you can have a wonderful relationship with your ... more
  • 10 months Meet the black lawyer who wants to redefine the legal profession with his locks Pulse -LS
    <p class="">A black lawyer in the United States (US) has decided to keep his locks in order to redefine what it takes to be a legal practitioner.</p> <p class="">Marcus Shute Jr. grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and started growing his locks in the year 2002.</p> <p class="">The 34-year-old has deliberately refused to cut his hair in a bid to make a point that his personal appearance should not affect his professional career.</p> <p class="">According to him, he won’t cut his locks just to make his colleague lawyers feel better.</p> <p class="">Shute, who is a well sought-after lawyer, has since opened ... more
  • 10 months Meet 17-Year-Old Nana Adwoa Who Scored 8As In 2019 WASSCE ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    My parents and grandmother would always encourage me to study and pass my exams and by the help of God, I have passed my WASSCE with distinction. My classmates in Wesley Girls 39; High School always believed in me and it pushed me to learn harder. My form master, Mr. Samuel Wordui, was also a great inspiration to me. When asked what inspired her, she said 39; 39; I have always dreamt of being one of the successful women in the world making an impact and leaving a legacy. This ... more
  • 10 months How smoking weed affects your vagina, sex Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Most women may not know that smoking weed can affect their vagina and sex adversely.</p> <h1>As a female, smoking weed can affect your vagina, thus playing a huge role in the quality of sex you have.</h1> <p class="">According to research, smoking weed not only drys up your mouth, it also does the same to your vagina.</p> <p class="">This discovery was first noticed in 2009 after a survey was done on 8,650 Austrailian people in order to see if a link existed between marijuana usage and poor vaginal lubrication.</p> <p class="">Dr. <strong>Julie Holland</strong>, author of “Moody Bitches: The Truth About ... more
  • 10 months 3 reasons why you should apply lime juice on your face Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Whether taken orally or applied topically, lime has amazing skin benefits.</p> <h1>Lime juice is enriched with Vitamin C. It contains many other important nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, Choline, Phosphorus, and Betaine.</h1> <p class="">The aforementioned benefits make it one of the best kitchen ingredients for your skin. Lime juice, whether taken orally or applied topically, benefits your skin in several ways.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ ALSO:</strong><a href="http://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/6-common-baby-making-mistakes-couples-have-to-avoid-id7971632.html" id="cdfb5b18-48a6-4c5b-93ce-4478142ef882"> 6 common baby-making mistakes couples have to avoid</a></p> <ul><li>Treats Dark Spots</li></ul> <p class="">Due to its skin lightening properties, lime is considered as a natural bleaching agent. ... more
  • 10 months 2019 Social Media Week launched in Accra Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Interactive digital and Touchpoint Magna Carta have launched the 2019 edition of the Social Media Week Accra (SMW Accra) in Accra. </p> <p class="">The SMW Accra provides brands, agencies and tech businesses platforms to share ideas, best practices and emerging trends with a broad spectrum of audience ranging from marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, techy and trendy youth. </p> <p class="">The theme for the 2019 SMW Accra, Stories – With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility, explores how social media has become the most influential storytelling platform for brands – both individual and corporate. </p> <p class="">The SMW Accra will therefore explore ... more
  • 10 months 5 fast ways to treat razor bumps at home Pulse -LS
    <p class="">These overnight remedies will help you get rid of these bumps.</p> <h1>Razor bumps occur after shaving the face, pubic area and armpits due to irritation on the skin from the type of razor or frequency of shaving.</h1> <p class="">Those with sensitive skin are most prone to razor bumps. As they can be unsightly and uncomfortable, you likely want to get rid of razor bumps as quickly as possible. There are overnight treatments that can help.</p> <p class=""><a href="http://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/" id="437fa2ff-6ccb-4108-a62f-7c22f911f901">Pulse.com.gh</a> brings you 5 fast remedies for the treatment of razor bumps.</p> <h2>1. Aloe vera</h2> <p class="">Aloe vera is a natural ... more
  • 10 months 4 foods to avoid when breastfeeding Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Breast milk has the perfect combination of proteins, fats, vitamins, and carbohydrates. </p> <p class="">For infants to survive, grow and develop properly they require the right proportion of nutrients. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and anti-bodies and contains the right quantities of fat, sugar, water and protein. </p> <p class="">These nutrients are major pre-requisites to the health and survival of the baby. When a child is exclusively breastfed, their immune system is strengthened, enabling it to life-threatening illnesses like pneumonia and diarrhoea amongst other infections.</p> <p class="">READ ALSO:<a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/4-importance-of-breastfeeding-for-mother-and-child/dtctqt5" id="accd1bb7-466a-454e-9534-2014ebe0632f" data-link-role-code="none"> 4 importance of breastfeeding for mother and child</a></p> <p ... more
  • 10 months World Breastfeeding Week: 4 importance of breastfeeding for mother and child Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Breast milk is rich in nutrients and anti-bodies and contains the right quantities of fat, sugar, water and protein. These nutrients are major pre-requisites to the health and survival of the baby.</p> <p class="">World breastfeeding week is celebrated every year to create awareness about the importance of breastfeeding and how it is necessary for a baby's development. This week is observed from 1 to 7 August every year. </p> <p class="">It throws light on the need to improve the health of babies all over the globe. Mother's milk is a boon for a baby's health. </p> <p class="">It is the ultimate ... more
  • 10 months 4 health benefits of mango peels you didn’t know Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Mango peels have a wide range of nutrients and health benefits which are mostly unknown to the people. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn't throw away mango peels.</p> <p class="">We have heard of the amazing wonders of avocado, banana, honey and other superfoods. But have you come across the numerous skin and hair benefits of mango pulps and peels?</p> <p class="">Yes, mango paste is the best skin food for dry skin to hydrate and make it look healthy and lustrous.</p> <p class="">Mango peels contain chemicals such as ethyl gallate and Penta-O-galloyl-glucoside helps to inhibit tumour growth, lower chances ... more
  • 10 months 3 coconut oil face masks for glowing skin Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Coconut oil is comprised of a unique combination of natural fats, which makes it useful in treating the skin. </p> <p class="">Coconut oil benefits the skin in many ways. Coconut oil is comprised of a unique combination of natural fats, which makes it useful in treating the skin. </p> <p class="">These fatty acids include linoleic acid (which is beneficial for acne-prone skin) and up to 50 per cent lauric acid (which is hydrating and antimicrobial).</p> <p class="">Coconut oil improves skin barrier function and repair. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, fight the signs of skin ageing, and makes an effective moisturizer.</p> ... more
  • 10 months 7 things every husband must do for his pregnant wife Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Responsibility is not a duty, it is something more than it.</p> <h3>Being a</h3> <p class="">Motherhood is a beautiful thing which is accompanied with lots of unexpected challenges. Expectant mothers need the care, love, and assistance of their parents throughout their nine months period.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ ALSO: </strong><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/5-financial-responsibilities-of-every-boyfriend-id9081097.html" id="6c6cd7f6-ea2e-482e-baa4-caf967783a68">5 financial responsibilities of every boyfriend</a></p> <p class="">Here are some things every husband can do to pamper his wife.</p> <ul><li>Grocery shopping every weekend</li><li>If you don’t have a washing machine. Sitting or bending down for hours to wash is not ideal at her stage. Give her some time to rest and take ... more
  • 10 months Diana Hamilton pens emotional message to husband on their 14th wedding anniversary Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Diana Hamilton celebrates 14th wedding anniversary to Joseph Okoi Hamilton and thanks him for standing by her.</p> <p class="">Award-winning Gospel musician, Diana Hamilton on this day, August 6, 2005, married the love of her life, Joseph Okoi Hamilton in a beautiful ceremony.</p> <p class="">On their 14th wedding anniversary, the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Gospel artiste of the year, has penned an emotional message to her husband in an Instagram post and we have finally confirmed that love still exists amid the numerous breakup and divorces.</p> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>On the 6th of August 2005, I married the love of my ... more
  • 10 months WordDigest: Three Requests From Asaph (2) Shine ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    .......and cause thy face to shine;. KJV Previously on Three requests from Asaph , we discussed restore. Today we will continue with shine. Asaph in a prayer requested for thy face to shine. The construction thy face to shine tells us how Asaph needed answers pertaining to life. The word shine with its origin from Hebrew ore , meaning to make luminous, once again shows Asaph 39;s quest for a glorious life. For thy face to shine means; 1. That God 39;s favor shoul ... more
  • 10 months Check out Adwoa Safo’s stunning bridal look Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Hon. Adwoa Safo, daughter of of Ghanaian pastor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, innovator and inventor Apostle Kwadwo Safo married Hanny Mouhtiseb on Saturday, August 3, 2019.</p> <p class=""> 37-year-old Member of Parliament for  Dome Kwabenya, Hon. Adwoa Safo is officially off the market.</p> <p class="">She has joined the long list of dignitaries and celebrities who have tied the knots this year, 2019.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/YTk7MDA_/4c336f73e2c34a23ac2db652162e9f6f.jpg" alt="Member of Parliament Adwoa Safo and her significian other, Hanny Mouhtiseb got married over the weekend in style."> <figcaption>Member of Parliament Adwoa Safo and her significian other, Hanny Mouhtiseb got married over the weekend in ... more
  • 10 months Hon. Adwoa Safo has set the pace for 2019 Kente brides Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya, Hon. Adwoa Safo and Hanny Mouhtiseb tied the knots on Saturday, August 3, 2019 in style.</p> <p class=""> Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya, Hon. Adwoa Safo and her significant other, Hanny Mouhtiseb got married over the weekend in style.</p> <p class="">The 37-year-old lawmaker is the daughter of Ghanaian pastor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, innovator and inventor Apostle Kwadwo Safo.</p> <p class="">Although it was a private ceremony, some wedding guests couldn’t hide their joy as they shared photos of the luxurious ceremony on social media.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/MGQ7MDA_/66d9a52bf4caf049ad090e86a3fa2d47.jpg" alt="Hon Adwoa Sarfo and husband"> <figcaption>Hon ... more
  • 10 months 20 questions on fashion with style influencer, Chris Kata Pulse -LS
    <p class=""> Media Personality and style influencer, Chris Kata talks about consulting for fashion brands, slay queens and more with Pulse Ghana's Lifestyle Editor, Portia Arthur.</p> <p class="">Christy Ukata popularly known as Chris Kata is a media personality, actress, style influencer and the country Rep For an Athletic| Athleisure brand and many more.</p> <p class="">The style influencer started of by blogging fashion, then went ahead to contribute to magazines, hosting and producing fashion related content for TV shows.</p> <p class="">She is a consultant, who also speaks at fashion programs and steals our attention with her high fashion sense at red carpet ... more
  • 10 months 3 things women do when they are cheating Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Can your relationship recover from cheating?</p> <h1>People cheat for different reasons. The general consensus is that it's wrong. No ifs, and or buts.</h1> <p class="">If you've ever been cheated on, you know that it feels pretty awful. It's a blow to your ego and your self-esteem. If you are a man reading this article; here are subtle signs that your woman is cheating on you.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ ALSO: </strong><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/7-things-every-husband-must-do-for-his-pregnant-wife-id9083436.html" id="73680ee5-2111-4689-ba2f-25421db49b0b">7 things every husband must do for his pregnant wife</a> </p> <ul><li>She is always lost in thought</li></ul> <p class="">Women are known to be attentive creatures and great listeners. They ... more
  • 10 months 5 reasons why sex is important in your relationship Pulse -LS
    <p class="">There are tons of practical and emotional benefits to being in a healthy partnership.</p> <h1>A healthy sex life builds emotional intimacy, makes for more committed relationships, and gives you a confidence boost.</h1> <p class="">Sex is more than just a physical act. It is a tool that can help your relationship physically, mentally, and emotionally. Discover the many ways an active sex life can strengthen your relationship with your partner.</p> <p class=""><a href="http://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/5-signs-your-relationship-is-totally-toxic-id8539303.html" id="322e7bef-12a7-463c-b3be-b42f54e917d5">Pulse.com.gh</a> brings you 5 reasons why sex is important in your relationship.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ ALSO: </strong><a href="http://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/5-simple-things-you-two-can-do-to-grow-your-relationship-id8137438.html" id="aceacc23-fbed-4338-a890-86ce19f1fbac">5 simple things you two can do to grow your ... more
  • 10 months 3 things that make people insecure in bed Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Dating someone with more sexual experience than you can be both a blessing and a curse.</p> <h1>Sex is a very intimate act that can be done with any consenting adult, but doing it right means trusting yourself and your partner enough to go through with it.</h1> <ul><li>Self-perception</li></ul> <p class="">When your partner thinks they don’t have the perfect body and allow their allow their flaws to consume them, their sex lives are directly affected.</p> <p class="">You can proudly show off your body in the bed when you accept it. They don’t care whether the light is on or off during ... more
  • 10 months Taking Lemon And Or Warm Water To Burn “Belly Fat”: Does It Work? ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    In one of my previous posts, I spoke about potbelly and the health risk it poses to the victims. It should be clear to you by now that potbelly isn t a sign of wealth nor fortune per se but a disease which in medical term is called central or visceral obesity. In case you didn t get that post, follow this link Potbelly (Abnormally High Waist Circumfe ... more
  • 10 months Potbelly (Abnormally High Waist Circumference); Fortune Or A Disease? ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Introduction On account of poor eating habits among the general population, potbelly has become increasingly common these days. More than half of the adult population of both genders have a potbelly. Whiles many individuals ignorantly attribute potbelly to fortune or cosmetic issues, it is in actual terms, a very high-risk factor for all kinds of chronic diseases with an inescapable increased risk of premature mortality. What is potbelly? Potbelly is the loose term for a ... more
  • 10 months How to save money to buy your first phone Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Here are five things you can do to save and purchase a cell phone for yourself.</p> <p class="">Cell phones are very common now as compared to the olden days. Cell phones were difficult to come and purchase. </p> <p class="">Majority of the people, both the old and the young in the world now have access to cell phones. </p> <p class="">As a teenager, your parents provide you with your basic needs and they can also buy you cell phone if they can afford. </p> <p class="">However, you can also save some money to buy your cell phone. Don't go behind your parents' ... more
  • 10 months 5 foods that helps to grow a beard faster Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Here are foods that you should be eating to speed up the growth rate of beard to the maximum potential.</p> <p class="">When it comes to growing a beard, time and patience are two essential things on every man’s beard journey.</p> <p class="">There are certain foods that you can add to your diet to speed up the process. Here are 5 foods that you should be eating right now.</p> <h2>Beef</h2> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/MmE7MDA_/5a035ea8-e6f4-4a74-bc26-e499ffae66ed.jpeg" alt="undefined"> <figcaption>undefined</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">Red meats are high in saturated fats which helps with hair growth. So, beef is great for your beard. </p> <h2> Orange juice</h2> ... more
  • 10 months My boyfriend has money but he never gives me Pulse -LS
    <p class="">I really feel like dumping him.</p> <p class=""><strong>Dear Bukky,</strong></p> <p class=""><strong>My boyfriend has money but he finds it very difficult to give me money for me to get the things I want. What can I do for him because I feel like leaving him?</strong>________________</p> <p class="">Dear reader,</p> <p class="">I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you really need to know that this attitude you have towards relationships, and especially, towards your partner’s money, is a really wrong one.</p> <p class="">The money is his, and despite the admiration reserved for men who are generous and liberal enough ... more
  • 10 months 5 foods that makes you last longer in bed Pulse -LS
    <p class="">If you are suffering from actual premature ejaculation, it’s well past time to do something about it.</p> <h1>Last longer and boost satisfaction with these simple diet additions.</h1> <p class="">Sex is the moment in which you seek to please and satisfy the couple, however, problems such as premature ejaculation can cause the moment of orgasm to arrive hastily without that the man has greater control over the sexual act.</p> <p class=""><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/" id="f58cb14b-0238-4e3d-9354-0b919d084415">Pulse.com.gh</a> brings you 5 foods that makes you last longer in bed.</p> <h2>1. Banana</h2> <p class="">Bananas help replenish low levels of glucose in your body and have male ... more
  • 10 months 4 simple ways to use orange peels for skin Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Orange peels contains antioxidants and using it regularly in face packs will give you clear and brighter skin in no time.</p> <p class="">According to research, orange peels contain more vitamins than the fruit itself.</p> <p class="">The peel has <a href="http://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/8-bad-habits-that-trigger-acne-id8445865.html" id="688a885d-df06-5277-937e-c554984805b8">anti-bacterial </a>and anti-microbial properties which make it great for treating acne and oily skin. It also works as a skin lightening agent and can do wonders for marks on the face and pigmentation.</p> <ul><li>Orange Peels to whiten skin</li></ul> <p class="">Orange peels work as a natural bleach and can help lighten dark blotches and remove them with time. Make sure ... more
  • 10 months Thousands storm the West Hills Mall edition of Area Codes Jam Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ahead of Founders’ Day, YFM, Ghana’s number one urban radio station paraded Medikal, Pappy Kojo, Wendy Shay, Kelvyn Boy, Fameye, Flowking Stone among others before a mammoth crowd that converged at the West Hills Mall for the Area Codes Jam.</p> <p class="">Area Codes Jam is an annual entertainment show held in some selected communities around the country. The community entertainment show is put together by YFM and sponsored by Black Rock Honey Whiskey.</p> <p class="">The “Omo Ada” hitmaker Medikal had the crowd chanting and singing to all his songs. He performed “Too Risky”, “Kpo Keke” smash hit jam tagged ... more
  • 10 months Poetic Dela releases latest piece titled “After God Fear Woman” Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Young Ghanaian poet, Poetic Dela has released his latest piece titled “After God Fear Woman”.</p> <p class="">They say music is food for the soul. But have you heard of the saying that, “Poetry is food for the brain?”</p> <p class="">Well if not, then you should give your eyes a treat now by sparing a few minute to read this amazing piece dubbed <strong>“After God Fear Woman”</strong> by young award-winning Ghanaian poet, <strong>Poetic Dela</strong> who doubles up as an Author and a content creator.</p> <p class="">The poem addresses most of the popular issues guys face with women.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/OWY7MDA_/e68113d1ef0488195cb9716d55d2dc72.jpg" alt="Poetic Dela releases ... more
  • 10 months Dating Tips: 5 ways to please your partner if ‘acts of service’ is their love language Pulse -LS
    <p class="">The complete list of ways to be affectionate and make your partner happy.</p> <h1>Everyone has a particular thing that signifies the most affection to them.</h1> <p class="">It could be getting gifts, quality time, physical touch and words of affirmation, or acts of service and to enjoy the best of relationships, a partner needs to realise which of these five languages appeals to his/her partner most.</p> <p class="">So, what's the best way to show affection to a partner whose love language is acts of service?</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/Yzg7MDA_/ab971d93d09d44d6370b88b798503aaf.jpg" alt="what's the best way to show affection to a partner ... more
  • 10 months Let’s talk about how kids affect romance between partners Pulse -LS
    <p class="">A marriage is a lifetime commitment to making things work with another person. How does this change when kids come into the picture?</p> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>This is how kids affect romance between partners</figcaption> </figure> <p class=""><strong>Just as you change your approach to many things when you move from single to dating and from that stage to the married stage, something also changes in that relationship between you and your partner when you have kids... or when you actually don't.</strong></p> <p class="">Kids impact your relationship one way or another - either due to their birth, or even for an ... more
  • 10 months Marital Problems Blamed On Lack Of Courtship, Not Ethnicity ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    A lot of Ghanaians, and for that matter, Africans, consider tribe or ethnicity as a salient issue in spousal relations. In Africa where marriage is more about two families coming together than just a union between two individuals, there have been arguably a chunk of relationships that have hit the rocks because the family of one partner rejected the other due to their tribe. A popular preacher man, Pastor Badu Kobi was tongue-lashed recently because in a viral video, he made various deroga ... more
  • 10 months WordDigest: Three Requests From Asaph (1) Restore ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Turn us again , O God, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved. KJV We will begin a new series today on Three requests from Asaph deg;. These three request were turn us again, shine and to be saved. The expression turn us again means restore . We will focus on restore for the sake of today 39;s discussion. The Hebrew word shoob means restore. Restoration has to do with bring back into existence or recovering that which is lost. Maybe some e ... more
  • 10 months It’s raining! Keep away from mosquitoes to avoid dengue ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    With monsoons around the corner, unhygienic water clogging and a plethora of diseases come along too. While most people rejoice the fresh showers coming down from the sky, many others often end up being trapped in the various infections of the season. Most of these infections are a result of unhealthy, unclean surroundings, mosquitoes, and weather fluctuations. One of the major infections doing the rounds this season is the dengue fever again. Around 400 million instances of dengue infections ... more
  • 10 months How to keep your wig fresh for years Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Guys, before you run your fingers through her curly or straight tresses, gently ask if she is wearing a wig or she has fixed a temporal hairstyle to avoid any brouhaha😊🤣</p> <p class="">Wearing a wig cap is the new norm even among our stars. If you are too busy hustling between work, learning for a degree and managing your home, the best option is to braid your hair and get a wig cap to compliment your stunning look.</p> <p class="">It even gets better, hairstylist have wig caps for braids, you don’t have to sit for 4 hours to get ... more
  • 10 months If going on dates makes you nervous, this is for you Pulse -LS
    <p class="">If the idea of meeting people gives you the chills and anxiety issues, here is a solution that could work for you.</p> <p class="">The fact that so many people hope to find love but detest going out and suffer anxiety at the thought of meeting people is something that’s low-key bothersome.</p> <p class="">It sounds like nothing but a joke on social media, the sort of banter that gets thrown around for laughs all the time, but underneath all the jokes and fooling around is a real issue that deserves to be spoken about.</p> <p class="">Getting out and opening up ... more
  • 10 months 6 reasons why there is a mad rush for black soap Pulse -LS
    <p class="">African black soap also known as Alata Samina, and Anago soap, African black soap originated in West Africa (especially Ghana). </p> <p class="">The ingredients found in this soap make it special and extremely beneficial for the skin. They are:</p> <p class="">Plantain skin: Contains antioxidants, such as riboflavin, vitamin C, thiamine, and folic acid (2).</p> <p class="">Coconut Oil: Has anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants that protect your skin from UV damage and prevent skin ageing </p> <p class="">Palm Kernel Oil: Is an excellent moisturizer and emollient that keeps your skin hydrated and nourished.</p> <p class="">Palm Oil: Is derived from the palm fruit ... more
  • 10 months 5 reasons your vagina is itchy Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Vaginal itching, sometimes called vaginitis, occurs when the vagina becomes inflamed, often also causing discharge and pain.</p> <p class="">Vaginal itching, sometimes called vaginitis, occurs when the vagina becomes inflamed, often also causing discharge and pain.</p> <p class="">Changes in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria, as well as infections, are both common causes of vaginal itching.</p> <p class="">Medical treatment will depend on the cause of your symptoms and may include prescribed medications or creams.</p> <p class="">READ ALSO: <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/4-home-remedies-for-ingrown-toenails/87tdb8l" id="a848b55b-9906-4648-b743-b950daf0e7e3" data-link-role-code="none">4 home remedies for ingrown toenails</a></p> <p class="">The following home remedies may also help relieve your symptoms:</p> <ul><li>Keeping your genital ... more
  • 10 months 4 home remedies for ingrown toenails Pulse -LS
    <p class="">An ingrown toenail happens when a thick, sharp nail starts growing into the tender skin at the corner of the nail, cutting the skin as it grows.</p> <p class="">An ingrown toenail happens when the corner or edge of your toenail curves and grows into the surrounding skin. </p> <p class="">The condition is usually called by toenail trauma, such as stubbing your toe</p> <ul><li>wearing shoes that are too tight</li><li>cutting toenails too short</li><li>cutting toenails at an angle</li></ul> <p class="">READ ALSO: <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/3-reasons-why-you-should-be-stretching-every-morning/m4xvknv" id="48474d46-d8d4-4567-be80-cd634b9733a9" data-link-role-code="none">3 reasons why you should be stretching every morning</a></p> <p class="">The incised area becomes red, painful, and vulnerable to ... more
  • 10 months WordDigest: That Specific Request ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    And the LORD appointed a set time, saying, To morrow the LORD shall do this thing in the land. And the LORD did that thing on the morrow, and all the cattle of Egypt died: but of the cattle of the children of Israel died not one KJV From the text under perusal, God spoke through His servant Moses to Pharoah saying Tomorrow the Lord will do this thing in the Land . God did a specific thing. God did exactly what he said to do to Pharaoah in verse five (5) of the text und ... more
  • 10 months In Kashmir: Love And Respect Thy Patient ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Today, the world over, a number of issues confronting the societies are discussed day in and day out and intellectual analysis and outpourings start to emanate once the issue at stake draws the attention of masses in the society, Healthcare is one such issue which holds a tremendous significance in our societies owing to the large number of patients in the world and need for medical interventions thereof. Doctors and patients form a vital and core component of the healthcare system. Healthcar ... more
  • 10 months How to spot a man who wants more than sex from you Pulse -LS
    <p class="">If he's after something more lasting than sex and other carnal pleasures, these are the things you'll see.</p> <p class="">As we have already said <a href="https://www.pulse.ng/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/why-guys-want-sex-and-not-commitment-id8676840.html" id="cdb53f2a-6199-4757-bb71-0fc4deb5cab6">undefined</a>, the difference between these men is mostly timing. One is likely at a phase of his life where sexual activities are all he craves, without any form of commitment whatsoever. For the other, there’s a need for something deeper, something more lasting, deeper and more meaningful than just sex.</p> <p class="">When a guy comes around and lingers and you’re not sure whether he’s seeking just sex or he wants more than that, ... more
  • 10 months 3 reasons why you should be stretching every morning Pulse -LS
    <p class=""> Stretching warms the soft tissues to help prevent injury during a workout.</p> <p class="">Stretching should be the first thing that comes to mind before engaging in any form of exercise or workout yet athletes, gym lovers and ordinary people have ignored it.</p> <p class="">It is the foundation for a successful workout session. Stretch before and after exercise, whether it be aerobic or weight-training. Perform a five to ten-minute warm-up before stretching. Walking at a measured pace, jogging slowly or jumping rope can suffice, but never stretch cold muscles.</p> <p class="">Failure to engage in proper stretching can lead to pain and ... more
  • 10 months A brief walk into the lives of the 5 richest kings in Africa Pulse -LS
    <p class="">See the worth of the wealthiest kings in Africa and their sources of income.</p> <h1>Being a traditional monarch in Africa can be a lucrative affair. We take you on a brief walk into the lives of the 5 richest kings in Africa, according to</h1> <p class="">Many of the leaders in Africa control large fortunes within their communities and without. In addition to their wealth is influence which results in some of them getting invited to join boards of large corporations.</p> <p class="">For instance, the Obi (King) of Onitsha in South-Eastern Nigeria, <strong>Obi Nnaemeka Achebe</strong>, serves as the Non-Executive Chairman ... more
  • 10 months 20 words of encouragement for a boyfriend who just lost his job Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Here are 15 words of encouragement you can say to your partner when he or she is been sacked from work.</p> <p class="">Every relationship has ups and downs. These experiences help the couple to grow and strengthen their relationship.</p> <p class="">Couple must be there for each other, support and encouragement one another during a bumpy ride. </p> <p class="">Get ready to slip on your sexy dress for a date night when your partner gets that promotion and provide him with a soothing shoulder to rely on when he receives the worst never.</p> <p class="">Here are 15 words of encouragement you ... more
  • 10 months Ewww…bad breath? Find out how to vanquish mouth odour completely! Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Although we are all guilty of stinky breath sometimes, having a smelly mouth all the time is offensive. It’s time to save your companions the suffering with these fresh breath tips. </p> <p class=""><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/bi/lifestyle/10-signs-your-teeth-arent-as-healthy-as-you-think-they-are/nc2v3mr" id="2001013a-b153-4969-9290-7d0903e15c92">Chronic bad breath can be very worrisome for its victims. </a>Especially when it restricts the unfortunate from comfortably engaging social relations. But worry no more, we bring you tips guaranteed to leave your breath ridiculously fresh. </p> <p class="">Your diet or dental hygiene could be the reason why your mouth smells. Read on to find out quick solutions to fix your problem stat. </p> <h3>Give your tongue ... more
  • 10 months Jackie Appiah shares vacation photos on Instagram and we are not mad Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is on vacation and the African beauty is watering our eyes with her lovely photos.</p> <p class="">It’s that time of the year again, Summer, and our favourite celebrities are beautifully competing with each other on Instagram with eye-popping vacation pictures.</p> <p class=""> Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is on vacation and the African beauty is watering our eyes with her lovely photos.</p> <p class="">READ ALSO:<a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/fashion/5-times-jackie-appiah-proved-she-is-the-queen-of-style-in-elegant-suits/vxcgvyz" id="c014f2cf-993d-4605-a35a-d0a9837d2dcc" data-link-role-code="none"> 5 times Jackie Appiah proved she is the queen of style in elegant suits</a></p> <p class="">Everybody knows Miss Appiah loves designer brands. While leaving Ghana, she wore a flare ... more
  • 10 months How to make your boobs firm and perky with shea butter Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Shea butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and that is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. </p> <p class=""> Shea butter is one of the most versatile products readily available on the market. Since ancient times, Shea butter has been used for moisturizing skin and also apply to natural locks to promote hair growth and prevent breakages and dandruff.</p> <p class=""> The buttery rich cream can also be used to prepare sumptuous local and international dishes.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/NzQ7MDA_/a4b31dfc739e2872303040d51f4d2068.jpg" alt="Shea butter (Credit - organicbrands.gr )"> <figcaption>Shea ... more
  • 10 months 5 signs he feels guilty for hurting you Pulse -LS
    <p class="">If he hurt you and feels bad about it, he may feel like he owes you.</p> <h3>As the popular saying goes, ‘ action speaks louder than words’.</h3> <p class="">Instead of apologizing for their wrong deeds, some guys go out of his way to make you happy more so than usual until he feels enough time has passed that the pain has diminished.</p> <p class="">Is he showing signs he feels guilty for hurting you or not?</p> <ul><li>He avoids you</li></ul> <p class="">If he is genuinely busy with work-related issues then there is no cause for alarm. However, if he cancels date ... more
  • 10 months 3 ways to get soft feet without any hustle Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Visiting the salon regularly for a good pedicure and manicure is not a luxury but a necessity.</p> <p class=""> Visiting the salon regularly for a good pedicure and manicure is not a luxury but a necessity.</p> <p class="">Keeping the feet clean and healthy just like other parts of the body has many benefits. The entire body rests on the toes and as such, we have protected is from trauma and minor injuries.</p> <p class="">It also helps with blood circulation to other parts of the body to improve the mobility of the joints.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ ALSO:</strong><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/how-to-make-natural-teeth-whitening-at-home/f8stk8d" id="a6b09bd5-c357-4709-8226-81b922b92af1" data-link-role-code="none">How to make ... more
  • 10 months 5 types of men Ghanaian girls are chasing Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Guys! On the list of eligible bachelors, these kinds of guys top.</p> <h2>Footballer</h2> <p class="">Dating a footballer seems to be a tedious job. You have to let go of your dreams and become an entrepreneur or simply become an Instagram model and follow him around the world as he journeys on to be the best player locally and internationally. </p> <p class="">However, just the honour of becoming a member of wives and girlfriends association of footballers is a legacy. Think about it, your kids get to school abroad and visit many tourist sites.</p> <p class="">READ ALSO: 4 <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/4-reasons-why-every-woman-should-add-baobab-oil-to-her-beauty-routine/bb2s7fe" ... more
  • 10 months How to make natural teeth whitening at home Pulse -LS
    <p class="">inexpensive way to whiten your teeth at home.</p> <p class="">Naturally, our teeth begin to yellow with age but a range of strategies can slow the process and even reverse it.</p> <p class="">It is easy to get teeth-whitening kits are readily available at most pharmacies, but the results can be compared to home remedies made from natural ingredients.</p> <p class=""> Teeth turn yellow when the enamel layer thins or wears away, the teeth begin to look darker.</p> <p class="">The outer layer of teeth consists of enamel, which is coloured almost white and protects the deeper tooth structure. Beneath the enamel is ... more
  • 10 months 4 beauty benefits of ‘Alata Samina’ you probably didn’t know Pulse -LS
    <p class="">The black African soap is very beneficial than you could imagine.</p> <p class="">It is made from plants ashes of the barks that are locally harvested such as plantain, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark. The African black soap can be used for a variety of purposes like washing hair, hands, face and for bathing purposes.</p> <p class=""><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/4-amazing-beauty-benefits-of-pineapple-you-should-know-id8654733.html" id="b129f0ac-7c89-5499-8ac7-c71c40f4cdd1">Pulse.com.gh</a> beauty <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/4-amazing-beauty-benefits-of-pineapple-you-should-know-id8654733.html" id="0a78d691-6f85-5547-87f6-57d36ae7e93a">benefits</a> of ‘Alata Samina’ you probably didn’t know.</p> <p class=""><strong>1.Clears scars</strong></p> <p class="">African black soap ‘Alata Samina’ reduces the scaring and helps in healthy skin growth and regeneration. The scars that pose a great cosmetic problem ... more
  • 10 months Dengue Fever Prevention: Foods To Eat And Avoid ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Symptoms typically begins three to fourteen days after infection. This may include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash. When a mosquito bites a person infected with a dengue virus, the virus enters the mosquito. When the infected mosquito then bites another person, the virus enters that person 39;s bloodstream. Best Foods to Recover From Dengue Fever ... more
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