• 2 months How to prepare dawadawa chicken curry Pulse -LS
    Prep: 20 minutesCook: 25 minutesReady In: 45 minutesServes: 4 3 tablespoons olive oil1 small onion, chopped2 cloves garlic, minced3 tablespoons curry powder1 teaspoon ground cinnamon1 teaspoon paprika1 bay leaf½ teaspoon grated fresh ginger root½ teaspoon white sugarsalt to taste2 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves - cut into bite-size pieces1 tablespoon tomato paste1 cup plain yoghurt¾ cup of coconut milk½ lemon, juiced½ teaspoon cayenne pepper <p class="">Method</p> <ul><li>Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Saute onion until lightly browned. </li><li>Stir in garlic, curry powder, cinnamon, paprika, bay leaf, ginger, sugar and salt. </li><li>Continue stirring for 2 minutes. </li><li>Add ... more
  • 2 months Top 10 wedding event planners in Ghana Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Here is the list of top tier event planners in Ghana.</p> <p class="">You can’t host a successful event without the guidance and expertise of an experienced event planner. A professional event planner has the foresight to foreseen any roadblock before and after your event; wedding, birthday, conference, family gathering among others.</p> <p class="">If you want to plan a beautiful event that will make headlines, then prioritise the experts on this list. </p> <h1>Jandell Ltd</h1> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>More on Kwaku & Priscilla’s dreamy wedding in Aburi 🌿 ___________________ Decor- @jandelltd Event Coordination - @sapphireeventsgh Venue- Papaye Recreational Village Lighting - ... more
  • 2 months Top 11 wedding event planners in Ghana Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Here is the list of top tier event planners in Ghana.</p> <p class="">You can’t host a successful event without the guidance and expertise of an experienced event planner. A professional event planner has the foresight to foreseen any roadblock before and after your event; wedding, birthday, conference, family gathering among others.</p> <p class="">If you want to plan a beautiful event that will make headlines, then prioritise the experts on this list. </p> <h1>Jandell Ltd</h1> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>More on Kwaku & Priscilla’s dreamy wedding in Aburi 🌿 ___________________ Decor- @jandelltd Event Coordination - @sapphireeventsgh Venue- Papaye Recreational Village Lighting - ... more
  • 2 months 20 tips on beauty with Sandra Don-Arthur, CEO of Alexi Glam Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Pulse Ghana’s lifestyle editor, Portia Arthur interviews award-winning makeup artiste, Sandra Don-Arthur about her plans for the beauty industry, trusted Ghanaian brands and she also delves into her skincare routine and more.</p> <p class="">Sandra Don-Arthur, CEO of Alexiglam known in the Beauty Industry as Alexandrina is a professional makeup artist and Vlogger from Ghana. </p> <p class="">She started makeup professionally in 2011 after completing courses in the UK. </p> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>ℝ𝔼𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕊𝔼 𝔹𝔼𝔸𝕌𝕋𝕐... With @alexandrinamakeup for @debonairafrik BEAUTY ISSUE I LINK IN BIO ________________________________________ Photography - @Phloshop Videography - @iamjunie07 Styling and Art direction ( EDITOR ) - @nuelbans Mua ... more
  • 2 months Burning Plastic Can Inflame Your Lungs ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Even though we are now well aware of the severely adverse effects of plastic and pollution, ignorant practices still continue without realizing the kind of impact they might hold on the human body, other living creatures and even the environment as a whole. One such highly common and ignorant practice is that of burning plastic waste which reportedly contains carbon and hydrogen in large quantities. These compounds (carbon and hydrogen) mix with chloride which is most commonly present in food ... more
  • 2 months Check out the worst-dressed celebrities we spotted at the 2019 4Syte Music Video Awards Pulse -LS
    ... more
  • 2 months Check out the worst-dressed celebrities we spotted at the 2019 4Syte Music Video Awards Pulse -LS
    <p class="">2019 4syte Music Awards came off at Kempinski Hotel on Saturday, November 16 and here are all the celebrities who didn’t turn heads with their looks.</p> <p class="">Ghanaian celebrities graced the red carpet at 10th edition of the annual 4Syte Music Video Awards in their Avante Garde looks. </p> <p class="">Ghanaian actresses, Nikki Samonas and Zynnell Zuh wore similar dresses and they nailed it perfectly. </p> <p class="">Efia Odo nearly broke the Internet with her revealing outfit as she channelled Rihanna’s 2014 look for the CFDA fashion awards. </p> <p class="">We saw a host of celebrities strutting on the red carpet in ... more
  • 2 months US-based Ghanaian diva – Nana Ama Morton urges gov’t to invest in food tourism Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Some celebrities are reacting to the initiative by the government of Ghana's step to support the tourism industry in the country. </p> <p class="">This has propelled the visit of some international personalities and Hollywood stars to visit the country this year under the project of the Ministry Of Arts and Tourism marked as "The Year of Return".</p> <p class="">The majority of these tourists mostly visit some historical sites such as the Cape Coast Castle, Kwame Nkrumah Museum, Kakum National park, etc…</p> <p class="">The Ghanaian US-based Diva <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/food-travel/meet-us-based-ghanaian-diva-nana-ama-morton-who-is-promoting-ghanaian-dishes-to-the/kk5hje7" id="92e002c4-91b7-4db4-8991-e4f4d4562539" data-link-role-code="none">Nana Ama Morton</a>, popularly known on social media as Ola Fante ... more
  • 2 months 4Syte MVAs: See all the best-dressed celebrities on the red carpet Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Check out all the celebrities who graced the 2019 4Syte Music Video Awards red carpet in grand style.</p> <p class="">The 10th edition of the annual 4Syte Music Video Awards came off at Kempinski Hotel on Saturday, November 16 and the red carpet arrivals were super glamorous.</p> <p class="">Top musicians, Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale among others were spotted at the event in redefining menswear on the red carpet.</p> <p class="">Some of our favourite stars and style influencers, Zynnell Zuh, Nikki Samonas, Victoria Michaels also graced the occasion with their beauty and stunning fashion statements.</p> <p class="">The host for the night, ... more
  • 2 months 4Syte MVAs: Efia Odo was the most stylish celebrity on the red carpet Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo wore revealing fishnet dress to 4Syte MVAs and Ghanaian men couldn't stop staring.</p> <p class="">When it comes to fashion, Ghanaian actress, Andrea Owusu real name Efia Odo is never afraid to experiment with daring new trends. </p> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>Life is like photography, you need the negatives to develop ✨ Shot by @chocolate_shot_it Costume @mimmy.yeboah</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">The model was among the celebrities who attended the 4syte Music Video awards over the weekend and she left all jaws dropped when she stepped on the red carpet.</p> <p class="">Although this is not the first time ... more
  • 2 months Job Market International To Minimize Unemployment In Ghana ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Unemployment is rapidly increasing in the country where the youth graduates go on demonstration due to insufficient job opportunities which affect the development and peace of the country. Various Non-Governmental Organizations have put up their best to create job opportunities for the youth yet the canker lives on. In fighting this cause, Job Market International has also given the youth (literate and non-literates) the opportunity to search for the right job without stress. ... more
  • 2 months DJ Sly bags “DJ of the Year” at 2019 Youth Excellence Award Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghana’s multiple winning Disc jockey, DJ Sly has been awarded the 2019 Youth DJ of the Year at the recently held Youth Excellence Award at the Silver Star Towers.</p> <p class="">The Youth Excellence Awards which was instituted to reward and motivate visionary Ghanaian youth, has awarded other young Ghanaians including Zion Felix, Glenn Samm, Belo Cida Haruna and Kobby Kyei.</p> <p class="">DJ Sly is on record as the first Ghanaian DJ to host a solo concert pulling over 30,000 fans to his signature concert in 2018. </p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/OTM7MDA_/801e12be8f51dc6528676b4be321951b.jpg" alt="DJ Sly receives 2019 Youth DJ of ... more
  • 2 months The Palm Oil Miracle: Protect the Heart, Brain & Improves Skin and Hair Health…. ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Its carotene and lycopene levels are 15 times higher than carrots and 300 times higher than tomatoes . Red palm oil has attracted controversy in recent years mdash; much like coconut oil , but for different reasons. It has drawn attention for its potential effect on health, but it has also been the subject of intense debate regarding the effects that its production may have on the environment. Palm oil has ... more
  • 2 months Parents With Double Track Kids – This Is What You Must Do ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    As a parent, you are your child rsquo;s first and most important teacher. When parents and families are involved in their children rsquo;s schools, the children do better and have better feelings about going to school. In fact, many studies show that what the family does is more important to a child rsquo;s school success than how much money the family makes or how much education the parents have. There are many ways that parents can support their children rsquo;s learning at home and t ... more
  • 2 months ShopNaw Online Market Set To Be Unveiled  ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The e-commerce industry has had its successes and challenges yet the industry continues to thrive because of the many benefits it delivers to users. Today, almost everything can be purchased online, from electronics to groceries, and all these things can be accessed with just a click away on Shopnaw. Shopnaw, the biggest online shopping market about surfacing offers products categories ranging from groceries, restaurants, local markets, made in Ghana products, pharmacy, fashi ... more
  • 2 months If your man does these 7 things, never let him go Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Hey ladies</p> <h1>This world is full of toxic men and hey, good men are not easy to come by.</h1> <p class="">So, if you are lucky to have that ‘one of a kind’ type of guy, grab his hand and never let it go. In fact, run to some island and live your happily ever after life.</p> <p class="">Now, if your man does these 7 things, you should never let him go:</p> <h2>1. Respects you</h2> <p class="">Not every man can respect you as a woman. <a href="https://www.pulselive.co.ke/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/signs-the-man-youre-dating-is-into-you-id8683371.html" id="1c4ec11e-5bf8-48b2-b03d-7b554dce5b3c">If he treats you with respect and does not in any way demean ... more
  • 2 months The Parental Spoken Word And Its Impact On The Lives Of Children ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The family is a very pivotal societal unit in every aspect of the socialization process from childhood to adulthood. This is why the streetism menace in Ghana is a matter of concern. In the family, parents have roles to play much as the children being brought up equally play various roles in the socialization process. The roles played within families in this regard vary from culture to culture. No universally accepted role framework exists even though some roles permeate different cultures. I ... more
  • 2 months 8 designer bags every style influencer must own inspired by Sandra Ankobiah Pulse -LS
    <p class="">There are lots of people on Instagram calling themselves style influencers but only a few can be called influential.</p> <p class="">Among the bevvy of stylish female celebrities, only a few spend thousand of Ghana cedis on designers bags like Hermès Birkin or Chanel collection.</p> <p class="">Ghanaian lawyer and fashion icon, Sandra Ankobiah has a great fashion sense and understands the relevance of investing in quality products which will last a lifetime and make her stand out.</p> <p class="">To that end, we’ve come up with a list of the most lust-worthy handbag collections inspired by Sandra Ankobiah.</p> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> ... more
  • 2 months 5 times Jackie Appiah gave us the ultimate style tips for black dresses Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Black is more than a colour — it's a <em>lifestyle</em>, and nothing but the inkiest hue will do.</p> <p class="">What does the colour black means to you? In Ghana, black is usually reserved for funerals; mourning the death. </p> <p class="">Some people wear black because it can be paired with any apparels. In the fashion world, the colour black pretty ranks high. It's classic, simple, and can be versatile. </p> <p class="">It all depends on which pieces you wear and how you put them together. To prove just how universal the colour is, we have selected our favourite top-dresses inspired by the ... more
  • 2 months Top Five Reasons Why You Must Hire A French Tutor ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    There are many benefits to learning a second language. Of all the choices, French is the most popular foreign language to learn. Apart from boosting your brainpower, the economic potentials offer by French as a foreign language cut across all spheres of international business life. Career opportunity in Foreign Language is also a major reason why one should hire French. French is, along with English, the only language spoken on all five continents Mor ... more
  • 2 months Who wore it best? Claudia Lumor vs Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghana's Claudia Lumor vs Nigeria's Omotola Jalade- Ekeinde, who wore it best?</p> <p class="">Over the years, Ghana has been "meeting" Nigeria on various levels: food, music and many more.</p> <p class="">Twinning moments among celebrities are allowed but when it involves two big names in the fashion industry, we need to settle the score.</p> <p class="">Claudia Lumor, CEO of Glitz Africa, Glitz Style awards and Glitz fashion week was among the distinguished judges for the 2019 Miss Malaika finale in November 2019.</p> <p class="">The style icon raised the fashion bar for influencers as she stepped out in a see-through green ... more
  • 2 months Atteridgeville-Born Beauty Entrepreneur Builds A Thriving Business ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Growing up in Atteridgeville in Pretoria back when salons only focused on relaxers and being exposed to products like Black Like Me, Mabel Ledwaba wondered if whether the only beauty treatments black women needed in her community were just limited to relaxers and curls. This curiosity led to her pursuing a career in the beauty industry, first as an employee for major personal care and beauty companies, later as an entrepreneur. Her journey was not an easy one. Mabel Ledwaba was tasked with growi ... more
  • 2 months WORLD DIABETIC DAY: Expert Tips To Eat Right And Manage Diabetes ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    World diabetic day is organized on November 14th every year to promote awareness on diabetes. November 14th is the birthday of the man who co discovered insulin in 1922 (Frederick Grant Banting). India has more diabetic than any other country in the world, 62 million Indians which is more than 7.2% of the adult population are diabetic and nearly 1 million Indians die due to diabetes every year. (Source international diabetic foundation) So what is diabetes?[ ... more
  • 2 months 5 foods to keep you warm at work in this cold weather Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Here are cold-weather foods to regulate your body temperature.</p> <p class="">Chilly weather affects more than just your wardrobe.  One might have to change their menu and opt for equally sumptuous meals that will keep them warm and raise energy levels.</p> <p class="">To keep yourself warm during this cold season there are some foods you can order or prepare to regulate the body temperature.</p> <h1>Sweet potatoes</h1> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/YTA7MDA_/7d9ec7f6-c189-47e0-a8c5-601d6850568b.jpg" alt="undefined"> <figcaption>undefined</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and some iron. Sweet potatoes are also good at fighting cancer. All you need to ... more
  • 2 months These Yaw Pare photos of Ghana show a gorgeous country in Africa Pulse -LS
    <p class="">When the world heralded Ghana as the next big tourist destination, it wasn’t out of order.</p> <p class="">Ghana, a country in West Africa has always been known internationally from her rich resources like gold, bauxite and the very popular one cocoa.</p> <p class="">The country has some great sceneries for tourists who wish to travel the world. From beaches to castles and more, Ghana can rate high among other tourism regions across the globe.</p> <p class=""><strong>READ MORE</strong>: <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/food-travel/5-must-have-travel-products-for-a-healthy-trip/e8gy6tn" id="7eb355f2-fa39-44cc-9f01-07b7d24f6afa" data-link-role-code="none">5 must-have travel products for a healthy trip</a></p> <p class="">One of Ghana’s top photographers, Yaw Pare has taken time to ... more
  • 2 months Photos: Steve Harvey is the sexiest man in Ghana now Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Media personality, Steve Harvey knows how to entertain his audience and steal our attention with his fashion statement.</p> <p class="">The 62-year-old is in Ghana as part of the activities for the Year of Return program and he is giving style influencers in Ghana a run for their money. </p> <p class="">In a picture circulating online, Steve was pictured in a colourful shirt with matching today as he stepped out for an interview.</p> <p class="">READ ALSO: <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/fashion/steve-harvey-proudly-rocks-kaftan-by-ghanaian-designer/jkjen91" id="deda01a4-6477-44d9-b327-23824a1a984d" data-link-role-code="none">Steve Harvey proudly rocks kaftan by Ghanaian designer</a></p> <p class="">A few weeks ago, Steve received his customised apparel from one of Ghana’s ... more
  • 2 months 5 signs your boyfriend really loves you Pulse -LS
    <p class="">This would help you determine if a man truly loves you or not.</p> <h2>Love, as amazing as it is, can also a bit scary especially for ladies , and a lot of them keep their guard up until they are sure their boyfriends feels a certain way in order to keep from getting hurt.</h2> <p class=""><a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/" id="021f6455-bf51-4837-9995-571edd21215f">Pulse.com.gh </a>brings you 5 signs your boyfriend really loves you.</p> <h3>1. He listens to you</h3> <p class="">We can't deny the fact that women are much better listeners than men.  So, when a man not only hears you but actively pays attention and responds ... more
  • 2 months 5 ways to naturally whiten your teeth at home Pulse -LS
    <p class="">From Apple Cider Vinegar to orange and lemon peels, whitening your teeth at home just got a whole lot easier. Check it out!</p> <h1>Not all of us are blessed with a perfect smile. Most people struggle with teeth discolouration which is caused by a variety of factors including drinking coffee, smoking and poor dental hygiene. Fear not, if your teeth could do with being a shade of two whiter, we bring you 5 ways to whiten your teeth at home.</h1> <p class="">Having great teeth is important seeing as it's the first thing that people see. That's why a lot ... more
  • 2 months Mango Combats Cancer Cells & Protect Against Asthma ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The name mango come from the Tamil word mangkay or mangay mdash; however, when Portuguese traders arrived and settled in Western India, they embraced the name manga, which eventually gave way to the modern-day version of mango. Throughout history, every part of the mango mdash; including the fruit itself, its skin, leaves, bark of its tree and even the pit mdash; has been used as a health remedy in one form or another. But before diving headlong into all ... more
  • 2 months How to dress stylishly for work inspired by Berla Mundi Pulse -LS
    <p class="">We're keeping tabs on every celebrity office-appropriate ensemble, here are 5 stunning work office ideas inspired by Berla Mundi.</p> <p class="">Every morning, most women are left with sartorial torment. What is the perfect dress that will make them stand out, boost their confidence and meet the demands of the office dress code? </p> <p class="">That is why we follow at the top style influencers to update on the latest fashion trends to help you make the right fashion choices for your next event.</p> <p class="">Media personality, Berla Mundi is our style influencer for today. The newest morning show host has ... more
  • 2 months Here are some of the best-dressed female politicians we saw in parliament Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Today, November 10, 2019, wasn't all about the budget presentation, these female politicians promoted the fashion industry with their fashion choices.</p> <p class="">The finance minister, Ken Ofori Atta presented to parliament the Akufo-Addo government’s fourth Budget and Economic Policy in Parliament, Wednesday, November 12, 2019.</p> <p class="">It was all glitz and glamour as parliamentarians attended the historic event in bold fashion statements. </p> <p class="">The women, especially represented in stunning apparels designed with African prints to promote the rich cultural heritage of the country. </p> <p class="">New bride, Hon Adwoa Safo has never disappointed us with her bold decision including her ... more
  • 2 months 5 dresses to wear for date night inspired by Efia Odo Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo real name Andrea Owusu made to our list of 2019 stylish female celebrities. </p> <p class="">Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo real name Andrea Owusu made to our list of 2019 stylish female celebrities</p> <p class="">Efia Odo attended all the major red carpet events and made impeccable fashion moments.</p> <p class="">According to reports, the TV host always looks flawless on the red carpet due to her team of stylists who work hard to put her in pieces that hug every curve, provide a splash of sparkle or colour, and stay in our memory for years to come. </p> <p ... more
  • 2 months 5 times Sista Afia proved she is the ‘King’ of Slay Queens Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian musician, Sista Afia is our woman crush for today.</p> <p class="">Real name Francisca Gawugah, the Ghanaian-born British has been on our style radar for years.</p> <p class="">The award-winning musician has a high fashion sense and its evident in her music videos and off -the -screen photos. </p> <p class="">When she posts a photo on Instagram, we can’t help but wish we could raid her closet, even just for a minute. </p> <p class="">Over the years, she's developed a signature style and we are always blown away by her fashion tips.</p> <p class="">Sista Afia has been releasing hits songs consequently over ... more
  • 2 months 5 times Yvonne Nelson promoted Ghana with her stunning fashion choices Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Check out our top 5 African print dresses inspired by Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson.</p> <p class="">Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has crossed the bounders of Ghana with her skill set. She among the talented African women in film in our generation taking up a lead and challenging roles, producing and directing movies.</p> <p class="">Yvonne Nelson is a great force to reckon with in the movie industry. The entertainment world and the fashion industry is inseparable. </p> <p class="">READ ALSO: <a href="https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/fashion/yvonne-nelson-shuts-down-social-media-with-beautiful-birthday-photos/eznze6c" id="87c9d80f-2a21-4aa1-84f1-5f8f81124d1f" data-link-role-code="none">Yvonne Nelson shuts down social media with beautiful birthday photos</a></p> <p class="">Over the years, Yvonne Nelson has been ... more
  • 2 months Yvonne Nelson shuts down social media with beautiful birthday photos Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson is a year older today, November 12, 2019. Like all our favourite celebrities, the award-winning screen goddess has shared some stunning photos on her Instagram to mark her special day.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/ODU7MDA_/10e125ca6d5dd90b06e6c1bc3addca33.jpg" alt="Yvonne Nelson"> <figcaption>Yvonne Nelson</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">Yvonne, mother-of-one was styled by the Kevin Vincent in a colour blazer and trousers. The show-stopping fashion statement was paired with matching fashion accessories. We are madly in love with her long tresses, beautiful makeup and of course her infectious smile.</p> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>Happy Birthday baby girl wishing you all the best in ... more
  • 2 months Twitter CEO Jack subtly chooses Ghana Jollof over Nigeria Jollof and Nigerians are going gaga Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghana and Nigeria have a lot in common. The two countries share a lot more too.</p> <p class="">However, what both countries can’t agree on is who has the best Jollof.</p> <p class="">Now, a popular one-pot rice dish in West Africa with the main ingredients being rice, tomatoes, onions and cooking oil. Adventurous cookers have other ways of garnishing the meal.</p> <p class="">The battle between Ghana and Nigeria for this delicacy has also triggered down to the preference of other nationalities who visit these two in West Africa.</p> <p class="">When the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Patrick Dorsey announced ... more
  • 2 months What´s the best window frame material for houses? ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Plastic window frames come in a number of different materials, including wood, vinyl aluminum, fiberglass, and composite plastic. Vinyl-and plastic frames (translated to Dutch: kunststof kozijnen) are the cheapest - only half the price of comparable versions with wooden frames. They are also particularly energy-efficient, thanks to a honeycomb chamber that increases the insulation capacity by capturing air and can be ... more
  • 2 months Young Children And Adults Above 65years Are Most Prone To Pneumonia ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Pneumonia is referred to as the infection that inflames the air sacs (alveoli) in either one or both the lungs. Fluid or pus may get filled in the alveoli, leading to difficulty in breathing and can also cause cough with phlegm or pus, fever, etc. Pneumonia can be mild and even life-threatening. Infants and young children, people older than age 65, and people with health problems or weakened immune systems are most prone to serious pneumonia. Symptoms of pneumonia include: Cou ... more
  • 2 months Your Deadline Is Not God’s Deadline! ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Finish high school by 18 and university at 23. Get a well-paying job by 24. Get married by 25. Start having babies by 26. Stop having children by 30. Live happily ever after until 100. This was the ideal plan of almost every young person when we were growing up. It still is for many young people, I guess. We worked hard to meet such timelines. Fortunately, we could meet some timelines but for others, we couldn rsquo;t. The more we tried to, the more helpless we looked. We were racing w ... more
  • 2 months 5 insanely bold fashion statements in GH Birdman’s diss video Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Meet the newest musician and Internet sensation with bold fashion sense.</p> <p class="">Up until now we only knew of Bryan Christopher Williams, known by his stage name Birdman and some of his popular songs including ‘Leather So Soft’ and ‘Money to blow’.</p> <p class="">Ghanaian entrepreneur and underground musician, Don Elijah popularly called GH Birdman has released a diss song called ‘ Agyi Nsam’. </p> <p class="">In the 11. 12 minutes music video, the Hip-Pop artiste proved that he is the king of style. As the CEO of a boutique, Don Elijah gave his fans and fashion lovers more reason to ... more
  • 2 months No delays; newly weds jet off on a motorbike to their honeymoon Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Just when we taught we had seen it all, a newly couple in Nigerian has done the impossible.</p> <p class="">The lovely couple was seen happily riding a motorbike after walking down in a beautiful ceremony.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/Y2Q7MDA_/fd1fe8086c244717f70c42194fbcd32a.jpg" alt="Newly weds"> <figcaption>Newly weds</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">The bride was spotted a gorgeous gown with matching accessories for her big day. The wore a lustrous hairstyle while romancing sitting behind her husband who proudly drove the bike to their safety.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/ZmY7MDA_/439622c06256544ac72a8d0331b973e9.png" alt="Newly weds spotted on a motorbike"> <figcaption>Newly weds spotted on a motorbike</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">According ... more
  • 2 months Central Region’s representative, Ekua wins Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2019 Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ekua Mends Bannerman from Central Region of Ghana wins the 2019 Ghana's Most Beautiful pageant.</p> <p class="">Twenty-three-year-old entrepreneur, Ekua Mends Bannerman, representing the Central Region has been crowned the winner for Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2019.</p> <p class="">The finale of the 13 weeks of competition fused with entertainment and education was held at the Accra International Conference Center with season judges including Linda Ampaw on the panel.</p> <p class="">She beat off stiff competition from four other finalists, including Enam [Volta Region representative] who was seen by some as the favourite for this year’s crown, to walk home with the ultimate ... more
  • 2 months BBNaija: 5 ‘highlight’ dresses inspired by Mercy Eke you need for Christmas Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Winner of Big Brother Naija 2019, Mercy Eke has won our hearts with her sartorial choices and we can't stop staring.</p> <p class="">Over the years, the Big Brother reality show has gained much popularity due to the drama, suspense, comedy, and of course, the fashion sense.</p> <p class="">This year’s edition was no different. All the housemates knew what they were in for and prepared for it. </p> <p class="">99 days of the spotlight from around the globe meant housemates had to grab every opportunity to entertain their viewers and show off their high fashion to attract big endorsement deals after ... more
  • 2 months Velma Owusu-Bempah has been adjudged Ghana’s Most Outstanding Woman of the year Pulse -LS
    <p class="">The accessories designer and fashionista toppled the likes of Afia Amankwaa Tamakloe, Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah, Melissa Adarkwah and Tracy Boakye for the top award at the second edition of the prestigious Ghana Outstanding Women Awards (GOWA) held at the National Theatre last Friday.</p> <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>Congratulations once again on your 3 nominations and award. The outstanding woman of the year @gowaawards. The team is proud of you.... . #womenentrepreneurs #gowa2019 #outstandingwoman #womensupportingwomen @velma_thephilanthropist . . . @ophelia_crossland thanks for the constant support</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">The awards gala held at the National Theatre last Friday witnessed some thrilling ... more
  • 2 months BBNaija: Tacha is serving Ghanaians hot pepper with her stunning looks Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Still wondering what to wear to your next event? Check out Tacha's latest looks for style inspiration.</p> <p class="">Big Brother Naija 2019 housemate, Tacha was disqualified from the reality show but that didn’t stop her from living her best life.</p> <p class="">The Nigerian of Ghanaian descent has always been a style influencer and with so much power and attention, the CEO wants to break the Internet with their sartorial choices.</p> <p class="">Tacha is a trendsetter and we can’t afford to miss any of her elegant looks as we prepared for Christmas.</p> <p class="">Check out our top 5 favourite looks ... more
  • 2 months Dr. Anyah Rules Health Sector With Two Awards At Ghana Business Quality And Pride Awards ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre and the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm, Dr. Felix Kwaku Anyah on Saturday bagged two awards at this year rsquo;s 2019 edition of the Ghana Business Quality And Pride Awards. Dr. Anyah, who is also the Former CEO of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital won The Healthcare Business Icon Award Pride Of Volta for himself whilst the Premium Quality Spa Health Tourism Business Pride Award went to his medical company Hol ... more
  • 2 months CEO Of ShopNaw Benjamin Osei Is Making Phenomenal Waves ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Benjamin Osei Asante, a proud Ghanaian IT expert with rich industry experience is set to bring an e-commerce platform to the doorsteps of Ghanaians. He has worked with both local companies and multinationals on various projects with an incredible track record of significant achievements. SHOPNAW is the name of the new platform yet to be introduced officially. According to the founder and CEO; the idea of SHOPNAW platform came into conception after he came out of a very gloomy sit ... more
  • 2 months GoldCoast hub to host ‘the year of return’ coacktail party Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghana is one of the countries many people around the world are looking forward to visit this December. </p> <p class="">Apart from it being ranked the 4<sup>th</sup> country to visit in 2019 by CNN, this year also promises to be a great year for Ghana and its tourism industry as a result of “The Year of Return” activities.</p> <p class="">The Year of Return marks exactly 400 years of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Jamestown, Virginia. Ghana has from the beginning of this year welcomed a number of world known dignitaries including Mr. Steve Harvey and Kofi ... more
  • 2 months Male Infertility And How To Overcome It ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    From ages, due to gender discrimination and lack of awareness, women have traditionally been held responsible for infertility. The onus of a couple rsquo;s inability to have a child often hangs on the woman, however with time and improved awareness, it is now known that men could be the reason too. Some studies suggest that about one out of every three cases of infertility is due to male. But irrespective of whether is a man or a woman, infertility deeply affects a person as well the relationshi ... more
  • 2 months How to get silky hair with oatmeal Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Surprisingly, oats have benefits for your hair too. The nutrients in them make your hair stronger and scalp healthier. They also make it shinier and silkier.</p> <h1>Oatmeal Itchy Scalp Treatment</h1> <p class=""><strong>Ingredients</strong></p> <ul><li>Oatmeal </li><li>Green Tea </li><li>Coffee Filter</li><li>Lavender Oil </li><li>Peppermint Oil </li><li>Rosemary Oil </li></ul> <p class=""><strong>Method</strong></p> <p class="">1. Boil distilled water. Remove from the heat and add green tea bags. Steep for 3 mins and remove tea bags.</p> <p class="">2. Add oatmeal to tea and soak for 20 mins. Stirring occasionally.</p> <p class="">3. Strain fluid through a coffee filter into a bowl or container.</p> <p class="">4. Add oils to the mixture.</p> <p class="">5. Let cool ... more
  • 2 months 3 simple remedies to remove body hair with kitchen ingredients Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Here are inexpensive and simple ways to stay fuzz-free.</p> <p class="">You don’t have to impress people with your looks but looking good boosts your self-confidence which leads to great productivity.</p> <p class="">Being presentable is than wearing designer clothes, shoes and bags. Get rid of body hair makes you look good and give you a silky-smooth skin.</p> <p class="">It promotes personal hygiene and prevents body odour as you go about your daily routine.</p> <p class="">Home remedies are always to best and safe treatment for skin and health-related issues.</p> <p class="">Try these remedies at home this weekend and share your thoughts ... more
  • 3 months 20 questions on beauty with Violet Awo Amoabeng, CEO of Skin Gourmet Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Lifestyle editor, Portia Arthur interviews Violet Awo Amoabeng, founder and CEO of Skin Gourmet, a Ghanaian owned edible skincare brand.</p> <p class=""> In an exclusive interview with Pulse.com.gh Violent disclosed that she saw a problem and established luxurious brand, skin gourmet from natural products which has incredible beauty and health benefits.</p> <p class=""><em>“Beauty has become toxic, shallow and self-centred in a world that is becoming more</em></p> <p class=""><em>driven by profit that benefits the small segment of those who have to leave the majority</em></p> <p class=""><em>without. Beauty is now defined by shallow social media images that are unrealistic, self-centred,</em></p> <p ... more
  • 3 months Praye Tietie and Selly Galley are the official bae goals Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Praye Tietie and Selly Galley never fail to impress us. The celebrity couple married 4 years ago always support and celebrate each other and keeps on posting their lovely pictures on social media and to make us go crazy.</p> <p class="">If you are a music lover then you have probably heard and jammed to ‘Angelina’ by Ghanaian musician group, ‘Praye’.</p> <p class="">Among the group of three talented men includes Praye Tietie who is married to TV host and actress, Selly Galley.</p> <p class="">The adorable couple has been married for 4 years now. They tied the knots in a beautiful ... more
  • 3 months These wedding photos of a Jackie Appiah look alike are going viral Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah seems to have a lot of look-alikes.</p> <p class="">A photo of Jackie and a young lady she took a photograph with recently went viral with a host of fans lauding the resemblance of the two.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/MTI7MDA_/acfc3863823969dca49e2898dfad925c.png" alt="Jackie Appiah's look alike"> <figcaption>Jackie Appiah's look alike</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">In some wedding photos that have also gone viral, the bride looks like a Jackie twin in certain angles from shots on her big day.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/NjU7MDA_/986bd70a5b6683a494bdc2e08245868b.png" alt="These wedding photos of a Jackie Appiah look alike are going viral"> <figcaption>These wedding photos ... more
  • 3 months How to wear blazers like a boss lady Pulse -LS
    <p class="">You can't build a successful business with poor fashion sense - Lifestyle editor, Portia Arthur writes.</p> <p class="">Everybody has that entrepreneurial spirit hidden somewhere in them. While some people discover their passion and turn them into an empire in the early stages of their careers, others muster the courage to establish their businesses after working for others.</p> <p class="">Regardless, that should stop you from dressing like a boss lady? Let your appearance speak volume about your personality.</p> <p class="">Dressing like a boss doesn’t mean you are limited to suit, stretchy dresses and pencil skirts. Here are fashionable ways you ... more
  • 3 months 7 church outfit ideas inspired by Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian actress, <strong>Martha Ankobiah</strong> is our style crush for today.</p> <p class="">Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankobiah is our style crush for today. The GTP brand ambassador has an elegant sense of fashion and we are madly in love with everything she wears.</p> <p class="">We were really happy for her when she landed a deal with Ghana’s biggest textile company. Over the years, the award-winning actress and style influencer has supported the textile industry and promoted the Ghanaian fashion industry by patronising and wearing stunning African print apparels.</p> <p class="">Thinking of how to make a bold statement with African print at ... more
  • 3 months How to make ravioli at home Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ravioli are a type of pasta comprising a filling enveloped in thin pasta dough. Usually served in broth or with a sauce, they originated as a traditional food in Italian cuisine. Ravioli are commonly square, though other forms are also used, including circular and semi-circular.</p> Prep: 15 minutesCook: 2 hoursReady In: 2 hours 15 minutesServes: 5 2 cups all-purpose flour1 pinch salt1 teaspoon olive oil2 eggs1 1/2 tablespoons water1 (8 ounce) container ricotta cheese1 (4 ounce) package cream cheese, softened1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese1/2 cup provolone cheese, shredded1 egg1 1/2 teaspoons dried parsley2 tablespoons olive oil2 ... more
  • 3 months Ghanaian Parenting And Culture Can Lead To Criminality ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Ours is a culture rife with people pleasing, materialism, greed, gossip and hipocrisy. Many Ghanaians want to look good to others and they will do anything not to be gossiped about or be deemed inferior. However, a smart person knows what other people think of them is none of their business. How does this relate to crime? Some Ghanaian youths and adults get into criminal behaviour, involve themselves in gangs, armed robbery, political theft, corruption and other forms of crimin ... more
  • 3 months Cardiac Tamponade: A Fatal Condition That Most Don’t Know About ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    We all know that our heart is the most significant yet the most sensitive organ of our body. It goes without saying that our heart hence requires special attention and care. Reasons, both external as well as internal can affect our heart. While the lifestyle being lived these days has thrown enough light on the concerns related to heart like cardiac arrest, heart failure, heart attack, etc. There still remains one very serious medical condition that is not a result of the lifestyle choices reall ... more
  • 3 months How to prepare aubergine swallow Pulse -LS
    Prep: 5 minutesCook: 10 minutesReady In: 15 minutesServes: 5 1 eggplant about 700g in weight1.5 tbsp psyllium husk <p class="">Method</p> <ul><li>Chop the aubergine into small sizes.</li><li>Blend till smooth and transfer into a saucepan.</li><li>Cook and stir simultaneously for about 5 minutes.</li><li>Add the psyllium husk powder and keep stirring like you.</li><li>Cook for about 3 minutes</li><li>Turn off heat and mould to desired size and shape.</li><li>Eat with any soup of choice.</li></ul> ... more
  • 3 months How to make cheese lasagna Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Cheese is a great source of calcium, fat, and protein. It also contains high amounts of vitamins A and B-12, along with zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin. </p> Prep: 20 minutesCook: 45 minutesReady In: 1 hour 5 minutesServes: 8 1 package lasagna noodles4 cups ricotta cheese1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese4 eggssalt and pepper to taste1 teaspoon olive oil3 cloves garlic, minced1 jar spaghetti sauce1 teaspoon Italian seasoning2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese <p class="">Method</p> <ol><li>Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for ... more
  • 3 months How to make egg & bacon pockets Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Both the white and yolk of an egg are rich in nutrients - proteins, vitamins and minerals with the yolk also containing cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. </p> Prep: 10 minutesCook: 15 minutesReady In: 25 minutesServes: 6 8 eggs1/4 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon pepper1/2 cup finely chopped onion1/2 cup finely chopped bacon1/2 cup Heinz Tomato Ketchup1 1/2 cups baby spinach leaves1 cup shredded reduced-fat Cheddar cheese6 small whole-wheat pocket pitas <p class="">Method</p> <ol><li>Whisk the eggs with the salt and pepper, reserve. Heat a large, nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add the onion and bacon. Cook, ... more
  • 3 months Here are the STI’s you can get through kissing Pulse -LS
    <figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>All you need to know about Herpes: Causes,Symptoms and Prevention</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">Yes, you can catch an STI just from kissing someone on the mouth. Scared?</p> <p class="">Often times, we tend to link sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections (STIs) with only vaginal, anal, and oral sex as well. But it is also possible to get sick after kissing someone, although chances are relatively much lower.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/NTE7MDA_/4744fb1479e2458e469980d2ec27ee70.jpg" alt="Sti's you can get from kissing"> <figcaption>Sti's you can get from kissing</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">Here are four types of infections that can be transmitted through mouth-to-mouth contact with ... more
  • 3 months 5 things you don’t know about Ghanaian model, Victoria Michaels Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian model, <strong>Victoria Michaels</strong> is a year older today. Here are 5 things you didn't know about the Ghanaian beauty ruling the modelling world.</p> <p class="">1. Her other name Chioma translates as “Beautiful God in Igbo language.Her mother is of Nigeria and Ghana decent. This name was obviously carefully selected to have meaning and to give her the feeling that she is beautiful in every single way . This speaks to the excitement of her birth as with such a name one can only imagine that her parents were grateful to God for blessing them with a gorgeous child ... more
  • 3 months 5 things you don’t know about Ghanaian model,Victoria Micheals Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Ghanaian model, Victoria Michaels is a year older today. Here are 5 things you didn't know about the Ghanaian beauty ruling the modelling world.</p> <p class="">1. Her other name Chioma translates as “Beautiful God in Igbo language.Her mother is of Nigeria and Ghana decent. This name was obviously carefully selected to have meaning and to give her the feeling that she is beautiful in every single way . This speaks to the excitement of her birth as with such a name one can only imagine that her parents were grateful to God for blessing them with a gorgeous child ... more
  • 3 months Gospel musician, EBA is revolutionizing gospel music and fashion in these photos Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Gospel musician, Enock Blessing Acquah, popularly known in the showbiz circles as EBA is our Man crush for the day.</p> <p class="">It’s a known fact that entertainment and fashion go hand and hand but over the years secular musicians have taken over the fashion industry with their high fashion.</p> <p class="">The list of fashion Ghanaian celebrities includes musician producing secular songs on and off the cameras. </p> <p class="">The style influencers are promoting and supporting the fashion industry in the musician videos and shows in and outside Ghana.</p> <p class="">Gospel musician, EBA who is out with his new single, Balm ... more
  • 3 months The Church, God’s Laboratory For Proving His Existence ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    God decided in His infinite wisdom, that when a child is born the head must come first into this world, well, is it not possible God is telling us something? The head is as important as the heart if you ask me. Blind faith is not Biblical, faith must have basis, some evidence, the believer must think and the thinker must believe(Dr. Ravi Zacharias). Logic is the very expression of God, our God is scientific. He created the land before the trees, the seas before the fishes. God has not left hi ... more
  • 3 months DJ Sly bags “Event DJ of the Year” at 2019 Ghana DJ Awards Pulse -LS
    <p class="">One of Africa's leading Disc Jockeys, DJ Sly know as the unstoppable on Saturday night (November 2) emerged as the winner of Best Event DJ of the year at the 2019 Ghana DJ Awards held at Accra International Conference Centre.</p> <p class="">Contenders of the 2019 Best Event DJ of the year category included DJ Vyrusky, DJ Sly, DJ Mic Smith, DJ Aroma, DJ Godday, and DJ Lord.</p> <p class="">Other winners include DJ Switch, DJ Mic Smith, DJ Vyrusky, DJ Advicer and DJ Phletch.</p> <figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/NzU7MDA_/16ad7aa20b1b54eeff3f9879f1376092.jpg" alt="Best Event DJ"> <figcaption>Best Event DJ</figcaption> </figure> <p class="">The night witnessed ... more
  • 3 months 5 elegant dresses Berla Mundi wore to host Miss Malaika 2019 Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Berla Mundi. Style. Beauty</p> <p class="">Award-winning media personality, Berla Mundi has graced proved some is one of the best female presenters of our time.</p> <p class="">The Miss Malaika beauty queen and host of the prestigious beauty pageant took over from Award-winning actress, Naa Ashorkor who left an indelible mark in our hearts with her great personality and skills.</p> <p class="">Berla Mundi has mastered her craft over the years and her style evolution has reached higher heights.</p> <p class="">Ms Mundi is one of the female celebrities who inspire us with everything she wears. She is a great style influencer on ... more
  • 3 months 5 times Joselyn Dumas modelled in beautiful African prints Pulse -LS
    <p class="">Here are 5 times Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas gave us elegant fashion sense</p> <p class="">Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas is our style crush for the day. </p> <p class="">The Award-winning TV star is known for her great acting and impeccable TV presenting skills. </p> <p class="">Joselyn Dumas has always been a style influencer since her breakthrough movie and we are inspired by her elegant looks.</p> <p class="">Off-camera, she is known for her bold, ladylike looks. Whether she is hosting an award show, judging duties or attending a red-carpet event, the gorgeous actress doesn't shy away from bright colours, African prints, and avant-garde ... more
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