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  • 7 months Book Review: Thoughts On Culture And Development ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The discussion on culture and development as it concerns Africa can be extensively isolated into two camps. On one side are the individuals who see the African culture itself as an obstacle to development, while alternate see the visually impaired us ... more
  • 7 months Stages Of Labor That Every Pregnant Women Must Know ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Many women are scared when it comes to labor. There are stages to everything and even labor got its stages too. Labor is an appropriate name for childbirth, which is the most intense prolonging human physical effort that pregnant women experience. La ... more
  • 7 months 3 Traits Tips For Designing Your Kid’s Room ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    When you are designing your child rsquo;s room, think about the kinds of things that they enjoy doing or even like. Ask yourself these questions? Might help hellip; what do your kids love doing the most, especially in their leisure time? Are they Int ... more
  • 7 months Crime: How Media Frame Murder Stories For Public Opinion ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Crime is a noteworthy classification of news announced in the media. For what reason are paper correspondents and TV writers, so keen on covering murders? Violent crime, especially murder gives a remarkable chance to the media to outline news stories ... more
  • 7 months The Parallel of Today’s Christian Values To Cultural Values ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    As we approach the beginning of the third millennium, the world seems to be changing quickly and indeed to be spinning out of control. The world is now a confusing place with recent development in culture almost calling everything into question. C ... more
  • 7 months 3 Biggest Mix-Ups Women Make In Relationships ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Relationships today are faced with challenges that either make them more grounded or break them. Women have a caring responsibility to accomplish in every visible relationship. In any case, a few oversights of the ladies end them destroying something ... more
  • 7 months The Gardener, Vine And Branches 6 (You Are The Branches) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Memory Verse: John 15:5 NIV I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. Every branch of a tree must totally depend on the tree as the o ... more
  • 7 months Here is 5 New Year Resolutions to Spice Up Your Relationship ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    It 39;s that time of the year where we make a long list of promises to ourselves and others. Calling them New Year resolutions, many of these dreams don 39;t live to see the light of the day because it 39;s either we don 39;t have the discipl ... more
  • 7 months Fiifi Essandoh Writes: I Will Never Forget You ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    My love is an unchanging love. It wouldn 39;t fade away. I will guide it with much care. I will nurture it with patience, humility and giving. The fear of God will be central in our daily affairs. Our children will know their Creator and faithf ... more
  • 7 months Etiquette For The “I Am Sorry” Lady ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Being a woman isn 39;t only a title, it rsquo;s about kindness, manners, and courtesy. Most people claim to be ladies when they are really girls. When does or should a full-grown lady say I am sorry . These three words are calming words, especially ... more
  • 7 months The Gardener, Vine, And Branches 5 (My Father, the Gardener) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    28/01/19 Memory Verse: John 15:1 NIV I am the true vine, and my Father is the Gardener. Throughout the ministry of the Lord Jesus, the role of the Father has always been stated clearly. During most of his discourse with t ... more
  • 7 months Memoir- Enam, Ghana’s Rising Star ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Who is Enam? Miss Angela Enam Keteku popularly known as African Mannequin is an extraordinary Ghanaian songstress who cherishes music. Her physical stature, fanatic fashionable model and her amazing voice got her the stage name Afro Manneq ... more
  • 7 months 6 Tips You should Ask Yourself Before Taking Herbal Medicines ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    I pretty much know most of us have ever used herbal medicine at least once in our lifetime. Herbal medicines have been in existence long before now. In fact, herbal medicine is older than history itself. Herbs were used by men of old for food, and me ... more
  • 7 months Prostitution: Know The Types Of Men That Patronize Sexual Services ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    It is no mishap that prostitution, the leasing of one 39;s body for sexual reasons, has been known as the world most established profession . This profession thrives in light of the fact that it fulfills sexual requirements that are not met somewher ... more
  • 7 months Drinking Water With Meals: Does It Worry Digestion? ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Water they say is life and so drinking enough water on a regular basis is crucial to the survivor of the human life. Even though, one can rsquo;t survive on this planet without water and considering the fact drinking water is a basic necessity for on ... more
  • 7 months Do These 4 Things And You’ve Got Your Workers For Good ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    One of the most important factors that influence an employee rsquo;s motivational level is the structure of the work itself. Is the work worth waking up every morning? Is the supervision influencing work ethics positively? Does the job motivate work ... more
  • 7 months Thoughts: Street Hawkers Deserve The Best Too ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Today, businesses around the world are in dire need of sales representative who will help advertise and pitch the goods and services of their company to their target audience. However, it is surprising to recognize that, Street Hawkers though the las ... more
  • 7 months The Gardener, Vine and Branches 4(The Vine Types) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    27/01/19 I am the true vine, and my Father is the Gardener. John 15:1 NIV The vine, here, signifies spiritual good. Throughout hundreds of years, many have composed extremely quick discourses on its advantages and how critical it is for ... more
  • 7 months Black Is Dope, So Rock It ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    In the present society, the shade of one 39;s skin characterizes how far one would go in accomplishing their goals. ldquo;Fairness rdquo; or ldquo;light-skinned rdquo; is viewed as alluring and wonderful and along these lines, they believe that in ... more
  • 7 months What Do You Know About Febrile Convulsion In Babies? ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Your first days and weeks with your newborn can be full of joy. However, this joy can be turned to uncontrolled worries and frustration when your child becomes sick. Babies cry a lot when they are sick and this is often noticed through their body tem ... more
  • 7 months Road Accidents: Guileless Thoughts And Expectations For 2019 ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Every country, I must say is faced with one social problem to another. Last year had it with vehicle accidents. It is an unavoidable thing to ignore. The nation Ghana is an honored one, however, I just feel miserable when I see the glaring pool of hu ... more
  • 7 months Hoping To Take Up A Career In Management? 4 Skills You Definitely Must Have ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Careers in management require special and exceptional skills. People in professions of managerial positions need to know how to set priorities, formulate and make strategic decisions, solve issues that may arise in the business, make and execute work ... more
  • 7 months How To Make Life Simple In 2019 With AirtelTigo  ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    It was a frantic call I received a week to Christmas. Frantic because the caller kept pressing the redial button despite my non-response. It was quite late and as was my usual practice, I was wrapping up the day with some Hymns I normally enjoy from ... more
  • 7 months 5 New Year Resolutions To Spice Up Your Relationship ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    It rsquo;s that time of the year again that we make a long list of promises to ourselves and others. Calling them New Year resolutions, many of these dreams don rsquo;t live to see the light of the day because it rsquo;s either we don rsquo;t hav ... more
  • 7 months 5 Sure Ways To Keep Your Relationship Away From Social Media ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Yes You have found love. You rsquo;re so excited about it. You can rsquo;t wait to flaunt them to your friends. You can rsquo;t wait to let your ex know that you weren rsquo;t a piece of good-for-nothing being after all. You want the whole world ... more
  • 7 months How To Effectively Conserve Energy-Cedi In Your Kitchen ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Aside from home heating and cooling, your kitchen is most likely the greatest energy user in the house. Yep, think of microwaves, ovens, the refrigerator, electric burner, blenders, dispensers, cookers, light, and many others. I don rsquo;t presume t ... more
  • 7 months The Gardener, Vine and Branches 3 (Jesus, my Lord, and my God) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    26/01/19 As children of God, it rsquo;s very necessary in our daily routine, we recognize that Jesus, whom we believe in, is the Lord and God of our lives. The inspiration we draw from that understanding enables us to be effective in our walk ... more
  • 7 months The Gardener, Vine, And Branches 2 (“I AM”) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    25/01/2019 Memory verse: John 15:1 NIV ldquo;I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. Before the coming to the Lord Jesus into this world, the title I AM is set aside for the Almighty God. This concept ... more
  • 7 months 5 Tippy Tips For Designing Your Own Fitness Program ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Muscular strength is required for many sports. Every one of us has a distinctive body build and potential for muscular strength. To obtain muscular strength, you choose exercises that make your muscles strong and large. There are no easy routes to in ... more
  • 7 months Ric Hassani: Reminiscing African’s Stylist Gentleman ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The humble beginnings... Ikechikwu Eric Ahiazu prevalently known as Ric Hassani is a terrific Nigerian artist and musician. He particularly picked that epithet from a TV series. He was born on the 6th of January, 1989 to a fa ... more
  • 7 months 6 Suicidal Behaviors Of Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Depression is accompanied by some common signs such as loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of energy, sadness, frequent crying and others. Nevertheless, prolonged depression that continues for a considerable length of time is particularly unfor ... more
  • 7 months 6 Marriage Reflections You Shouldn’t Ignore In Choosing A Partner ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Love is the reason for marriage in our society. Love isn 39;t just having string affections for an individual, however, It incorporates the overall embodiment of love through action. This is the reason behind successful marriages today, as they say, ... more
  • 7 months How eCommerce Marketplaces Are Democratising The Ways Nigerians Shop ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    eCommerce has become customary or conventional in Nigeria. It is no longer a stranger. The acceptance or embrace of eCommerce among Nigerians did not come on a platter of gold. It took painstaking efforts by Jumia, Nigeria 39;s no 1 shopping ... more
  • 7 months Who Are You Following? ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    There is no doubt about this popular saying that. ldquo;Show me your friend and I will show you your character rdquo; Bishop David Abioye the Frist Vice President of WCI puts it this way ldquo;who you follow, determines what follows you rdq ... more
  • 7 months Family Conflicts: Think Twice Before Yelling At Your Kids ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Family conflict is caused by a variety of events. Any changes in the family structure or daily routine can cause conflict. Some family conflict is caused by one relative thinking primarily of himself or herself rather than the needs of the family in ... more
  • 7 months The Gardener, Vine And Branches 1 (The True Vine) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    24/01/19 Memory Verse: John 15:1 NIV I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. We will be looking at another spectacle biblical concept in the Bible, where Jesus Christ was set as an exemplary illustration of Tru ... more
  • 7 months Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills Revisited For Maximum Sexual Life ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The combined oral contraceptive/preventive (OC) pill is a safe, viable method of contraception or birth control in women. Truth be told, its one of the broadly considered MEDs prescribed for use for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Combined OCs basic ... more
  • 7 months The National Flags Of World Cuisines ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    I love food. Yes, but did you know that what is eaten in Ghana is not necessarily eaten in India. That rsquo;s how food variety goes. Every country in the world has its own distinctive food or cuisine that differentiates them from other countries. So ... more
  • 7 months 4 Skills HR Managers Will Immediately Hire In 2019 ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    In 2019, you shouldn 39;t be pleased to have basic computer skills like emailing and Microsoft Word in your CV as your required skills. These days, managers just need competitors who can utilize innovation that is pertinent to their field to convey ... more
  • 7 months Spruce Up Your Personality With Just The Right Clothing ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Akua and Serwaa went to town for some clothes shopping. Akua attempted a dressed in a pink skirt she had truly preferred. She approached Serwaa for her opinion. Serwaa didn 39;t think the dress suits her well because the dress rather fits tightly an ... more
  • 7 months Dr. Kountz Legacy: The Breakthrough of Kidney Transplant ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Overcoming the odds, particularly when the odds appear to be stacked against you is a test that many individuals faced or encountered. Dr. Samuel Lee Kountz Jr. had the odds piled up against him. Thanks to his determination, he beat them all. Samu ... more
  • 7 months The Tower Of Babel 4 (Final Reflections) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Day 10 Memory verse: Genesis 11:1-9 NIV For the past few days, we have been concentrating on the story of the tower of Babel. Irrespective of the negative issues that we discovered, we also realized there were positive values that we can emu ... more
  • 7 months Ethics: When Doctors Lie ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Jeff is an unmarried 26 years of age bookkeeper, goes to see a specialist since he has been having headaches which make it troublesome for him to amass at work. The specialist runs a few tests and finds that Jeff has an in-operational mind tumor, ... more
  • 7 months 5 Telltale Signs Your Soul Mate Is Next Door ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    There 39;s no feeling is overwhelming and seducing than meeting the ONE. Regardless of whether you have confidence in the idea of a soulmate or not, most would agree there are a few people who influence you so strongly they blow your mind. It 39;s ... more
  • 7 months How eCommerce Businesses Can Take Advantage of AI ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The eCommerce industry is booming and this is projected to continue. With such a wealth of eCommerce businesses, and competition set to become even more fierce, staying visible and relevant has never been such a challenge for online retailers. The ad ... more
  • 7 months 5 Tips To Introducing Your Kids To Social Media ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Whether you like it or now, as you read this post, your kid is probably already fixating on Instagram or Facebook, or even Snapchat. It is important as parents to take your kids through some pep talk about social media before they even create an acco ... more
  • 7 months The Tower Of Babel 3 (The Power Of Unity) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Day 9 Memory Verse: Genesis 11:6 NIV The Lord said, 39;If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. All over the world, there have been several artic ... more
  • 7 months An Apology Letter To ME ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Dear ME: I, first of all, want to say, with tears in my eyes... I am truly sorry. I am extremely sad and disheartened that I have not loved you enough in my days. Lessons in life have taught you a great deal. Great deals tha ... more
  • 7 months The Aftermath Of Rape: What No One Is Telling ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Sex is good, that rsquo;s why it was created in the first place. But come to think of it, sex can be traumatizing too when sex is replaced with trauma, fear, agony and immerse nervousness. Then it becomes RAPE. Yeah, everyone got a story, but with ... more
  • 7 months 3 Kinds of Supplication Employed In Today’s Church ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Prayer is one key foundational aspect that cannot be ignored or shunned when it comes to the growth and spiritual prosperity of any church. In Ghana, people pray, be it Christians, Muslims or Traditionalists. In terms of the Christendom, the ministry ... more
  • 7 months A Friend With Sex Benefits ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    There 39;s a growing fad among some friends (male and female) who engage in occasional sexual intimacy as a benefit of their friendship. These friends, I learnt, are not involved in proper dating or courtship; they are just good friends. They may be ... more
  • 7 months Common Truths About Marriage The Church Hardly Preach ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Everyone wants to get married. In fact, the sermon of marriage is preached every passing Sunday. Couples don rsquo;t really marry without going through counseling or guidelines prepared by the preacher. More like some test Truth be told, Marriage is ... more
  • 7 months Rape: Modesty Is A Personal Choice ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    The problem with controlling the way women dress in an effort to control the predatory responses of other people is that clothing itself is not the problem. We are, as a society, conditioned to see women as objects. Their bodies ndash; however mo ... more
  • 7 months The 6 Awesome Fitness Apps You Need For That Workout ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Whether you have a gym subscription or train from home, this compilation of best fitness apps will surely help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Such applications take data from sensors and show us valuable data that can help us lose weight, gain musc ... more
  • 7 months Why Men Should Eat Tomatoes ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    If you thought tomatoes and the lycopene they contain were good only as a natural treatment for prostate disease and conditions such as BPH and prostate cancer, think again. There are also tomato benefits for men rsquo;s sexual health. Lycopene ... more
  • 7 months The “Baby Blues” Experience In New Mums ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Pregnant women generally expect the days and weeks following the following the birth of their child to be a cheerful and memorable time. In any case, many have likewise known about baby blues : sadness and extreme emotional episodes that often start ... more
  • 7 months The Tower Of Babel 2 (Building On Ungodly Foundation Will Cease) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Day 8 Memory Verse: Genesis 11:8 NIV So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. Yesterday we clearly saw the intention and motivation of why the tower of Babel was under c ... more
  • 7 months Yoga’s Africa Roots: Racism On And Off The Mat ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    After attending a few yoga seminars and trainings, I discovered Yoga, meaning Unity is ironically, divisive. Not only is there an under represented number of employed Black Yoga instructors but even attending the Yoga training and seminars, there ... more
  • 7 months 2019: Time for a Career- Change? ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    It is a Brand New Year and some of us might have wished for a Brand New Career in 2019. Is it doable? Of course it is Over the years, I have read several books and articles on Career Changing, but to my humble opinion, I have not yet seen th ... more
  • 7 months What’s Safe And Unsafe To Eat: Foods To Avoid ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Food scientists are shedding light on items loaded with toxins and chemicals--and simple swaps for a cleaner diet and supersized health. Clean eating means choosing fruits, vegetables, and meats that are raised, grown, and sold with minimal p ... more
  • 7 months 5 Keys To Managing Stress As A Student ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    You might feel like there is a lot of pressure to do well academically, as well as pressure to be sociable. In particular, mature students often say that they feel particularly under stress if they are struggling financially and they have invested mo ... more
  • 7 months From Two Years of Rewarding Excellence to One Year of Tasting Love – The Story of a Boss ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Before falling in love he was loved by many media personalities three years ago when he introduced the Eastern Region Media Excellence Awards (ERMEA). Where for the first time in the history of Eastern Region, the hard work of media personali ... more
  • 7 months The “I Love You” Moments ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    With so much conflicting advice, it can be hard to trust your feelings. The regret of my life is that I have not said 39;I love you 39; often enough. mdash; Yoko Ono Hearing a partner say I love you for the first time is regarded ... more
  • 7 months The Tower Of Babel 1(Ungodly Ambition) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Day 7 Memory Verse: Genesis 11:4 NIV Then they said, 39;Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of th ... more
  • 7 months Social Media And Dating Palava ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Thinking of the best place to track that relationship? Or probably, tell the world how happy you are with that cutie hellip; The first place that comes to mind is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the lots. The bottom line is everyone got a poi ... more
  • 7 months The Mind Of 50-Year-Olds ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    I once met a gentleman around his 60 rsquo;s on the bus traveling to Nairobi, we happened to have a deep conversation about life and I asked him, what he would have done if he could turn back the clock and he told many things and this is what he ... more
  • 7 months Red Flags In Dating: Never Ever Date These 5 Types Of Men ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Dating is a very good learning experience. You find out what you like and don't like in potential mates, and you also get to know a lot about yourself. The search for love can be frustrating, though, and sometimes, you'll find yourself wanting to ove ... more
  • 7 months Tips To Consider Before Accepting A High Paying Job ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Finding a job that pays well is awesome, but you have to consider some other things mdash;not just the high salary mdash;when negotiating a job offer. It rsquo;s the best and worst scenario. You rsquo;re staring at a very lucrative job offer. How luc ... more
  • 7 months Building An Effective Relationship 4 (Controlling Anger) ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    Day 6 Memory Verse: James 1:19-20 NIV My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. [ ... more
  • 7 months Mental Checklist For Early Labour Signs ModernGhana -Lifestyle
    What are the early signs of labour to look out for? Your due date rsquo;s getting closer, but how will you know the labour signs to look out for? Even the most subtle changes can indicate your baby rsquo;s on the way. Make a mental checklist of th ... more
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